Fishing With Crawfish – Tips and Techniques

Folk’s today, we do some Bass Fishing With Live Crawfish! I show you how I rig them, as well as some tips on fishing with them. It’s a great way to target big bass! I hope you enjoy the video! God bless.

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Fall Bass Fishing With Lipless Crankbaits

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James Durham says:

Left a note on your truck the other day at the boat ramp. No video from Tuesday? You have the best channel on YouTube!!!

Out and About Outdoors With Ron and Friends says:

Nice video thanks for sharing!

KC Wen says:

Dang. That is why I always carry a second rod.

Jamaal McIntyre says:

Great tip Richard

cousin Delbert says:

well you was spot on with them live crawlfish and it got large at the end of a great video…good stuff …

Mike Bryant says:

Love my ACC Crappie sticks, they’re the best!

roy gilkey says:

Just a great vid, sorry about the rod !!!

Jonathon Ferraiuolo says:

Woooo, Woooo

Scotty Hill aka Catfishnfreak says:

It’s the challenge of fishing that makes it ok!!! Love it brother!!!! You ought to consider coming to the catfish conference in Louisville in February!!

Michael Rogers says:

U just let the craw fish craw on the bottom

Daniel Hackbarth says:

I wish I could spend time fishing with this man.

Snuggalufagus Jambuddy says:

R.G.T.F.M Thanks for the Tips and Techniques, Fishin with Crawdad! God bless!

Jonah Lawrence says:

Great video Richard thanks again Richard I’ll be watching your next video because it’s good for me can’t get enough

jeff young says:

Thanks Richard!

John says:

Those Spotted Bass are beauties Gene. I just recently learned to appreciate them. They eat pretty good too don’t they?

Mike Bryant says:

Great job today Richard, love watching, thank you!

MJ Tuma says:

Do you eat large mouth or spotted Bass?

Dustin Wise says:

Great video…made my day…gonna try that technique next time I can go…LOVE IT…God bless

Chase Hall says:

I absolutely love your videos Richard Gene! Some day you’ll have to have me out for a fishing trip.

Jerome Dwojak says:

Wonderful vid Richard, keep up the good work!

Manny Venegas says:

It’s Awesome how you give your fish a nice release and not just throwing them back out there like a piece of trash. Like so many others do.

Brian Cripe says:

Nice job on the video!. You make me feel like I’m fishing right beside you. Informative, gentlemanly, polite and genuinely positive outlook on life! Good for you! I never miss your videos and really appreciate the effort you put into your work. Tight lounges and good luck to you sir

Mike Bryant says:

Real pretty fish, they look so healthy!

Timothy57 says:

Glad you got to catch a Bass on that rod before it broke!

Unicornlover_rainbow Garcia says:

When u filete crappie have i found any worms in the meat?

Bobcrappies says:

I threw a little clip in my video for you hope you like it!!!!!

Davey Jones says:

2 crawfish dislike this video.

B.J. Harris says:

Sir what can I say but that your amazing I wish I live by you I would come and talk to you everyday cause you are like a book of amazing bass heck all kinds of fishing know how I mean you know what,when,were,how,to get the fish your fishing for if I was your neighbor your would get sick of me cause you have so much to teach I would love to get it all sir I live in Blount country Alabama or Hayden and I’m glad to see others from are state doing what your doing sir your great and I really want to say thanks and I appreciate all you do sir

Mike Bryant says:

My goodness Richard, broke your rod!!! Tough one!!!

jcfdff550 says:

Richard I need schooled in fall crappie fishing. The lake I fish drops low in the winter and they are hard to pattern. Could you do a video or two about the basics of everything I need to know about fall crappie fishing. The lake is already at winter levels. Ive watched all your videos and have learned a lot but I would love a start to finish, coverall the basics of fall crappie fishing. And later on a winter series. Maybe you could make a series for each season and different ways to catch them. Please help cause I feel like I’m doing it wrong

J D says:

I have to admit Richard I laughed my you know what off when you broke that rod Because I been there done that. But it really isn’t funny. Hey next time you bass fish how do you tell a Large mouth from a spot when they are still in the water even. Is it the dorsal fin? God bless and take care. Thanks. JD

Matt Watson says:


Mike Bryant says:

Love the way you hook up those crawdads Richard, looks like it works really well. Another great tip! Thanks

Jesse Weber says:

Wish your videos where longer…. Great video Richard

EC Truckin says:

I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes the video before I watch it….

madamson93 says:

Do you catch your own bait? Or can you buy crawdads and minnows from a store?

Doug Atchison says:

You sir, are THE BEST. That’s all that needs to be said!

Ronnie Schaeffer says:

Hard to beat a Cardinal 4.

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