Fishing with $1.50 Worms from Walmart – Beginner Bass Fishing Tips

Can I catch bass fishing with $1.50 plastic worms from Walmart? Yes! If you’re a bass fishing beginner, you can use these tips to catch more bass on a budget. The worms I am using today are the Luck E Strike brand in Tequila Sunrise color. These worms are easily available at Walmart at a great price. Using these worms on my $15 combo, I prove that cost isn’t really an excuse when learning to fish. A simple Texas rig is all it takes to get bass on the line. I manage to catch FIVE largemouth bass on these cheap Walmart worms. I recommend learning to fish with the cheap stuff first. As a beginner its easy to be manipulated by marketing and advertising. Wasting money isn’t cool, and expensive fishing lures and tackle aren’t always the way to go. So scrape up $1.50 and get some Luck E Strike Worms from Walmart. Then use these tips to get out there and catch bass!

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Bassin NW503 says:

I wish our Wal Mart had as good a selection of baits as yours do…

Clutch mutch says:

Can you try the yum bass pack

ThomasHardenFishing says:

Is this the first time you plugged your Instagram account? I didn’t realize you had one.

Chaos Paddlers says:

People think u gotta spend alot of money for fancy reels BLAHHH ON THEM! I havent spent more the 200 on my rod and reel combos most ive spent has been 150 and those are my tournaments rod and reels quality video and nice fish! U still scare me everytime with that bike bell hell of a hook set haha

Jeremy Beaman says:

You are doing a great job. Nice video and thanks for keeping it real.

Nico Alvarez says:

Great video thank u


Man, I have picked up Luck E Strike stuff at Walmart and looked at them and then ended up going with Zoom or Strike King. Should have tried them, I will now Thanks!

Lisa Twitchell says:

They look very much like the Mann’s original plastic worm. That style worm has probably caught millions of fish. I tried Culprit’s ribbontail, when it came out. It was the first time I out fished the guy that taught me to bass fish. Keep both styles in my tackle box. Both styles are nearly 40 years old and still working. Try new stuff but the old stuff are still my go-to lures. It’s not the worm in most cases it’s how you use it.

Rush Voorhis Outdoors says:

You make this way to realistic!! haha another nice video Alex!!

Let's Go Fishing! South Florida says:

Not a bad deal! Buck 50 = 5 bass! I agree with you 100% about people passing up on the cheaper stuff, big mistake!! Those cheap lures can kick bass just as well as expensive lures. As for rod and reels in the cheap range, they can last a whole season or longer if they’re cared for.

Tim Zajac says:

Nice video! I gotta make it down to Walmart more often.

Billy Stout says:

do you use braid on your spinning reel and do you use a mono leader

J Dos says:

what cam do you use for your videos ?

Michael Burgans says:

Hell thats a great setup I started to buy that setup at Walmart for 24$ and I think I’m gonna get it still I love lews

Jrwdeerhunter Tv says:

I watch the video everyday over and over and over again because I enjoy watching you thanks man

Robert Rodriguez says:

I jus can’t get enough of your videos jus so real

WAEofFishing says:

I love Luck E Strike! They used to make a great finesse worm! Good video

Bass Ranger Outdoors says:

Making it look easy Alex!! I think you just Lucky with that Strike!! Haha

Barry McDonald says:

Done good M8  for $1.50 says:

Keep it going man, beard

WestPointLake Willy says:

Where are you located because our Walmart does have brand. I love using the cheap stuff to out fish these $400 rod guys!

Robert Z says:

I just ordered my girl a tequila sunrise

Harrison The Outdoor Guy says:

Can you get do a cheap crankbait video?

BassGeek says:

I don’t know what weird scent lucky strike uses but it always smell like candy.

BEARDed Outdoors says:

You tore them up with the cheapies! Lew’s combo still going strong! Woot!

RabbitBully # says:

Hey bro, speaking of cheap…..I just got a Cabela’s wuppin stick(8′ spinning, med. action 9-20lbs.) for $19.99 with a lifetime warranty. Such a good deal, I bought the Cabela’s King Kat (8′ spinning med/hvy action 14-30lbs.) for $29.99 with a lifetime warranty. My Ugly stiks, which I love, cost 40 bucks and have a 7 yr warranty. Pass the savings on, brother……….

roland villanueva says:

Appreciate the message your sending to everyday fisherman on a budget, liked and subscribed.

But I wouldnt knock the more expensive gear, if you can afford it then why not? In regards to gear, I find the more expensive stuff with better parts does last longer.

But I did start learning on a $15 baitcaster combo lol

But youre right, no need to spend so much money just to fish and your vids do a great job showing that, props man

Fishing With Hanz says:

Yup completely agree 100% you dont need the best equipment to catch nice fish. Great vid.

toan Nguyen says:

I wacky worm mine on a jig. Catch fish on almost every cast.

Charlie B says:

Hey man, great job!
Lately ive been having luck with a dropshot rig with a zoom fluke on it… maybe you should try it. You can put anything on it and catch fosh anywhere

Clutch mutch says:

I waky rig this and it works awesome

Lester Fish Forfun says:

As always Alex nice video always a good day when your fishing

Brian Hearon says:

The 1.50 to 2.00 crankbaits catch pretty good fish too.Great vidja man.

Brian Richardson says:

Well played. A shoutout from Austin Texas!!!

raWr Fishing says:

definitely can catch bass on cheap/budget lures! no one need to spend a fortune. thx for sharing and i hope people will go out more catching fish knowing this 🙂

HighLife / FWV says:

Great video as always, the Tequilla Titties will always produce. Well done! Fish on!

Rey Boy says:

I started off with that exact set up and to this day it’s my go to.

Mike Mendez says:

I got a $17 fishing pole and reel from Walmart and the handles already bent pretty bad on the reel. Did like 20 casts and didn’t catch anything on it lol

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