Fishing Tips For Suspended Bass In The Fall

Suspended bass in the fall can be some of the toughest fish to catch all year, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be caught. Check out how Justin targets suspended bass in the fall and his go-to baits for these unique fishing circumstances.

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A major key to catching suspended bass is throwing a bait that will run at the same depth as the bass are holding at. Baits like a lipless crankbait or a swimbait with an underspin are perfect for suspended bass because they can be retrieved at different depths depending on how long you let them fall. These reaction baits also imitate baitfish like shad very well, making them the perfect choice for suspended fall bass.

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BaitCast Josh says:

Ive had a lot of luck with that flash bang hook. The first time i used it i caught 4. one of the best things I’ve gotten out of a MTB box

unseenoutdoors s says:

Kill all googans!

Bill Bain says:

Awesome video. Any ideas on fishing a lake that gets pulled down at the end of summer for the winter. I️ live near West Point Lake in Ga and have been trying to fish it from the banks. Don’t have a clue what to use.

Landon Baker says:

The thing on his rod is a creek fish finder it was in a job b video

Money Bass says:

Great tips for my tournament! I’m fishing for $8,000 this weekend on Tims Ford.
*Catching Bass for Cash*

Billy Trenary says:

How can l get a MTB hat?
From Nashville Tn.

Jared Ross says:

mtb rocks

Creepy Cooters Brother says:

I’m prayin for you lfg hope your doin well

Castle My Astle says:

What’s the rectangular thing in front of his reel?

David Joseph Scalf says:

LFG can’t wait to see you back out there brother. Fishing freaks miss ya.

Mark Nunley says:

What is that on your rod just ahead of the reel, you have my prayers LFG.

Cooper Mayes says:

Love you lfg

John Choi says:


Jaden Polkow says:

Hay you should do a giveaway with those luers i know id enter for it!

Larry C says:

R.i.p my n1994

Andrew Jarck says:

Yo love you guys says:

suspended bass are the WORST…or maybe I’m just the worst fisherman. Damn, I just made myself sad

BassGeek says:

That is a very interesting bait.

Fishn Hicks says:


jorge Camacho says:

What’s that gadget in from of his reel?

JustLiz says:

I see LFG, I upvote.

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