Fishing New Technique – Catches All 3 Bass Species in 1 SPOT!

Bass fishing on Table Rock lake at the bass pro shop lodge area where catching smallmouth, spotted and largemouth bass species in common




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Justin Rackley, known as Lakeforkguy in the fishing world, creates fishing and outdoor videos on youtube and other social platforms. LFG provides fishing tips and techniques for mostly largemouth bass fisheries but also travels to other freshwater and saltwater fishing spots to explore new fish species and fishing techniques to help you catch more fish. Lakeforkguy likes to hang out on any fishing vessel or go bank fishing with his other YouTube Fishing friends and vlog with his Wife Stephanie AKA Ocean Spoon Girl and french bulldog Winston.

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Corey Sage says:

Right On!

Jayboy Jayboy says:

My dad managed the damn for that lake with the corp

Pat Mancha says:

LFG, is this lake in Missouri?

Willsueu says:

My river has a 4 bass slam, smallie, largie, spot and guad

H. Heath says:

you know your redneck if you wear flannel and camo!!

Joe Nothum says:

a bit of a run but the james river arm will hold better size fish

Rick W says:

Love hitting for the cycle! Almost as fun as a mondo! My favorite here on Cape Cod was when I was fly fishing a trout pond on a snowy December morning and a winter hatch happened right around me. I ended up with some sweet rainbows, browns and my PB brook trout! It’s a nice satisfying feeling

randand1 says:

Fishing tip:
Never wear white pants…coffee/pee stains don’t show up on jeans or camo.

Isaac W says:

My home lake!!

Blake Canada says:

I caught my personal best yesterday on a ned rig 10 pounds 2 ounces

Zac Mac Fishing says:

I’m gonna have to start using the Ned rig!

crux321 says:

I had the fortune of seeing Ned Kehde himself give a talk on the rig. Funny thing is he constantly was pointing out and reiterating that he never dead sticks it. He fishes it like a standard grub. Pop n drop and different swimming patterns. He is a total purist and only likes to fish with a jig and plastic set up.

mi key says:

So I was out fishing with my cus n i skipped a rock. It skipped around 150 yards turning to the right. The rock would skip about every 6 inches, it probly skipped around 60 to 90 times we were all so blown away we just laughed. I wish I had proof but it was kinda like ur slow mo shot. What the specs on those spinning rods? I want a good spinning set up

Lake Rakers says:

Y’all need to come up to Kentucky Lake!

Dan Perez says:

The bald eagle was the omen! And on your butt while you’re at it!

Jonathon King says:

FLG with these cold waters please wear a life vest. Last month a guy drown because he got shocked by the cold water.

Lucas Schniederjan says:

Is it just me or do spotted bass feel smoother to the touch than a largie?

Steve Bereitschaft says:

so was this because of my twitter suggestion? i was the one that said ned rig.

Hunting And Fishing Outdoors says:

I cought my first white bass yesterday

kai russell says:

Ive been screaming at you to fish a nednrig the last 3 years!

I’m glad you finally got some confidence in it. Its a good bait/technique

Dalton Nash says:

Greetings from Missouri! Should’ve stopped by man

Pierre Menard says:

Can you add a link to your glasses please. They are very very nice and i want em lol

JacobSauerFishing says:

Welcome to Table Rock! was down there all week last week. One of the most beautiful Ozark Lakes in my opinion. Good luck to ya!

Sam Dentler says:

Nice! ‘merica!

MrDboes says:


up church says:

You forgot about stripers and sand bass

Cole Martin says:

Grew up fishing that lake most of my youth with my Grandpa.

tyler Hughes says:

This makes me wanna go fishing down at table rock lake

Forrest Earnest says:

Grats to you and Craig on catching the Bassing GRAND SLAM Trifecta! The Bald Eagle was definitely a good sign, and God Bless America. Got to love the wilderness that God has created and given us the opportunity to enjoy. 🙂

Owen Jansen says:

You know lfg never runs spinning tackle caus he is running straight flouro, and not braid. Northern cringing right here

ellmat199 says:

Best friend Craig!!!!!

Justin Ortiz says:


Paul Harper says:

Bald Eagle on Over Watch!!!!!!!!!!

Njbassin 04 says:

You used demo ranches out tro “I love ya and I’ll see you next time”

randand1 says:

White pants are acceptable for antiquing though.

opticalriot says:

Im in the north east, and sure the fish grow slower, the winters are hell.. but nature is more rewarding than in the south

Joe Emery says:

Good to see you in these woods! That there’s my home lake! Don’t know one person who doesn’t love Table Rock beside the folks who’ve never been.

Cole M. says:

Question: Would you rather have a super nice boat or a crappy boat and a ton of rods and tackle?

AJ Geiger says:

Man I love your videos. Can’t wait to see how the so’ s did!


Awesome viedo

glen john says:

we just fished a 2 day on the 7th and 8th, i should have just stayed home 2 1/2 foot waves. waves broke my trolling motor tried to fish with out it and ended up in the trees. tore up my brand new prop trying to get out. tore up or smashed all the rubber bumpers on it. sunday water was good but OMG it was cold. with the peddle just laying on the deck i slipped and fell and landed on my rods. all i could think was HOOKS. but when i got up i saw i broke two rods. and to top it off when i went to load my boat i tried to load it in the back of the truck. and i missed out on the money by less than a pound.GRRR

Kryptek KoozCooz says:

LFG you’re my favorite youtuber!

Trever Butts says:

If you are up this close to Illinois you need to check out some lake in the ole IL

Nicholas Funke says:

If you come to California and fish lake berryessa you can catch all three species and you can see 15+ feet in the water.

The ToxicBadger says:

7 forget strippers guads whites u forgot tunz of bass

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