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Here’s more Pier Fishing Tips from The Totally Awesome Fishing Show! In this episode Graeme Pullen takes the camera’s down to Watchet Pier in West Somerset during freezing winter conditions. He gets some great tips on rigs and techniques that will put you in the direction of some good fishing. The video is good for those beginners looking to get into Pier Fishing and for the more experienced anglers looking to develop their fishing further. Don’t forget to leave a comment and hit the thumbs up button! – Graeme & Mike
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Totally Awesome Fishing is a weekly free-to-watch fishing show brought to you by father and son Graeme & Mike Pullen. Our videos feature lake fishing, river fishing, beach fishing, boat fishing, fly fishing and big game fishing. As well as How-To videos. Our aim is to help the average angler CATCH FISH!

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nick smith says:

another great vid, but thought you might of just mentioned that its polite not to cast when the boats are going in and out of the harbour, as have been a few incidents when idiots have cast and their leads and hooks have hit the boats……just luck no one has been injured….but keep up the good stuff….lots of useful advice, tips etc on both sea and course fishing from you and your son.

Dietmar L. says:

Best you tube fishing show in Europe cheers Graeme.

wanderer1 says:

If you are still in the area, give Blue Anchor a try, always good for dogfish at the very least – or if willing to ravel a bit further west, Bossington beach is also good.

Uwais Patel says:

hey love your videos they just the best

Zack S says:

I wanna try salt water fishing, but I don’t wanna spend money one it unless I know I like it

ECS Games says:

Oh ok thankyou

Uwais Patel says:

hey love your videos they just the best

Karlos Fandango says:

Hi guys, I’ve got a question for you. I’ve seen an old ‘drawing’ probably from an old fishing book that shows an angler fishing as normal, (from a slight height) but has slid a float rig down the main line. I’ve heard of a Trolley Rig before but was wondering if you’ve ever tried this method. The drawing suggests that it’s a good way of catching Garfish whilst targeting other species further down the water column. Kind regards, Karl in Swansea.

ECS Games says:

I was just wondering when you might next be doing an lrf video?

Cloutmaster 96 says:

These british shore fishing rigs are too complicated looking.

Tony Ayliffe says:


Stevie D says:

Hi Graeme,

Just a wee short message ref Scrabster. Ive found a great short video on you tube with one of your pals. Its Stealthcroft channel and Scrabster-Charter Boat Fishing. Your viewers may be interested.
Fantastic stuff Graeme. Been Sea fishing about 7 months now and so much to learn and so many places to visit. Can life get any better ? I doubt it.

Cheers Graeme.

Steve in Fife.

Scotty says:


endre lian says:

awesome video, as allways 🙂

Croydon Bushcraft n survival says:

When u guy gonna do Brighton fishing October November December on the beach and the mania

Blitzform says:

can you use a light rod and reel for sea fishing off a pier.

KingFisher says:

Hello i make fishing videos too, ive also created a google plus comunity just for youtube fishing videos and am just about to share this video there, along with homepage in comments if you want me to remove it please let me know and will do promtly .I am adding the whole lot of the fishing creators i can find on youtube,over the next few weeks feel free to post vids on there if you wish too, i intend to create a audience of fishing filmakers and a easyer way of us all to keep on track of each others videos and make friends with new or unknown guys doing what we all have passion for, its early days but be great to have you onboard

Jack Barry says:

another great video guys keep the good content coming

Long Ninja says:

Ok thanks

Bristol Channel Marine Surveys says:

Awesome! That Craig guy always gives excellent advice and tips as well of course you guys. Cant wait for a weather window!

Simon Hooper says:

does anyone know the title of the drum and bass tune with the piano sample?..

constantino almanza says:

It sounds like is freezing cold in there ….

Ethan Goddard says:

awesome video thanks for uploading

Goose moodie says:

Brilliant video!! Going to try my luck tommorow.

The Fishing Experiment says:

Those were some nice Conga off the pier 😀

neval says:

congratulations on 85+thsnd subs

STilo Beats says:

what type of fish was that at the end ?

keith elliott says:

There’s always one knob to give the thumbs down?, why??? Great video as usual

MrEpicBoi says:

Hello do you need a fishing license to fish in the sea where you were?

arthur says:

Nice videos thanks TA .

Stephen Alcock says:

Hi Graeme, great vid as usual. Would it be easy to launch the Wilson Flyer out of Watchet? Would love to see you drag a +20lb cod on board (no pressure like!!).

Anthony Sanchez says:

beautiful location, beautiful city.

Laylow Bizz says:

I’m Nigel thornberry

Lucas Jonas says:

All your videos is so interesting

David Storton says:

Super as per normal Graeme, I fished the Stone peir in Weymouth the other day I though I’d froze to death and all I caught was a pin Whiting and a Pouting and the biggest selection of crabs I’ve ever seen (4 differant species)

Jacob Greeņos says:

i love watching these landbased english shows.
Even though live in aus.
i was wondering where i could find a tripod like what was used in this episode
any websites ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Stevie D says:

Hi Graeme,
Great location. I may look into going there in the summer when i get some holidays. I would also love to go Porbeagle Shark fishing, top of Scotland.
I love my Pier fishing as ive said before. I find its great for learning. One thing i did learn 2 weeks ago was that i had too many rods on the go to control properly. 2 on Tripod, and 1 in my hands. Loads of bites all night on Pennel Rigs but they kept taking the Bait and not the hooks. Think 4/0 hooks were maybe too big. Bait was Dungeness Black Lug and also Squid.
Also it may help your viewers, i now buy my Bait online from Baits Direct ltd. Top quality stuff and the cheapest prices ive found online.
Anyway Graeme i will finish for now.
Best Wishes,
Steve in Fife.

fishoutofwater says:

Amazing vid since im 13 I usually go pier fishing thanks for all the tips I love you guys

Jake says:

Great video as usual

Yoshi030878 says:

Are grip leads a priority when sea fishing

Alexas Kitchen says:

very interesting Graeme and Mike. Just found you and subscribed. Check out Alexas Kitchen, you two have to eat in between fishing…Love, Alexa


Hi Graeme another awesome video from tafishing! One thing I am surprised at is that I have not seen you cover the ultimate beginners method the WHIP. I think you would enjoy a good whipping!! If you fancy covering this brill’ method I would be happy to show you the best swims on my local stretch of the Grand Union at Leighton Buzzard which is not to far from you. Your son Mike would love it to its full of perch. Tight lines

stephen o neill says:

great show

raymond bailey says:

awesome conger good show.

Basic_Fishing says:

damn… that last conger eel was massive lol

Lois Chapman says:

its the only thing that I would watch because I have just got my fishing rods can’t wait till your nexted video’s

Debra Mendoza says:

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