Fishing for Catfish – Bait, Rigs & Tips to Help You CATCH MORE FISH!!

Graeme goes Fishing for Catfish! He runs through the catfish bait and rigs, as well as giving you tips on how to catch more fish. Fishing for Catfish can be tricky. Although they are predators, they can be fussy when they go on the feed. So Graeme gives you some Totally Awesome Fishing tips and techniques that will hopefully help you land that Giant Catfish! Thanks for joining the adventure!

Filmed at Finch Farm Fishery:

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vibratingstring says:

Graeme must have been the wicketkeeper.

larry morrison says:

Now that’s ugly (“,)

Wild Atlantic Fishing says:

I’ve been a member of the notification squad for a while. I couldn’t think of missing one of your videos. Keep it up great work

TAFishing says:

Now is a great time for Fishing for Catfish! Here are some tips, rigs and tactics that work for us. What are you guys fishing for this weekend?

Geoff Collins says:

Really good vids..real fishing…

Geoff Collins says:

Had some 50-s in france..1/2 hour each one..

vibratingstring says:

Once I heard Mary Poppins I’m hooked again!

Eddy Lonergan says:

Yeh Mr Graeme you eat your chocolate bun,what MIKE likes eating soup on MIKES burner on his gas.just seen his outdoor channel and he’s eating nettles and porridge.Should be ashamed of yourself. And he made a hanging basket as well for his Mum.shame on you.hahahahahaaha love it.great clip

Simon Hopkins says:

GP I’ve seen on Facebook that smothhounds, pouting and dog fish were on the bite.
Chesil Bait and tackle on facebook. 25/04/18

Hamid Baaoui says:

Are those catfish any good to eat? Cheers from Morocco!

. says:

Hi TAfishing, would you do a video on how to target bigger carp waggler fishing? Cheers

Dan Callaghan says:

Another cracker, love your videos!!!

Southern Wanderer says:

Awesome fishing.

Tina Gallagher says:

I never thought about baiting the water for catfish! Great tip!

K Jonesy says:

Just about warm enough to get to the cat fishing here… those were some good sized lil cats, brilliant!!

Chris Madden says:

Nice catfish, Graeme.

Ryan Davy says:

Where are you fishing mate?

Ollie9770 says:

Another cracker you legend.

jo jo says:

Love your video’s your a legend graham

sambo170a says:

In my time in south america where are called bagre we used chicken guts to fish them and the weight there are 20lb and above is next to tilapias the amazon favorite food

Says Heller says:

Never caught a Wels Catfish.I’d sure like to.

Vissen bij de waterkant says:

Great video again!

Durham Duck says:

Every comment positive, that’s because your videos and presenting skills are great. You and your boy should be proud of your channel(s) because they’re really good entertainment. Great fishing, love the mix of humour and tackle talk. Just really great. Been watching for years.


Thomas Knowles says:

You should invest in a brolly shelter Gra… much better than that thing you have!

Dylan Wheeler says:

I love catching catfish the lake I was catching them at has taken them out because they were eating all the little fish I personally would prefer catching catfish as the roach at the lake are crap

Răzvan burada says:

I like your videos !

Răzvan burada says:

Nice !!!!

Monica Jones says:

How come you did not keep any? Dont you eat cat fish? It is good dipped in corn meal and fried. Thanks for sharing

Bud Woodman says:

Nice little catfish. Bet you would love to come on down to the Ozarks where we use fish that size for bait to catch our catfish. LOL. Anyway, love your fishing vids and have picked up several pointers from you. I will be 70 my next birthday so you can teach an old dog new tricks. Keep up the good work.

Virginia Bradley says:

Thumbs up!!!
Clark and Virginia

mark Roper says:

Nice fish! What is the species? Catfish in Virginia don’t look like that. Great vid!

Bonnie says:

What you see is what you get with Graeme.Quality Angling.

David Harvey says:

Fantastic episode Greame thanks mate. There’s been a couple of postings of catfish coming out of the Norfolk broads but I’ve not met anyone yet who actually has had one despite the reports being near where i moor up the Bure. When the season opens the areas in question will be crammed with boats so that’s out until October. I think people have caught them by accident on bream gear so targetting them with some good super stinky stuff should bring them. They have some awesome catfish baits in the states, pastes were my favourite that you squeeze onto a sort of spring coil that the hook comes out of. But my goodness you’d better wear gloves.

G T says:

Nice looking cats you brought in. Love the show keep the videos coming.

Neale Bradford says:

another great vid graham should have your own tv channel

Colin Maceachern says:

excellent once again Mr P.

Graham Gee says:

I have a landing net pole near exactly same as yours was my grandads

RR PLANB says:

Job well done Graeme.

kris reddin says:

Could someone please suggest where this is?

Black Country Piker says:

Great session Graham, looked to be a very small water for catfish

raymond bailey says:

Graeme is AWESOME fella lads balls like PIG IRON.

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