Fishing Buzz Baits for Big Bass | Lure Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks and how to fishing buzz bait lures for big bass

Reflex Bass Fishing Buzz Bait



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Justin Rackley, known as Lakeforkguy in the fishing world, creates fishing and outdoor videos on youtube and other social platforms. LFG provides fishing tips and techniques for mostly largemouth bass fisheries but also travels to other freshwater and saltwater fishing spots to explore new fish species and fishing techniques to show as many fishing places as possible and help you catch more fish. Lakeforkguy likes to hang out on any fishing vessel or go bank fishing with his other YouTube Fishing friends and vlog with his Wife Stephanie and french bulldog Winston.

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logan g says:

great vid…..I love the lure tips….

Gerardo Cendejas says:

I liked the in depth on the lure

Keeping Up With Kyle says:

Just wondering bc I’m interested in getting a wall. Why do u keep lures on the wall are they extras or what?

Derrick Ranshaw says:

yes to the stream

Nate Martin says:

Thought you did a new buzz video
Thanks for another great vid!

Michael Wadsworth says:

just watched your video on video on buzzbaits,,, my favorite buzzbait is the triple blade Strike King,,, I’ve had more luck Slow Rolling a buzzbait across the top of the Water by making the blade barely break the surface if not even break the surface,,, on days when it’s extremely slow or a high pressure body of water running the buzzbait across the top of the water and lady in the buzzbait drop beneath the surface I have had better luck with that presentation…

somedumbkid 19 says:

Spinner baits ! Willow Colorado 1,2 blades when where why ?how?

byHaydz says:

I get my buzzbaits from They sell the nichols ones with a custom frog leg trailer that gets the big bites. @bamabass

Reloading123 says:

I absolutely love the tips videos. Great job! Dont be shy about showing the closeup of riggin the trailer hook.

Stephn Biasatti says:

Love the bait tips! Keep it up!

Average Joe Fishing says:

You don’t like the double plopper? I like it because it floats, so you can pause your retrieve. Oh, and because I caught my PB on it too. LOL. That always helps.

KIDSCROSSING Kids Ministry Alamo City Church says:


Patti Jo Butts says:

What’s up LFG! Absolutely have more tip segments and add more tips when fishing. Show us what your using and why your using it. Thanks!

JharrrisS says:

please keep doing this tips

James Brady says:

I always keep a few handy. Personally I like the 3 bladed Buzzbaits.

Buddy Moreland says:

Great video Justin. Very helpful. Love all your videos. You are one talented guy! OSG too!

David Cates says:

lfg get you a bugger man buzz bait it makes a lot of loud noise that the bass can’t not stand they try to kill this buzz bait is a bad buzz bait LFG

trey brafford says:

those double ploppers suck

Hellraiser458 says:

More like this please. It’s very helpful. Keep up the great job

Gerardo Jimenez says:

I’d love to see one of these videos over frogs and your favorite type of frog to use

Howabouthetruth says:

I was going to HIGHLY recommend the Nichol’s buzzbait, but I see you’ve already discovered just how good it really is. The BEST in my experience. Nichol’s also makes among the very best jigs AND spinner baits. Their new “JT Kenney Grass Wizard” jig KICKS ASS in the grass. It’s NOT for “heavy timber”…….but it comes out of thick clumps such as hydrilla much better than any other jig. ALL Nichol’s jigs AND spinner baits come with their patented “trailer keeper collar” that uses a round wooden toothpick to hold your trailer better than anything else on the market, hands down. ALL Nichol’s lures are hand made in Georgia, using the best hooks & components. I WON’T EVEN USE ANY OTHER BRAND OF JIG, BUZZ BAIT, OR SPINNER BAIT. The Nichol’s ARE THAT GOOD. If ya can’t find Nichol’s lures, simply order them direct online from their website. Reasonably priced, they ship pronto……..GREAT PEOPLE. GREAT LURES.

kazengen911 says:

where can I get that shirt you’re wearing?! I want one!

William Knochel says:

whats the best color buzzbait

Trevor Smith says:

I like it

Josh Anderson says:

I like getting any fishing tips you can provide. I’d like to keep getting tips on where and when to fish and with what lures. Thanks for all the videos, keep up the good work.

Dale White says:

I think you should do more video’s like this I never knew buzz bait’s have different sounds to then

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