Feeder Fishing Tips – Bait, Rigs, Tactics – Catch More Fish!

Feeder Fishing can be a really effective tactic to catch more fish. Graeme heads to Bury Hill Fisheries to go fishing with a feeder. Feeder Fishing works by bringing the fish to you. Using a variety of different baits and a simple rig, it can be deadly! He gets tips from match fisherman Dave who breaks down the rigs, tips and tactics that he uses to catch more fish.

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nona nona says:

You are the best i love your technic

Aaron Davies says:

love the tip videos thanks so much love your long videos

RR PLANB says:

Boilies make good bait for bigger Bream. Most Carp anglers will confirm this. 😉

Eddy Lonergan says:

Graeme, I’m glad you don’t play cricket for England,OR DO YOU!!!! .its lucky you have the film as evidence.

Dillon Tollworthy says:

Love the videos keep them coming


Love all your videos, good tips and entertaining, thanks 😀

Dean Macka says:

Great stuff mate, do you guys ever eat the oily things? I have had a go at eating carp never again will I do that

Connor Dixon says:

Great video. These coarse fishing videos never get old, I love them. Still waiting for the ‘fishing weather’ over here in West Yorkshire.

LesC says:

Nice slab. More wacky baits please it’s been a while since the last one!

Gareth Plunkett says:

Love that venue. Last time i feeder fished for the bream on the old lake was about 6 years ago. Size 12 korum quick stop hook, 5lb line small hallibut pellet on the hair. Hooked up with Shoulders ffs. Only a rod length out ..30 tense seconds..

Coarse Bite says:

Myself and a mate did a video on that exact peg for Zander and were successful. It is great to see coarse fish getting in there now!

Lsh. Building says:

Guys come on fairs fair ..it’s beach fishing turn! All your latest videos are on the lakes..please please please don’t Forget
Get us sea anglers

Live and cut bait fishing with Jerry And Max says:

Great tips ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Valleydog 77 says:

Love the video learnt some new things thanks

Ian Roper says:

Brilliant film again, keep them coming. Do you ever use a swing tip when feeder fishing?

Cameron Scoot7 says:

I though the fish wouldn’t come out because of the wether we had

Zsoca Varga says:

On one rod the line was been wraped around the tip between two rings !
Nice video otherwise well done same day upload on both channel! Get in !

alanrtment porter says:

Graeme loved your comment about the cricket, I’m picturing you and Knotty at each end doing the bowlers head in, two fidgets together bloody hilarious.

TAFishing says:

Some interesting feeder fishing tips ! Anyone out fishing this weekend???

dougsmcv says:

“Copy of bloody penthouse in there” lol.

G T says:

Looked like an awesome day fishing. Thanks for sharing.

Paul_Mark says:

Love feeder fishing its my favourite discipline. Great tips guys thanks.

lptb13 says:

This couldn’t of come at a better time. I’m off out feeder fishing tomorrow.

dylan 1268 says:

Please do more canal fishing

Cameron Staatz says:

Hello from America Graeme. Love you and your sons channels. Always learning something new. Just out of curiosity, what rods and reels were you using for your carp set up ?

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