Fall Spinnerbait Fishing Tips | Imitating Baitfish and Covering Water

Spinnerbait SZN is here! Fall is one of the absolute best times to fish the bladed classic known as the spinnerbait. Spinnerbaits may not look like much when held in your hand, but under the surface the spinnerbait perfectly imitates a small school of baitfish. The loud vibration and flashy presentation of a spinnerbait draws in BIG reaction strikes from big bass in the fall.

Yo-Zuri 3DB Knuckle Bait Spinnerbait: https://gokarls.com/hzvSjP
Catch Co. Double Willow Spinnerbait: https://gokarls.com/y58458943
Stickies Spinnerbait Trailer Hook: https://gokarls.com/sLrOdZ

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MegaRadric says:

I have multiple spinner baits of different varieties and different trailers etc and I never caught a bass and not even get a stroke smh

Adam Teaney says:

I found a knuckle bait at the lake a couple weeks ago. In perfect condition. I had never even seen one of these before, and now I see them everywhere. Definitely have a little more confidence to use them now.

Michigander Outdoors says:

Karl is the man! I have been waiting for the Googan Baits to be available again since they first sold out. Got the email from Karl a few days ago stating HE had the Googan Baits available on his website and immediately went and order one of each!

Should be here a couple days. One characteristic that the squad seems to emphasize is the smell of these baits….so to see what the hype is all about, I will be uploading a REACTION Video on each of the baits when I smell them for the first time.

Stay tuned!! Should be an interesting video!!

Larry Jones says:

Nice job Matt .

Randall Harper says:

What lake is this?

lojo.fishing says:

I’ve seen these weird ones before…never knew if they worked or not

Gaga Misko says:

I changed my mind about that bait nice video

Karl’s Mystery Tackle Box says:

This is the Tim Wakefield of spinnerbaits

Roy Utsey says:

Haven’t bought the knuckle ball spinner bait yet. Looks like may be worth checking into.

MsPrincesspaulina says:

Have never seen the knuckleball before. Interesting concept. I’d like to see how it’s put together and if it can be up sized. Nice job, Matt.

BassGeek says:

I’ve been meaning to pick some of those knuckle balls up for a while. Might do it sooner than later now.

handyman 1031 says:

i want a knucklebait!!!!

Zachary Shott says:

I’m pretty sure the ones I own all say “knuckle BAIT”, not knuckle ball. Do you ppl not read the packaging on the products you are trying to showcase before you make a video about it?? Wth

Roger Louia says:

About time the temperature is going down here in North Carolina

Country boy and far boy says:

The one thing that sucks about this video is i lost a
3 ponder on a spinner bait yesterday and it makes me think about it

Brett Siegle says:

I bought a Yo-Zuri knuckle ball last year on sale in the off-season, but it has a “flash” feature instead of the beads that make noise. Only have tried it a handful of times, haven’t caught anything yet. Hoping to give it a run this fall with my shad presentations.

dickfagina says:

i’ve been wondering about those knuckle baits!

The Fishing Family says:

Sure wish every MTB video didn’t assume everyone who bass fishes uses a boat.
Otherwise, good video!

Charles Wilhelm says:

does he not use a trailer? interesting

RassiOutdoors says:

Bought one of these guys recently, works pretty well but I definitely recommend adding a trailer to the bait. I use the 3.5” rhythm waves

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