Easy fishing techniques

How to catch fish easily
comment pêcher les poissons facilement
كيفية صيد السمك بسهولة
cómo atrapar a los peces con facilidad
как поймать рыбу легко
come catturare il pesce facilmente
ne kadar kolay balık yakalamak



Lucky you

Iriskenia Fernandez says:

Wow! I’ve gone fishing for three days in a row and I haven’t caught a single fish, this looks so cool

Eiren Whelan says:

It really annoys me that you feel the need to post an image of your YouTube channel between every single video! Once or twice would be fine but it completely breaks up the video as a whole D:

Zach Marr says:

theres no sport in that

Scott S says:

People blaming these little guys for depleting fish stock. Go spend your energy with the trawlers that drag nets that are half a mile long for 100s of miles catching anything that ain’t nailed down

Alejandro Llamas says:

Sooo many at one time… Until no more fish in the sea! know your own limit.

diver staifi says:


Galaxy Spirals says:

im hungry because of this

We bare bears says:

evny you !!!!

seaweedkid says:

mullet fish

Brady says:

3:20 someone should teach the first kid this

the turdmonster says:

are they cock and sod fish or vag and asrhole fish

Manfred Schikora says:


Dan Sturby says:

Totally takes the fun out of fishing. But if your doing this for the point of selling them then you need to use this method.

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