DROPSHOT Fishing Tips for Smallmouth Bass!

In this video I share all of my dropshot fishing secrets to help you catch more and bigger smallmouth bass! We cover baits, colors, dropshot weights, hooks and other tips to help you load the boat!

TUBE Fishing Video: http://bit.ly/TubeTipsVid

Bass Magnet TWITCH: http://bit.ly/BassMagnetTwitch
MAGIC FLICK: http://bit.ly/BCMagicFlick
GOBY STYLE: http://bit.ly/PBDarter
TEARDROP WEIGHT: http://bit.ly/QuickDropshotWeight
HOOK: http://bit.ly/DropshotHook
SWIVEL: http://bit.ly/VMCSwivel

BRAIDED Line: http://bit.ly/BRAIDEDLine
FLUORO Line: http://bit.ly/SunlineSniper

ARK Rod: http://bit.ly/InvokerSpinning
Spinning Reels: http://bit.ly/SpinningReel

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Victor Xavier says:

Great info Ben and lots of detail! I really enjoy these types of vids because I love to learn new techniques and I’m a little ocd when it comes to fishing…Lol, thx!

Matt Ling says:

Will smallies still eat these goby style worms even if there are not any gobi in cali?

swissmochaj says:

you drop shot small tubes?

Alex Rudd Fishing says:

I to enjoy a sensitive rod…

Andrew Franko says:

Thanks for all the tips Ben

Nick Winchester says:

Great video Ben. This is the content I really like. This, the tube video, are so helpful in fine tuning my approach to catching big smallies. This is the time of year they head to deeper, cooler, water and these techniques are critical to fishing success. I love drop shot fishing. As you say it improves numbers, but it also helps you find and catch bigger fish as well. I am going to try the baits you mentioned, and before I run to tackle warehouse, if I click on the links you have listed, do you get credit for those purchases? If so, I want to make sure I go through your links. Thanks again for the video, keep this type of content coming, as there are not a lot of channels dedicated to finesse fishing techniques. Still trying to figure out why I can’t catch fish on tubes, but I haven’t given up, but I am switching to drop shotting soon. 🙂 Tight lines.

Linda Scott says:

great video, i’m going to st. claire for a tournament next weekend and will use this , yea i know ,this is my wifes account

Creepy Cooters Cousin says:

What’s good color to imitate gobies?

wdaniels87 says:

Good tips Ben. You can still have a parabolic/fast rod with an ultra sensitive tip. Alpha Angler DSR is where it’s at. It’s near impossible to shake off a smallie with that and a g finesse ds hook. Love these technical vids. What’s next, deep crankin?

Creepy Cooters Cousin says:

Have you ever been to Petoskey mi?

D Jackman says:

Dude what glasses are those..i like that they wrap around your eyes…simething that I’m missing with mine and unfortunately let in light and glare!!

Nathan Perry says:

Have you ever tried to drop shot a mini tube? And is there any reason that using a normal rigged tube under the drop shot bait instead of a traditional weight would not work?

JL Ball says:

Great tips as always. Needs to start fishing a drop shot.

Ben Raimer says:

Great video keep them coming.

Bert236 says:

Awesome video man. Been following you on Instagram for a year or two now and somehow just came across your YouTube a week or two ago. Watched your tube video before I went out last weekend and managed to land a bunch on it, never had before but never used them to much either. Looking forward to using these tips for dropshotting. I use it from time to time but like the tube video this is very good and detailed. Great idea for a series can’t wait to see more.

Reed DeMarco says:

Going to long lake in Alpena in a few weeks…would you take that poor boy baits if you could take one lure for drop shotting? What color? I think something greener or maybe a little purple for the gobies. Love your videos, man. Thank you from Plymouth

JL Ball says:

What are your favorite large mouth drop shot baits? I think you mentioned it but can’t remember. Thanks.

Nick Winchester says:

PS, I meant to ask, you don’t find the weight of the swivel changes the presentation of your DS ? I know smallies can be line shy, especially in clear water, hence the question on the addition of a swivel.? I get the benefit, as I can’t tell you how my times I have had to fight with line twist during a long day of DS fishing. Using a swivel also great shortens your leader length, as you can’t get the swivel through the guides. That is another consideration for me, as I use 10 to 12 foot leaders. Thanks and look forward to your feedback.

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