Crappie Fishing Tips – The Only 4 Crappie Baits That Matter

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Crappie Fishing Tips – The Only 4 Crappie Baits That Matter
In this crappie fishing tips video Dan explains the only crappie fishing baits that matter, he also gives the best crappie fishing baits. Fishing with the right crappie lures can make all the difference. Use these crappie fishing tips and tricks to catch more crappies this summer.
These are great crappie fishing bait tips. Check out these crappie fishing baits. These are all crappie fishing artificial baits.
Learn the best crappie lures.


Patrick Guillory says:

Can you give me some tips on catching bluegills????

Patrick Guillory says:

I want to thank you for fishing tip & knowledge…………… I tried what you thought me, casting out & slow retrieving………Caught lots of crappie & bass…….

AppleTweakPro says:

i want this guy as my dead island character

Paul Childress says:

Good video but it’s crappie not crappies. Just like it’s deer not deers. Bass not basses.

Don Davenport says:

link doesn’t work, keeps looping, not opening.

Hazard Kentucky Fishing says:

Nice vid! Good info. Do you think the walmar t tubes marketed under R2F are any good?

Jane Hunter says:

Have you used gogo minnows by flefly or roadrunner jigs

nathan jones says:

Cubby Mini Mites…….. DYNAMITE for crappies and gills

Mid West Outdoors says:

Thanks for the video, I found the same thing with the 2″ Gulp or Berkely minnow on a crappie hook. I have videos on Catching Crappies & Bluegills, baits to use, and how to make the best Bluegill bait for Spring and Summer. Very close to some of your videos.

Kipper White says:

Agree 101+%vTY

Bobby King says:

Egret Wedgetail crappie minnows are my favorites. Looks and swims like a minnow at all speeds from very slow to fast. I have fished for years with these and always will. Many good baits out there, but none have that fast side to side tail swim at all speeds, like the 2″ wedgetails. I fish them slow in and around structure. People fish these too fast, but slow n easy is killer.

The Diamond Company says:

Croppy lol

John C. Jadoobirsingh says:

I wouldn’t let me access the site.

Fishing OVERDOSE says:


Theron English says:

I got to let you know you give good presentations–but how in the hell can I get better if you won’t hold up the name of the bait where we can write it down–I got pen and paper but damn man hold’em up right so we can dot them down—Is that asking too much?

Michael Prevost says:

Just learning how to fish crappies.Thanks for the tips

junkpuncher4201 says:

Red worms / earth worms are real good

outdoorsman0331 says:

Silver Mepps spinner works good also

Dayne Plays says:

This video is very informing. Keep making cool interesting videos like these.

Kevin Kev says:

OK, I’ve subscribed and send for you magic 5 baits, you’ve caught another. Nice videos with good information. I’m a far western WI fisherman and the lake scenery in your videos looks like you’re in the same general area (MN, MI, WI).

Johnny Rotten says:

I live near Sullivan Lake, Sullivan, Sullivan County, Sullivan, Indiana(Guess they liked the name, huh??) What works best for me is a 1/16th oz. jig head with a blue with white tail solid head jig body. Usually outfishes live minnows, even in cold water conditions. I use a light action rod with 6 lb. test line, many times under a weighted tube shaped bobber, for a slower presentation. When they are hitting more aggressively, I use a jig spinner to make a mini spinnerbait.

Chris C says:

Hey, good information. Do you ever find yourself not catching crappie even though you know they’re there? And do you always carry these with you? Except minnows. You should also look into the crappie magnet jigs, they’ve been good.

hellbilly1373 says:

I like to use a modified plastic bait to imitate a leech. I take a long, curly tailed worm and cut it short so I have about 3 inches of tail and a quarter inch of the body. It works great with a black jig or bullet weights.

Jardhead7x says:

Can you put the links to buy them at. Thank you

Rye Taylor says:

What state are you in, it looks awesome.

Saverio Rescigno says:


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