Complete FISHING Guide And Legendary Fishing Tips – Red Dead Redemption 2










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Lee Church says:

Good video. Any tips on how to determine which lure to use? Sometimes it’s a little fuzzy whether it’s a lake vs river vs swamp

Chase Carter says:

I had no idea about the white dot on the map. I feel so stupid, thanks for pointing that out lol

Ben Burgie says:

I wish you could change the controller settings for fishing, I feel like itd be easier to reel clockwise instead of counterclockwise.

Travis Reilly says:

How do you get the fishing rod?????

Luluko says:

whats the reward for all the legendary fish? I really dont wanna bother with that, it was already a pain in the ass in FFXV and the reward was also shit

It's L says:


ZomBkronic says:

My dude. Sweet video man.

Nate Walker says:


I’m having trouble catching the 14th fish (catfish) that pulls the taxedermist into the water. All I keep catching is bass. I’ve tried every lure. Help please

Chase Carter says:

Lol that hat reminds me of Walton’s Gang from RDR 1.

ThatSouthernGamer97 Mike says:

I must say bro you the best YouTuber I know you really inspired me to create my own channel all your videos are well put together and straight to the point one I have a ways to go but one day my channel will grow and I can tell everyone your the reason

Peter de Valk says:

It’s not true what he explains. I play on PS4 and I was hunting for legendary fish. When I smash the hook, I have to control the fish. With right and left stick. But the fish only swims away from me, and also when I have to reel it in with right stick and pull back left stick. The fish swims away, and it’s not coming towards me. People have to come with a good explanation how it works. Also the tutorial sucks, cause I do what they say and it still doesn’t work.

AroZ Bugatti says:

How do I turn the fish in when I catch it


Alright, NOW I’m sold.

Phil M says:

The game tells you all of this fool lol

Sero Noam says:

Tyyyyy so match bro i allways put it so far now i did like u tyyyyy finlyyyyyy hhhhh

yozpay ozpay says:

Hey guys I found the fisherman’s cabin But no body in it I camped here 2 days fireplace still lit but still please I want this map

Brandon says:

What can I do with regular 3 star fish? Got a 3 star sturgeon.

Vincent Todd says:

Legendary fish are so ANNOYING, I just reel them close then shoot em down till they flow to the shore

Golden Sekona says:

Seen three of your videos, I’m now a fan. This game has been so crazy, I’ve invested about 25 hours in rn, and about 15 of those have been just in side things. The hunting really is insane, and I really am about to go crazy with the fishing once I get the hang of it.

SuperAgentman007 says:

I shot a big fish with a rifle.

KuTtA RaY Parker says:

I still havent got a fishing rod. Where do I get that from?

Jordonius Gaming says:

I spent FORTY MINUTES reeling in a muskie like crazy then everytime they struggled, I wouldnt pull against them, and I also didnt really understand how and when to give line. I can fish just fine IRL… But yeah. Learning experience lol

Stainless Slayer says:

When your controller vibrates stop reeling. I never let off the left stick and I’ve never lost a fish yet

Caine Fam says:

Great video buddy. I caught my first big fish on the first try because of your video, 16lbs pike.

I have to disagree with you though fishing raises your honor way faster than saying hi… I have been doing it every time i go into town and my honor barely moves… Mind you I’m not going to waste my time honor farming all day.

I caught 3 small fish and threw them back and my honor jumped 10%… So I’m pretty sure you get about 3% honor per fish

nmarkose says:

Great game. However I’m not a huge fan of any R* game controls. It simply lacks it.

Ineedmoney says:

I’m glad you said something could I wouldn’t have seen the white dot and would have went to where the fish picture is

Fyodor says:

Why can’t I zoom in with my sniper?? plz help

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