Cold Water Bass Fishing Tips with Ben Milliken!

Cold water fishing can be tough, so some key changes in the way you fish are necessary. Proper bait selection, retrieve, and location all change when the water temps drop below 50 degrees. But don’t take it from me, check out these tips from Ben Milliken!

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The biggest key to catching more bass in the cold is to SLOW DOWN. In cold water, the metabolism of fish slows and they become much less active. Work all of your baits like finesse jigs, tight wobbling crankbaits, and flukes, with a slow retrieve to draws strikes from lethargic bass.

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Brock Bumpurs Fishing channel says:

I got everything in my box you used on this video and caught a fish on all of them

Jerry McDonald says:

Just received my box…..hoping to get out there this weekend.  Thanks for showing us how to use these….time to catch some slaunches.

Justin Sisavath says:

What is the name of the song?

Robby McDonald says:

have someone from more up north make a tips video for fishing ponds this time of year when the bass are not chasing bait, and ice is starting to form,cause most of us arent fishing lakes with a bass boat while fish chasing shad

Carter Rowe says:

Yes! I’ve been waiting for this video!

Zesty Fishing says:

Very helpful!

Grant Fields says:

I’m early

Frankentrout says:

ill be honest, i question a lot of the marketing different companies do, as well as the people they decide to sponsor, but i was in academy the other day looking for a new swim jig and i happened to see the sixth sense jig and remembered all the stuff you said about them*cough not like a take anyone elses advice, i know everything about fishingcough* and i took a hard liking to a few different colors, and sense then i have completely fell in love with them. i havent caught a bass on anything else in the past two weeks just because thats what ive had confidence in lately. even snagged a few redfish on it. i threw it off with bad braid twice and found it both times with a kayak and magnet, thats gotta tell you something living in the south with the gators! your doing a good promotional job, at the very least they have sold 2 jigs for you and will sell plenty more if i cant get them back with the magnet!

Joe Simpson says:

good stuff, thanks for sharing that.  Looking forward to my next MTB.

Bruce Wayne says:

I’ve never fished for bass in winter. Once it’s late fall, I focus on hunting. Still fish for trout though.

Brian Reedy says:


shawn eldridge says:

I so ❤ and enjoy trout & crappie fishing more than any other type of fishing ever. Both fish are fun to catch, fun to reel in and are very delicious to eat. Don’t get wrong here. I do enjoy fishing for different types of other fish as well. Also I was raised up fishing on the Delaware River since I was 7 years old. But when it comes to Trout & crappie fishing forget it. I’ll be at the canal or at the creek or stream all day. I can’t help it there’s something about crappie and trout fishing that I can’t get enough of & when I do my trout and crappie fishing I will use Berkley gulp alive 1 inch minnows + the greatest color that I use & I have a lot of luck on is the chartreuse shad. These Berkley gulp alive 1 inch minnows are 97% more effective than anything out there today. When I do use these for fishing it’s like a Feeding Frenzy. And I also do catch 98% more crappie and trout on the Berkley gulp alive 1 inch minnows. When trout and crappie go after them they hit hard & fast and they won’t let go.

Ryan Barstad says:

Almost first comment

Cheese Grater says:

Very informative video! Any suggestions for fishing in 30-40 degree temperatures? I haven’t got a bite in 2+ weeks

Brad Albrant says:

Milliken for president


show us how to do that donkey rig

Jason Miller says:


Billy Noles says:

Any special reason u use wide gap on fluke rig or just a preference says:

why does milliken look so YOUNG in this video??? hahahahah

FloridaJiggin' says:

Nice tips

Castle My Astle says:

What if your fishing a medium sized pond?

jesus chavez says:

Thanks for does tip

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