Catching Bass in Rivers | New Fishing Tips and Techniques

Suspended bass are hard to catch. We are bass fishing in a new river and we found that the shad are suspended in the water. I wanted to catch fish on a jig, but the largemouth were not positioned on the bottom. We ended up catching all of our fish on spinnerbaits and crankbaits around docks and shallow cover just a few feet under the surface. I’ll be showing you how to fish a spinnerbait around the docks where the bass. You want tot use a medium action bass fishing rod that will be able accurately cast the lures under the objects where the bass are. I was using 15lb big game line and a high speed gear ratio reel.

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Rusty Shakelford says:

it’s nice to see people not yank the fish out of the water when they set hooks. so many you tubers do it

newman21 says:

Great video man

Quagmire88 says:

I have been fishing all my life and still can’t skip a baitcaster without a terrible backlash.

tdkman28 says:

Great episode man!

Steve Wallace says:

Wondering why you don’t throw a jerk bait?

billfromelma says:

Hey Justin, fun watching. Question. I see he has lowrance and I think you have a hummingbird. Which do you think is a better unit ?

BassGeek says:

Can’t wait for the next video.

Alexander Hovis says:

There are stumps….. In southern…. rivers. – The Eagles (when fishing) probably

Cameron Myers says:

People don’t understand how big Texas is until they come to Texas and drive it

craig jones says:

Looking at getting a fishing combo. Bait caster. I’m trying to get more accurate with my casts and I typically fish from the bank. What would you recommend as a combo to buy? I looked online and they had too many rods for someone like me to pick. Bait casters are still relatively new to me. I have some bass pro combos now. It seems I have to draw back and hurl them to get any distance. I hear good things about Lews

Jarrett Gripp says:

Asian immigrants are destroying the river fishing in my area doing things like leaving trash everywhere and killing any fish that isn’t a carp FUCKING ZIPPERHEADS

Jeremiah Quevedo says:

how do you tie your lures

Dan Williams says:

Chartreuse spinner / gold blades my fave !

D Buchheit says:

trinity river?

Hello says:

Where are the crunchy reels at?

Justin Brockway says:

can’t wait for the next vid

Water Hopper Ryan says:

skipping god at 3:48.

The RodFather says:

LFG I strongly suggest you and blacktiph link up with SharkbaitTV while yall are in texas searching for those big gar. he knows those fish like the back of his hand and it wold make some great content. look him up on youtube best of luck

Killer Rec says:

Hey lakefork guys great vid!! Would you pick Antares or Metanium??

Indiana Hoosier says:

you can tell how much practice you have had when you can skip bait right under the dock with about 6 inches of clearance… i’d hook the dock for sure…

Brian Oldham says:

spinner bait is awesome.

John Billings says:

I need to come to texas and go fishing with you. rayburn? like the videos

Deputy Prepper says:

LFG, would you say that water was cloudy or stained. I have never seen a video explaining the different color levels, maybe you can do a TIPS video on that subjects. Thanks

Darryl Ryder says:

What Costa are you wearing?

John Hershiser says:

that’s in riverside lol I live right by there!

Trey Graham says:

Please tell me why your wearing a jacket, it doesn’t even seem cold

Roger Livingston says:

perfect video. great explanation. LFG da man.

Ty Barfield says:

so I bank fish at a very stained lake with zero visibility in tx I just started bass fishing and I’m using frogs and and spinner bait I haven’t caught anything any help?

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