Catch and Cook Carp – How to cook carp – carp fishing tips & carp recipe.

Can you eat carp? Yes you can! And they can be delicious. Check out this video on how to catch carp, carp fishing tips and techniques. And some awesome carp fishing recipes. My good freinds Jay shows us how to cook carp and to make a Bangladeshi carp curry.

Here is all the gear I was using.

Daiwa Regal BRI Reel
Chub Outkast 6’ Stalker rod 2.75 TC
Method Feeders
Bait stops
Baiting Needle
Fake corn
Korda Fake Corn
Pretied Hair Rigs
Korda Kwik Links
Helicopter Sleeves
landing net (Cabelas Magnum Rubber)
Unhooking mat
Bite alarms (Delkim Txi+)
Cygnet Bank Sticks
Carp fishing rigs and gear
2lb of Panko Bread Crumbs
6 box of strawberry Jello
Jumbo cans of Sweet Corn
Korda Goo

How to Tie Hair Rigs
My favorite Carp Fishing Rig
How to Make Panko Pack Bait
How to Catch Carp Playlist

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The Video Editing Software is Sony Vegas 15.0
Canon T5i (700D)
GoPro Hero 5+ Black
GoPro Hero 6
Goose Neck Clamp for GoPro
Selfie Stick
Camera Tripod


slaimyen says:

Catch and release ??

HowYaDoingMon says:

Carp is delicious…I don’t get why Americans had to be “suspicious” about it because it is Asian.

Louisiana Blackwater Fly Fishing says:

wow that looks great!

Michael Acquaviva says:

You need to get a nice hickory plank, filet and spice the fish, nail it to the plank, smoke it over apple wood for 2-6 hours, remove the fish from the plank, throw the fish away, and eat the wood.

das dabs says:

yuck garden fertlizer

North County Premier Property Management says:

My favorite Carp recipe is to marinate it in a soy ginger for 10 hours then throw it in the trash.

Tony V. says:

As kids, we had a huge population of Eastern Europeans (Czechs, Poles, Ruskies & Hungarians) who lived in our neighborhood. We would catch Carp for my Grandfather and he would make Fish sandwiches out of the Carp. We would put the Carp in our wagon and drag them up a hill to our home. One day an Old lady saw us and asked if we would save one of the big ones for her & she would pay us for it. She gave us $5 which was huge in the 1970’s. Word got around & we were selling Carp to the whole neighborhood. They would put the Carp in a big tub of salt water (same salinity as the Ocean) some used one of their bathtubs. The Carp would swim around for days until Cooking time. The salt water helps with flavor and getting rid of the muddy taste. Also cutting out the extra dark red pieces eliminated the mud taste also. The Carp was so tasty and the texture was great.

Wings012 says:

Carp is fairly common in Chinese cuisine(well grass carp is, not sure about the American species but it shouldn’t be too different I reckon). It is said to have a muddy flavour though, so we typically steam it covered in a metric tonne of ginger. Whereas with most other fish, we’d steam it simply with soy sauce, corriander, spring onions, a little ginger or whatever. The idea is that strong flavours, hence the load of ginger would mask whatever muddy flavour it may contain. I have yet to actually eat a carp just simply, so I can’t say if it has much of a muddy flavour or not. Though I’ve heard it is easy to eliminate the muddiness by just keeping the fish alive in some clean water for a period of time before butchering and eating it.

I wouldn’t rank the fish too highly out of all the fish I’ve eaten. The bones I actually find kinda a pain in the arse. And this is coming from someone who tends to eat fish whole and on the bone, so I’m quite good at dealing with fish bones. It is a pretty Chinese thing to not fillet the fish and just cook it whole, with the innards removed. Though big fish like carp do tend to get taken apart since a 6-7 kilo fish tends to be rather excessive, even for an average family of around 5 or so. And trying to steam such a huge fish whole just wouldn’t work – the outsides would just overcook with the center staying raw. The bones are mainly a bit of a bastard due to how they fan out and are fairly embedded into parts of the meat, requiring you to flake the hell out of the fish to get them out. And I wouldn’t want to swallow them. Stuff like tilapia and catfish are just easier really.

I’m not a fan of the texture either. It feels a bit coarse and rough depending on the part of the fish. Though the belly is nice and moist cause of the fat content. We do tend to value how ‘firm’ or ‘smooth’ the flesh of a fish is, and carp isn’t quite either of those. Whereas a good marble goby is almost like a scallop texture wise.

fussellmuscle says:

It’s covered…. hahahahahaha. That curry mixture looked amazing

Istayuplatedrivefast says:

I ate carp once and it tasted awful we used to shoot them with bows when we where kids because we where told they where invasive

Buttfart says:

My grandfather gave me a great recipe for Carp. You filet it, then cut yourself a cedar plank about 12 inches long and nail the filets to the pank. Put it in the oven on very low heat for a few hours (I suppose you could smoke it as well), then pull it out and throw the fish away and eat the plank. Tastes way better.

Bryan Troffer says:

Also at that guy I heard carp are good deep fried basically egg,flower etc but still eww i’ll never try it.

Pet Who says:

Oh gee, back in the 1950s, in central California, the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers Delta, my father and uncles used to catch Shad, big catfish and bigger carp! We’d spend the night cleaning Shad and putting them in a smoke house (kinda like an outhouse, but with a fire pit for coals). Skinning and gutting Catfish is a drag, but they are good canned. (My mom and aunts did that.) As for the Carp, the best way to prep and cook them is to gut them then nail them whole to a pine board. Bake it for 30-35 min at 350 (or until the board is smoking) then take it out, scrap off the carp and eat the board… enjoy 😉

Weekend warrior outdoors says:

Interesting, it looks good. Those bones are crazy looking.

jedediahbc says:

Excellent way to prepare them, thank you.

Celia Christensen says:

my bigest carp is 27 inch can i fish with you were do you live

mastersfan04 says:

Carp is garbage

HowYaDoingMon says:

Also, here is a great tip for ya’ll who wanna try carp. Carp at 17-19lbs, the meat has the best texture.

How To Get Out Of Babylon says:

Can it. Bones are soft like canned mackerel & Salmon…and it TASTES like Salmon.

mank demes says:

It tastes better smoked

travelertim88 says:


david yen says:

Man chumming is too easy yo where’s the challenge pft it’s illegal in public waters in some state

D. Garagekingdom Kingdom says:

its nice video, good communication with friend.. i see the a harmony there.. but still a lot other tasty fish.. carp is the last resort.. lol.. anyway good vid

alsyaf111 says:

Dude I know nothing about fishing but I’ll stumble on your videos every now and then have to say your narration and interactive subjects that you choose are always on point.

meme lord says:

Gold fish are invasive

RaptinXmh 420 says:

Forks are for suckers. His son literally just puts down the fork

William Reilly says:

I’ve always wanted to eat one, thanks for sharing!

Moises Ortiz says:

Great work!

3D Fits me says:

I ate carp before

Dave Schneider says:

I know I have a catch him I know I have a clean them ,, probably could even cook them, it’s the eating part that has me stumped

xcessdj says:

thats why the US is not in the World Cup….ha ha ha

zox gunic says:

Man you are totally right about the soccer and the carp. Everywhere else in the world carp is considered good eating fish

Rick Voorhees says:

After reading all the comments not one person ever commented about what you really should do the that carp. Been catching and eating carp for 55 years or more. You start your knife up under the scales at the base of tail and work towards the head and flip the whole slab of scales off in one piece after that you fillet our carp with skin side down you start scoring your fillet, starting from either end you make 90 degree cuts about 1/8 of an inch apart all the way across the fillet, being careful not to cut thru the skin you will feel the bones clicking as you make your cuts, now your bones will fry up and crystallize you want ever see any. Now you can bread in your favorite recipe and deep fry making sure all your breading has got down in your score cuts. I like mine fried a little dry or well done and just pull the chips off and enjoy

Jim Burtlow says:

Love you’re channel, learned how to catch catfish simply from watching all your videos! Thank you so much and keep up the awesome videos!

Chino Muas says:

WTH!!! NO NAAN!! Garlic NAAN with this and it’s a PERFECT FEAST!!

eric palen says:

first time seeing your stuff, nice video, as a dad myself I really like that you’ve got your kids in here. what part of the country are you in?

NB Fisherman says:

nice job

tubby1022 says:

Haha he needed Tommy and Nathan for all the doubles

uM4Dlele says:

Smoked and fried carp r frickin delicious, we eat them here for Christmas Dinner in the Czech republic! Glad you enjoyed.

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