Catch 15x MORE Fish This Winter (Bass Fishing Tips)

In this bass fishing tips video I show you how to catch more fish this winter while bass fishing. Bass fishing during the winter can be tough but if you throw the right baits you can catch more fish. I show you different baits to throw this winter while bass fishing and unique ways to fish them. Let me know if you like these bass fishing tip videos and what bass fishing tip videos you would like to see next! Also let me know if you would like to see another winter bass fishing video!

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Bass Fishing Gear used in this video :

13 Fishing Creed GT (spinning reel) –
13 Fishing Fate Black (rod) –
Seaguar Florocarbon –

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Aiden Coleman says:

Great vid


Chicken and bass..sounds like a meal..i use microbaits when a feel a skunk comin on..theyve saved the day lots of times

esequiel chavez says:

Hey buddy you should Use that crappy bait as a drop shot

Willie Castro says:

I caught a 15lb bass with a popper

Anthony Lawson says:

Great video. Let’s see that challenge use the small baits an bass lures. Thanks for the tips

Christopher Huggins says:

There lips are red from crawfish next time throw a craw

Nicholas Pouliot Outdoors says:

I got to try that out I like using road runners and little paddle tails catching big striper and white bass on micro baits

Justin Kelley says:

Bobby garland!!!!!!!!!

Kenny Weekes says:

I was going to watch this video but his introductory actions make him appear mentally challenged which brings into question his credibility. In other words, why act like a stupid idiot if you want to encourage people to watch your video?

Ultimate Fishing Addict says:

Good tips. Thanks

Nathan Hornaday says:

15*times more???why not say 25*times more???or 45*times more??? makes no sense?!!!!!!do we have to come to your pond?

John Ding says:

nice video! BTW, where is this pond? I want to give a shot too.

Rob Dob says:

I feel like I dropped five IQ points just looking at his sunglasses.


What knot to u use for ur floro to braid ?? And what size rod are u using a 7′ m ?

Jake Arnold says:

I saw ur old truck at the mall of Georgia car dealership

ZZ430T56 says:

Good vid, but man I just want to mess your hair so bad

#BANKBOYZ Fishing Inc. says:

Cool video man !!! Def gonna be throwin lil baits .. watched this guy this weekend tearem up with a Mepps LiL bitty bait lol .. point being .. I now went and bought 3 lol also tomorrow gonna try the grubs rite above the grass and some of them mini mini tubes

David Baker says:

Do a challenge with winter bass baits Noah

SCI Fishing says:

15 X 0 is 0

Matt Nash says:

Your fortunate bro. What i mean by that is if i was too go to my local pond and was popping that as hard as you they would never touch it. They are very finicky where i fish at. Its been pretty difficult. To be fair though i haven’t tried fishing a small jighead yet.

Austin Weatherford says:

Very helpful

Samuel Licon says:

What size line are you using?

Jack Craddock says:

Great now I can go catch 15x more half pound fish. Nobody catches the squeakers like you man

Soldier Mffm says:

I need some of your gear to sport in The big SO.CAL AREA while fishing the Hood Lakes lol

Bass Fishing MN says:

Can you please sub to my channel I’m trying to reach 100 by Jan.1 thanks

Roland Mcclendon says:

Can you review the pisifun phantom & see if you can make it birdsnest

Nathan Hornaday says:

Where have you been, the last 20years????

Victor Oliva says:

Love this man! Thanks for the tips.

Lyndsay Minnon says:

I LOVE your videos ❤

California Bassin TV says:

My favorite YT’er because you actually have been fishing for a while and know what you’re actually talking about. Plus you show love for us pond guys.

C Caballero says:

44th oh yeah

TheChronicHobbiest says:

Dude your vids are great. Very helpful. Id be intrested in seeing a video on diff rent retrievels.

Toby Salas says:

The jig head grub vs lioless vs jerkbait

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