Catch 10x MORE Fish Using A Jerkbait (Bass Fishing Tips)

In this bass fishing tips video I show you how to catch more fish using a jerkbait. Bass fishing with a jerkbait can be amazing this time of year but its important to know how to fish a jerkbait. I show you different ways to fish a jerkbait and how to catch more fish using a jerkbait. Let me know if you like these bass fishing tip videos and what bass fishing tip videos you would like to see next! Also let me know if you would like to see another jerkbait fishing video!

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Bass Fishing Gear used in this video :

13 Fishing Concept Z (reel) –
13 Fishing Fate Chrome (rod) –
Megabass Jerkbait –
Seaguar Florocarbon –

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Stephanie Smith says:

Nice video dude it’s really my dream to fish with you

Gibby Garza says:

I can attest Slow Rolling a jerkbait with a slight twitch works! My very first time throwing a 15 year-old jerkbait that my dad gave me produced some quality fish for me that day

Fish Corn says:

Nice Jerkbait mate; liked your tips as well.

Cory Duryee says:

6th sense provoke jerk baits are fire!!! Also how is the concept z?

BamaBassFinder04 4 says:

Do u know what brand jerk bait has the lip that moves on it?

William Ingle says:

Do you even make blogs anymore

JP fishing says:

I was taught that trick by an old tournament Fisherman, It works! Glad to see you share this tip

Preston Wojcik says:

Can you do a black Friday fishing shopping spree yet? I know the last time I asked you replied and said not right now i don’t have a lot of money

austin napier says:

how to fish a dropshot

PondBoss Baits says:

Those aren’t the stock MegaBass hooks just a FYI. 😉

Haggan Bishop says:

come to KY and fish with me man I’ll put you on some good fish

Brad Jupiter says:

Thanks for the dink fest

Bradley Phillips says:

Skipping a lure

Maria's Fishing says:

Love the tip Videos!

Jimmie Glass says:

Another great tip video thank you

Robert Grasso says:

You have said this on YouTube before cuz I remember watching that video and I’ve never forgotten it. Because you were the only person I’ve ever heard say to do this and it works cuz I’ve used that tip ever since then

Najeeb Ul Haq says:



Excuses excuses for not catching fish off a kayak.

georgia2thaheart says:

Awesome tips bro, keep them coming. This Georgia weather has been weird lately. Wonder how it will effect the bite this month

Robert Hopper says:

Well done video, and good tips. I plan to follow your advice. Thanks.

lenii vasquez says:

Ive done this and it works well !!

Corey Banks says:

I know where that is. I fish their all the time. Their is big fish in there but that place is extremely deep. Like 35+ deep. I think most of the giants are way down their until spawn. Drop shot works very well. (First pond)

TWD2112 says:

Possibly his PB at the 4:30 mark!

cecil moreno says:

What’s a good FISH scent to use. And do you use. It. .

- Tyler Goforth says:

I’ve done this


I can’t catch crap on jerk baits I catch lots of bass on lizards and spinner baits

Yaks N Bass says:

Got one kinda like that one without the black spot and more of a shine on the side and no red undertone, top is almost exactly the same as yours and bottoms a lil less purplish

Austin Pate says:


Anthony Mancuso says:

10x 0 is still 0

Overseas Gaming says:

Sunday night? Sounds like a KTBtv night

Rich Jones says:

Do you change the hooks on your jerk bait?

Mike Waara says:

Thx for the video. I just stumbled onto this video and your channel. Do you do bank fishing videos/tips in lakes not ponds? I live in California where we have lakes and not ponds that i know of. I would like to see videos/tips of bank fishing on lakes and maybe fishing a new lake. Thx for your informative video

Wesley Wesley says:

Dock fishing next please

Hardeep Singh says:


Jorne Lindberg says:

haha just crackin up when he talking about the tip

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