Catch 10x MORE Fish Using A Dropshot (Bass Fishing Tips)

In this bass fishing tips video I show you how to catch more fish using a dropshot. Bass fishing with a dropshot can be amazing anytime of year but its important to know how to fish a dropshot differently to catch more fish. I show you different ways to fish a drop, how to rig / tie a dropshot and how to catch more fish using a dropshot. Let me know if you like these bass fishing tip videos and what bass fishing tip videos you would like to see next! Also let me know if you would like to see another dropshot fishing video / dropshot fishing tips video!

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Bass Fishing Gear used in this video :

13 Fishing Creed GT (reel) –
13 Fishing Fate Black (rod) –
Seaguar Florocarbon –

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Rynhard Pretorius says:

Some tips on alternative baits/strategies other than frogs for heavy lily pads in a pond would be appreciated. Greetings from South Africa

Jerry Dobbs says:

10×0 still equals 0

Kj Brown says:

Bro, don’t be jerking it too hard you mite ……………….Snag

caden gautier says:

Turtle catch and cook

James Giddens says:

i dont have a boat so i like all of your tips for bank fishing sometimes i get frustrated in bank fishing really so when i hit a dry spell where im not catching any thing.

David Trent says:

Did the guard help ya jerk it bud? lmao

BigRick Fishing Inc. says:

It’s a great jerk spot .. lol… You ain’t living that down.. love it man

Collin Brouillette says:


David Canup says:

Noah, you are awesome. Thanks for the lesson, I learned a lot.

Chris Lee says:

Isn’t an Alberto knot smaller, easier, and stronger?

Brewski478 says:

Thanks for the tips

Bassin' W Watts says:

awesome video

Landon Lambert says:

Is the rod a 7’5” ML?

Nicholas Pouliot Outdoors says:

Going out tomorrow before work try out my new baitcaster should be interesting havnt used one since i was 10 I’ll try out the drop shot

ww3869 says:

Awesome video…and I love the fact that you do these tips videos fishing from the bank.

Joshua Mann says:

Thanks brother! I’ve really been working on adding the drop shot more to my arsenal!

Robert Hopper says:

This was a good video, especially when you showed the various retrieves.

BigRick Fishing Inc. says:

Hey bro we have a spot on table Rock lake… What would it take to get you to come down and fish.. you can stay with us we got plenty of rooms..

Stephen Myers says:

Thank you I wanted to learn a drop shot. Your Awesome

Jake Chimiak says:

Oh yeah I got a video on how to catch 11x more on a drop shot

TheMonkey5669 says:

Hey Noah can you do a review on any of the 6th sense lures I throw them pretty often and I’m wondering if you do too they’re pretty lethal and inexpensive my favorite being the 50x squarebill or the 80x movement

Madmatt says:


Will says:

Yo just found your channel!! Learned a lot from you

Jonathan najera says:

Make another video about that

Ryan Ferrara says:

Great video, yes I would like a double uni-knot video.

Tim says:

Spyderco tenacious??

Tommy Couch says:

First off Happy New Year, and what size dropshot would you suggest for pond fishing vs the lake?

Kirby Bonin says:

You need try some red bug finesse worms

Collin Brouillette says:


Jpeace530 says:

Noah are u saying eyelids? Lol

AZ Viking says:

Why would you do 10-15 feet of leader? Braid is used for better hooksets but the fluoro isn’t seen so why not a 5 foot leader? I feel like the longer leader hurts that extra hookset ability you’re going for.

Gone fover Aaron Hernandez says:

Did u ever go back to check on the crawdads the next day

Jimmie Glass says:

another great tip video

caden gautier says:

Turtle cooking

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