BEST Top 10 Surf Fishing Tips (Catch More Fish From The Surf)

These are my top 10 surf fishing tips that WILL help you catch more fish while at the beach, guaranteed or your time back. I assembled this list because there isnt a top 10 surf fishing, mainly bass fishing, and freshwater fishing. The only saltwater fishing lists are to videos, ect. So here i summarized some of the most important tips that you should know to be more successful surf fishing! #surffishing

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jp5ftw says:

Eyy gfp. Love that place

Pedro Gonzalez says:

Yo thanks for your information man. I just moved from the East coast of Florida to the gulf coast and am getting into surf fishing and want to learn more about it i appreciate your work. Tight lines!

defmud80 says:

Oh god hurry up weekend

Sha Atiya says:

As a lady fisher… You are one of my GO TOO Vloggers! YOUR ROCK!!! Thanks so much!

Ian Wells says:

This channel sucks you should be flagged Billy you only taught me what I already know ima get the chucho del eblo on that ass

Ricardo Hernandez says:

Have you thought about selling rod & reel combos already set up with your type of upgrades?

Daylon Hudson says:

Great video bro.

Angelo Loukas says:

hey i got a old truth star drag do you recommend upgrading it? barrings, knob mag…etc?

Colby Cobia says:

I subbed, and yes i was using a pvc pipe and a 35lb jack pulled it strait down thank goodness i got it before it flew away!

Jonathan Simes says:

I Gotta tip!! Use circle hooks. They always catch the fish in the corner of the mouth. Strongest part of the mouth so you lose less fish. Easiest to get the hook out without damaging the fish for return to the sea & ALWAYS use a wet cloth when handling the fish!! Easier to grip & causes less damage again if returning it to the sea.


Bayardo Garcia says:

Bro why the hell are you talking like that!!!!! Jessu

Blindghost says:

4:18 right side ,missed good bite…

sharon chapnick says:

Your really good at fishing

Bruce Nguyen says:

man where are the subs at tho?

Doggy With a doge says:

#1 tip: sub to this guy he is awesome and you will catch many fish thanks for these tips

Fernando Camarena says:

Love your sexy voice and high quality videos no homo

common jones says:

nooo shit!!Good tips

joseph scarborough says:

Hey I live in Huston I would be grateful if you could show me some spots

epicwhat001 says:

number 1 fishing tip: find a Beach that has fish.
number 2 fishing tip: Learn as you go.

you will soon learn that fishing is not about the fish and more about doing nothing all day.

Beach Bomber Fishing says:

What am I missing? What are some of your tips? I could use some myself.

Andres Jimenez says:

which model was that Daiwa​ reel

Finna Fish says:

Ahh, the catfish and carp of the salt. Great channel, glad to sub.

Bryce V says:

It doesn’t matter what pole holder you use I use 1-1/2ft. aluminum spikes I just keep my drag loose never lost a pole but I guess fishing here in hawaii is alot different then the mainland

sharon chapnick says:

Thank you

Jeff Williams says:

Great video man. Just subscribed. Hope to see you fishing in Galveston.

Daniel U says:

Worst vid I’ve seen for tips and info.

The_masked _peguin says:

Do a shark fishing video

jake C says:

DUDE. I’m not much of a saltwater fisherman having come from the heartland but I recently moved to Florida and am figuring it out. I have been saying for YEARS that 95% of lures aren’t meant to catch fish. They are meant to catch fishermen. Tellin’ it like it is. SUBBED!

Also, I find it interesting that a lot of what we do in freshwater transfers over to salt in most cases. It’s interesting to me because there are those out there that would have us less experienced guys believe that it is a completely different ball game. There are some differences but mostly it’s all the same they just call everything by a different name. (Blood knot vs crimp knot, carolina rig vs whatever one of my buddies called it the other day.)

Tight lines man.

dceg92 says:

Hey bro we trying to head down there this weekend but head there is a Jeep event. Any recommendations on where else we can go? We’ll be making a trip from Dallas to fish for the weekend.

Kelly Riney says:

Great video BeachBomber! Always cranking ‘Em out.

Jose Garcia says:


Sneaks says:

In oregon, on the surf we mostly have surf perch, and we catch them on size 2 or 3 gulp sandworms, they work very well

Gabriel Garza says:

More like an advertisement then tips tricks and hacks. Pass!

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