Best Ever Catfish Fishing tip, Hot dog bait rig for Channel Blue Flathead Wels Ginch Cats

Give this bait rig tip a try. You can season your bait with Anise, Cayan or your favorite scent. Here is the link to make the tool. General fishing information. There are many species of Catfish and they can be found in saltwater and freshwater. Fishing Tips and Tricks @WillCFish for all levels of fishermen and women.


Evan Franklin says:

Would be better with trebble hook

Badapple414 says:

I am new to cat fishing, I was thinking of using a treble hookbof the same size instead. Any thoughts on the approval of this method from any of you seasoned catfisher men???

gonedeepseafishing says:

We have used hot dog pieces for years. Then friends brought up some cheese stuffed big red hotdogs to our camp and left them because we couldn’t fit them on the grill. We tried one for bait with the kids and caught a baby pool full of bullhead! The skin on the hotdog was so tough you could catch 6 or so on each slice!! We kept them in the baby pool until the hotdog was gone then dumped them all back, fun night! Never thought about using a whole one!!

Terry TwoBears says:

ok we used hotdogs this weekend to fish with we ran lines threw it we cuut them in half and little peices it still came off after sound or thried cast

1065Olivia says:

I’ll have to give this a try this summer, thanks!

Osamab1n49Laden Osama bin Laden says:

motherfucker you just talk shit

Tim Hafford says:

Are hot dogs really good for big catfish? I’ve used a lot of different baits but never used hot dogs.


I use hotdogs and that is to big I cut it up in littler peaces and catch good size catfish and I save some for next time

80hd Jenkins says:

or just use a crochet needle

Denzabar Dean says:

NEVER use a ” snap ” swivel…..ALWAYS use a large barrel swivel …..for cats !!

cast-for-CATS says:

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i can barely here it!

Khoa Pham says:

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Vlad Țepeș says:

Sugi pula.

stag3t-m uspsa says:

thank you so much for a easy way to catfish I love it..

إبن السلطنة says:

بعض السمك لا يحب نقانق

Dave Teffer says:


Navy SEALS Rock says:

never use hot dogs as catfish bait because you will waste all day catching small worthless catfish, instead use cut bait like bluegill,carp or live shad. works well.

lizardgod 101 says:

dont have to use the whole thing man , 5 pieces per hotdog is good , plus it gives u more times to try

Austin Michael says:

How do you do that knot

GraveKhybetu BoundMuiuomg says:

I see you haven’t discovered circle hooks yet.

Antboi says:

Thank you so much for posting this video. I first watched it and I kinda ignored it but kept it in the back of my mind for later. I went on a catfish dry spell for about a year or less and I just decided to try this rig. First time out with this rig I caught 2 channel cats around maybe 8 pounds! (I know some people think 2 isn’t that much but for my local lake, 2 catfish in a day rarely happens!) I was stoked! I spent the rest of my summer using this rig and put 6 catfish under my belt. Then, this huge bass decides to try a hot dog, that guy was around 7 pounds! Then a 10lb bass came up, my personal best. As my last summer in California, this rig really changed my love for freshwater fishing. Memories were made and friends were made this summer. Thank you for this rig, it surely works! Now if I get a chance to go for catfish again in Hawaii, I’ll definitely use this rig. Aloha!

Matthew Fornof says:

Tried this tonight. Unfortunately did not have any luck. They were biting it off very quickly. I wonder if it would be better to add 2 hooks

Jose Munoz says:

how do you season the hot dogs

poke butt says:

do I cast and leave on the bottom? Will this work for other fish or just catfish?

TheHookandTheCook says:

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patchreefs says:

We don’t have the giant cats like you have there but I would like to try a hot dog just to see if anything would bite it.

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