Best Chatterbait Tips for Bass Fishing (These Work!) | Bass Fishing

How to catch bass with a chatterbait. The best tips and techniques that show the right way to fish chatterbaits for MONSTER bass!

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Weights and Sinkers says:

Interesting point is rod height when reeling in

Stacey Oleinik says:

I’m excited to learn of the alternate way to fish this. I’ve just been reeling fast, thought it was the only process method! Can you rig a chatterbait to be weedless?

WC Fishing says:

I am happy that you cleared up what color to use for the different colored water conditions. It’s been two years of me being confused and thanks for helping me out. Love this channel always learn something new every video you guys post!

kJfishman says:

Great information.

rendrumr 1 says:

I’ve caught a lot of bass on white also. Z-man trailers last me a lot longer than other baits. Love em

Al Perry says:

Hopefully these tips will help me because I have thrown that bait for years but few fish to show for it…thanks

Quinn Bowers says:

How often do you get snagged or do you keep it off the bottom.

Robert Scott says:

Thanks for another great Bass Resource video. I enjoy chatterbaits and their versatility. I did notice that rigging it with a paddle tail seems to reduce the depth the bait wants to run. I had trouble keeping them running as deep as I wanted but switching to a 5.5:1 retrieve ratio reel helped a lot.

Big Mike says:

Love throwing the Z-man jackhammer, just don’t love the price tag!

John Iguchi says:

Wow, I’ve never used Chatterbait and thank you for advising the heavy line techniques. Can’t wait to try those!!!

Michael Dob says:

Great Video as usual ;). I like to give some additional information. I figured out that especially during the summer time and early autumn the bass become “lazy” or tired of the chatterbaits so I attach a second hook a 2/0 J-hook at the end for “unmotivateted” bassbaits and a second modification when you cast the chatterbiat there is the tendency that the plastic sticks together so i cut it diagonally and than when I cast the plastic opens like a skirt very effective!

John Coleman says:


Bill Wassmann says:

THE TIP about sweeping your rod for feel is a great tip often over looked AND the rod for the length of travel on the craw!!

Tony Long says:

I like the jerk drop jerk drop for my chatter in rubble

Null Bucket says:

Been struggling with chatterbait in small ponds. Too much water movement. Enjoyed the show.

Tad Doan says:

Good tip glen! I prefer a slower action tip for my chatterbaits but I’m def gonna try out mh/f

Arledge1992 says:

I just started really fishing a chatterbait this year great tips

Gregory Byers says:

Good stuff, love using a Chatterbait, catch a lot of fish, but I never fail to loose a big fish everytime I’m fishing a tournament. Going to be doing some extra sharpening and checking out those hooks, thanks!!

Jeff Franklin says:

I haven’t had much success throwing chatter baits but with fall approaching it gave me some good ideas to try… love watching these videos and picking up ideas.

Vince Tripp says:

Retrieve from the side so you can feel the lures movement is a great tip.

SalDesignMan says:

Glenn is the man and i go with white as well and a paddle tail trailer. Good stuff!!!

David Wilkerson says:

New to fishing. I hope to try chatterbaits and techniques I learn on your channel.

Missouri Rigging says:

Bass resource is top notice on information. Love watching them. Personal like the green pumpkin chatter bait with a rage tail menance on it either green pumpkin or black and blue.

Alan Koop says:

I do great using the darker colors. The extreme slow retrieve he shows by using the rod looks interesting, I need to try that.

zacharb2 says:

Great video. I learned more in this 15 minute video than any other video about chatterbaits. Thanks Glenn for all the videos that you make.

Jason Meade says:

Nice video. I will be checking my hooks before the next time I go out. Fishing chatterbaits can be very productive.

James F says:

I check ALL hooks before tying on, and use a sharpening stone to put an extra fine point on them. So many hooks are NOT as sharp as they can be right out of the box/pack. Lighter chatterbaits don’t sink deep enough for spotted bass. I learned that quickly. Nice video; full of good stuff as usual. I’ll watch them several times to be sure to absorb all the important facts/tips.

Paul Nail says:

Excellent, thanks Glenn! RUSTY

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