Best Beach Shark Fishing Rig & Tips from the SHARK WRESTLER!

The best shark rigs for fishing sharks on the beach video! Florida fishing girl Darcizzle heads to Sanibel teaming up with the Shark Wrestler, Elliot Sudal for some beach/surf fishing targeting big sharks! Fishing with drone, using DJI Phantom 4 Drone to deploy fishing bait.⇊CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO & LINKS⇊

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Robert Gordon says:

another fun video,fishing about the adventure and friends thanks darcizzle and brlan

Ford Raven says:

Those are one killer rods and reel

Jose Zamora says:

Why would you go back out there in the morning and not take them at least coffee


I was afraid he would hit her in the face with the starfish.

John Kirby says:

You can’t catch, if you don’t try. Like you say, your fishing. I enjoy your vedios because I learn alot about fishing. Brain really does a great job of editing videos..You two are a great team . Keep up the good work. And we will Keep Loving Darcizzle in Morehead City North. Carolina !!! PS We Love Brian too …LOL⚓

Fish Finder says:

some of us fish for sharks from a kayak Darci…I will have kayak fishing shark video by June….. we need to get you in a kayak


I could watch these ladies all day!!
Cool video

Frank LoGrande says:

Dedication. Nice to see. Good job, great effort…next time easy peasy. That’s life.

Rad Reeling Fishing says:

Good video for not catching anything. I have such a hard time making a video of a fishing trip when nothing gets caught. Super good job of making things very interesting.

GIn Miller says:

Hi I love you vidoes so much

jeremy wells says:

So anticlimactic… not the lack of fish and all, because that’s fishing, but I thought Brian was gonna bust out the guns in this video! Muscle man showed you up on part 1 Brian, this was your time to shine, suns out guns out! Haha Better luck next time guys.

UglyBoy Smallz says:

I was thinking; it must take a long time to dry your hair. The show keeps getting better.

john anders says:


Garnett M says:

Here’s a tip for protection on your line use single strand heat shrink for automotive wiring ,It shrinks with hot air or lighter but make a 4′ leader or sinker guard ,Cheap all day ,Auto stores or Hardware stores.

J M says:

Shark fishing from shore isn’t easy. Especially with cold water. A+ for effort though! At least you got to enjoy Sanibel. I’ve been there. It’s beautiful. Spring will be here soon guys. Just hold on a little bit longer……..

Mix Pine says:

I love sanibel man, basically grew up on that island. I stay over by sundial condos. cant wait to go back.



Steve Rivera says:

Nothing better then waking up on a Friday to a NEW cizzle vid. Life is good!

Fredrick Rourk says:

Dump some Chum maybe to attract the elusive shark next time?

Could be the bait is to deep? Try putting a long leader from the hook next time. What was the water temp? That spot could be to cold or to hot for Mr. shark.

After four or five hours I assume something is wrong and start changing the gear and baits up.

Ruben Galvan says:

You should drizzle a little of your pudding on them Brian, never know.

Dave Johnson says:

Sharks do not like cold water. The weather has been cold for awhile so that may be the reason why you haven’t caught any. You might want to consider moving south or wait til the weather warms up some.

roger green says:

EPIC trip, can’t wait to see when the sharks are biting.
@acksharks has the most insane pics on his site.

John DeRossett says:

Does your bait ever get washed ashore ? With all the wave activity , looks very hard.

Lucas’s fishing world In Australia says:

Plus I follow all of u guys in this vid

Panphilo270 says:

Awesome Video

Chuck Mastin says:

A shame there were no bites! That’s life. But some extra footage of Morgan would’ve been nice. Lolol. ☮️

Cayden King says:

I want to see you and fish with you for my birthday

Lucas’s fishing world In Australia says:

Hey sick vid I saw it on instagram but didn’t know if u would post it I can’t say it enough I say it every day and vid but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE UR VIDS

ReelinTension says:

Hardcore guys. I love it

John Harris says:


ReelinTension says:

Guys if you don’t mind me asking what video software are you using. I’m looking for something new and wondering if you have any recommendations

John DeRossett says:

Awsome !!! Catch them sharks !!! I don’t like em. LOL Help make the beaches safer. LOL

Mark St.pierre says:

Now that’s dedication.stayed on the beach all night . That set up you guys were using was un real . I’m sure you will slay it next time . You always do .

BO NES says:

So beautiful

jay junior says:

Love you guys, can’t do awesome all the time, just stay as you are Awesome. Thanks for another great video.

Walter 1408 says:

I bet Darcizzle could waterski behind a 130 lb drag.

Norm Page says:

Well hell , , to bad no Sharks …. But hey still beats workin …

joseph aguon says:

I see weather got better less wind, cool way to hook up to a shark great tackle time…good luck in catching sharks….

Tim Muldoon says:

That’s Fishing, Hard Core, but just Fishing!!! Great Effort…

Timothy Godwin says:

I know it must be tough fishing for two days and not catching but you guys had a good time on the beach. I could tell at :59 minutes into this one you all were not just telling fishing stories. I think ya’ll have a good time no matter what. As always I enjoy watching your and Brian out there doing what you do.

Philip Stilson says:

Very cool guys! So what did you end up catching?

Danny Lookpoint says:

Sharks 1 – Darcie 0 . . . 🙂 Better luck next time, Darcizzle !!!

TroyboyQUE says:

Awh sorry guy’s. Next time y’all gonna SMASH them all day.

GW Hunter says:

Cool vid girl!!! I love how you help to promote other channels.

All American Fishing says:

Go during the black tip migration

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