Beginners Beach Fishing Tips – Rigs, Bait, Tackle & Tactics

Graeme is back on the beach to give some beach fishing tips for those beginners out there looking to learn more about fishing from the beach. He goes through the bait, rigs and gear he uses. Hopefully you guys find this useful!

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Adrian Betchette says:

Don’t feel too bad…. I drove down from Yorkshire to meet my son and go fishing and we blanked on that very same beach!

I also encountered around 30 of those swimmers near Clarence Pier on another trip down to see him….

Geo-s-85 says:

sea kale sounds a bit hitler-ish lol

David Harvey says:

Another thoroughly enjoyable video. I think you are right to put it up with a blank. Nothing more disheartening to a beginner than thinking they are the only ones blanking.

John Rankin says:

Love to see you come up to the west coast of Scotland and try some of our fishing how about it guys???

warlord1usw says:

For your stove get some I own 2 they do great for windy conditions.

daveduznotrull says:

Really glad to see this I’ve had blanks sometime two trips at a time and felt like I was doing something wrong and in turn knocking my confidence with fishing. just makes me feel a little better to see even you have them as a well experenced pro you could can’t really deny you are. thanks Graeme

crowhurst123 says:

its fishing not catching as we all know but still great its the first one I check online thanks

Trevor L says:

Just getting into fishing have learned a lot from you . Thanks

Geo-s-85 says:

that was aqua man swimming by warning all the fish not to eat anything

Hamid Baaoui says:

Beach fishing is my favourite. I’ve come across TAfishing and TAOutdoors a few months ago and I’ve already picked up some British stuff. Tea with milk is so tasty!

Matthew Tanner says:

Your comment about making sure you open the tin before heating it up Graeme. It reminded me of a fishing trip with my friends, we were all sat around a fire at night (it was quite cold) I was layed near the fire on my sleeping bag when all of a sudden there was a mighty BANG!! Sparks shot everywhere infact it blew the fire out and I was covered from head to toe in tomatoe soup (I can hear you all laughing but this was NOT funny) One of my friends had purposely placed the unopened tin in the fire hoping for the effects that I had received. I’ll never trust my friends again!!

Shawn Pugh says:

Well, you can’t win them all, Graeme. Thanks for the tips!

Sean Michael Mcparland says:

Love your beach videos , i would like to see u try for a cod from the shore this winter

Paul Hughes says:

A couple of Dover sole about six weeks ago absolutely delicious. Love you guys and love the show

John Kramme says:

i guess the can with food tilted of the burner at 37:26 ….right graeme ? 😀

Vance McColm says:

You’re a rock star!

scott champion says:

Beaver lmfao….some people….!

David Spelmans says:

How did the spaghetti-tin story ended? 🙂

Antony Gray says:

Funny as!!! Love it.

Almazing says:

By far the best fishing channel on YouTube! Really appreciate all the content you guys put up! Thanks!

Terry Dees says:

So I’m not the only one that draws a blank. I enjoy your channel Thank you.

Ryan 1234 says:

Please make a vid on your boat agin

Rickalls Outdoors says:

you been down my end recently, Eastbourne area?

rusty shackleford says:

This changes everything! being the world’s best looking fisherman sometimes comes up blank too, at leased we all know your human now grae and not some other worldly fishing machine 😉 haha, better luck next time mate love your videos.

TAFishing says:

This one is for all the Beach Fishermen out there! What’s your best catch from the shore?

Gareth Plunkett says:

Stokes bay / Gilkicker. Lol I blanked there recently too lol. Great spot though. Will be back on it soon.
Had the stupid swimmers in mass too. Gilkicker point off to your left a spell.. looks better.

Hedgy986 lol says:

Please make more beach fishing videos, I love watching this and as a beginner angler. Would love more tips and tricks like this. You guys are awesome!

smokeybarr says:

12:08 – LMAO!

Vandrefalk says:

I love this channel, and I have for years; and I don’t want to sound like a jerk, at all, and I get that using a GoPro makes it much easier to get footage, but sometimes the really warped video and sound (maybe just the mic or something in post, idk) bug me. Some times it doesn’t, but some times it really does. Still, keep it up Graeme/guys, always watch you guys’ content. 🙂

DroneBoy says:

Awesome work even with a blank,

Hassan Ingram says:

Had me in tears laughing with the crying “argh noooo lighter doesn’t work… i got no teaaaaaa…..” hahaha classic! love it!

mustafa K says:

i’m all for size regulations, but trawlers have no size limits, the industry doesn’t make any sense. they throw away fish cause they it’s wrong license.

trawlers cause more damage than us sea fishermen. it’s much harder now to catch a bass than let’s say 20 years ago

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