Beginner Beach Fishing Tips: Using Plugs and Lures

Watch for some great beginner beach fishing tips: Using plugs and lures is an adrenaline filled method of beach fishing. Learn the basics of how to use plugs and lures and what setup to use to throw them. We will be talking about bottle poppers, spoons and diamond jigs.

In this episode, the Senko Skipper team is on a mission to catch fish off the beach using only plugs and lures. We hope to help some beginners learn the basics of beach fishing/ surf fishing with plugs and lures.

This month the Senko Skipper team is in Florida on a mission to create videos to help the world learn more about saltwater fishing. We are here to explore one of the world’s most fantastic fishing locations and document the fascinating world of fish that live in Florida’s oceans. Stay tuned for a month filled with great fishing, monster fish, and all the methods you need to start catching them yourselves.

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What I was Using
Gibbs Popper:
Deadly Dick:
GT Ice Cream:

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Alicia Alvarez says:

love blue fish, mostly hated because of its strong fishy taste . I love using a gotcha plug , love the fight

Joe says:

Awesome vids man I’m getting my girl into fishing a bit slow going but lots of fun

Anas says:

What reel are you using ?

Jeff Senkowski says:

my last name is senkowski

Robert Bird says:

Love your videos

rusty shack says:

nice video though thanks

Home Account says:

Even though I’m allergic to fish, fishing is my favorite thing to do. And bluefish are my favorite fish to catch. My parents love to eat it. Sam

Backyard Adventures says:

I like to catch blue fish but if you smell them compared to a speckled trout they kind of stink and they are a really oily fish. good for bait if you want to catch sharks.

Paul Bryson says:

“ripping lips” is not a good thing. Shouldn’t be laughing about it…possibly kills the fish

Gerardo Espinoza says:

When did you guys coming to Montauk ny again

MAAAH1581 says:

what kind of rod you recommend for me

Leunnl Cayson says:

Nice Video Sir..! i Like to watch ur video cuz its not just fun,.. but also learning some great stuff about fishing and etc.. good work sir..

SeventhLetterMusic says:

That st croix is at least 100 prob closer to 200. Not really affordable for most beginners. But I have heard great things about st croix

Jeff Senkowski says:

i love blue fish not to eat I mean to look at and I go fishing every day

Cynthia Baker says:

So cool you are having fun as a couple! The family that fishes together, stays together!

Supernatural Swamp AIDS says:

Butt er face.
But her face…

Noah Hastings says:

Bluefish taste disgusting
The meat is oily and tastes “fishy” due to all the blood in them
If you bleed them as soon as you land them, fillet them, and then soak them in milk overnight, they are *Ok* at best

That being said, I love them for bait
Take them, don’t bleed them, fillet them at home, and then cut into strips about 2.5 inches long for salting
I salt them as long as needed to get all the moisture out and they make great bait for other predatory species off the beaches and piers

Bhon Hakaowoa says:

is salty clam available onarket ? and does the rod you using where can i buy it here in philippines ? #1 fan here

Man E Mr. J says:

Blue Fish Taste ok

Isaac Muscat says:

Do any of you know of a cheap alternative to the heavy lure he used?

Supernatural Swamp AIDS says:

Wow. I thought Asians were smart? Wtf would you let it go after destroying its face(your ugly cunt gf talking about being connected to nature)? Your channel sucks.

wolf blood says:

Love blue fish

Syyed Hosein says:

What beach is this ?

As If Aye Mate says:

I don’t like bluefish because they’re named after the crips color of choice. I’m a blood.
I drive by the beach daily, shooting up the bluefish with my AK-69 Asshole’t rifle.

bhon manlunas says:

dude whee can i buy salty clam and that rod you using here in Philippines ??
im a fan of your vids great job keep it up !

Clorox 4 the good says:

what gopro is this


I fish S.Inlet regularly. Practically live there and you if your like me you love and hate them . I love catching them when I can’t get the game fish I’m looking for . But it’s a pain when they bite off your line when live lining a mullet or mahara basically they will bite through your leader and make you loose your hooks and lures.

Olivia Betts says:

Weird, I thought I saw the same fish jump in the background in one of your other videos… ?

Man E Mr. J says:

Does Walmart sell these Itens

Panda Puddin says:

Doing poppin n pluggin you catch uluas(GT) in HI and grub time is on lol

Yuri Kroeff says:

If u get bit or spiked by a blue fish you’ll bleed like a pig

rusty shack says:

a tip, if you’re going to set the fish free and not eat it, loosen your drag a little more to actually ” fight” the fish with the pole, it won’t rip his jaw. because if his jaw rips it will more than likely die because it can no longer feed. it makes it more fun to just fish too instead of just “horsing” it in. you’ll know by the feel of the strike or hit the size of the fish

Logan Beringer says:

Most floridans haha! Are fishing for red fish snook and tarpon among alot of other species

Carlos Santana says:

What beach is this I live in Orlando

TDM Sounds says:

Next time when u mention your reel size you have to mention the brand because Daiwa,shimano,penn etc.. the sizes are not the same.

Eric Interiano says:

What beach was this filmed at?

bhon manlunas says:

dude whee can i buy salty clam and that rod you using here in Philippines ??
im a fan of your vids great job keep it up !

bhon manlunas says:

dude whee can i buy salty clam and that rod you using here in Philippines ??
im a fan of your vids great job keep it up !

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