Beach Fishing Tutorial – Surf Fishing the Easiest Way Tips and 101

Beach fishing is one of the most exciting ways to fish for saltwater fish- and especially when you have bloodworms and shrimp, you can catch nearly anything. In this vid, I do a very basic tutorial mainly for people looking to get into saltwater fishing from the beach where I break down step by step how to catch fish from the surf zone.

Here is the equipment used in the video

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Fishing and Filming Gear

Bait We Use

Fishing Reel We use

Fishing Rod We Use

Popping Cork We Use

Jigheads We Use

Fishing Spoon (Bait)


Camera We Film With

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Computer to Edit on

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If you want to catch bigger fish. Cut up a fish that is within regulations and legal to use for bait such as a mullet and put it on a larger hook (size 3) and see what you catch

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Teh SituAsian says:

That’s a pretty short rod for beach fishing. Luckily it was pretty flat out.

Van Deman Ferrets Tasmania. Nikkie says:

Stingray is not trash fish, beautiful eating, just fillet the wings and season

outdoordoc1971 says:

Hey man so do you ever dig up and use “sand crabs’ or “sand flee’s” as bait while surf fishing?

Mike Henderson says:

When surf fishing do you ever use sand fleas right from the beach? Great bait from Ga to Fl.

Ollie Painter says:

Can you do a vid on cheap surf fishing combos? Im thinking about starting beach fishing…wondering if cheap combos are any good.

SchusterFishing says:

I was there last week, got my first red drum. Love it out there

1Fish2Fish says:

Hey everyone! Just wanted to specify that this ‘Tutorial Vid’ is intended to show that surf fishing can be accomplished with essentially any rod and reel as my setup is actually for inshore saltwater fishing- but this vid is intended to show that surf fishing is super fun whether it’s your first time fishing or you have been doing it your whole life!

TheGreat Swagsby says:

Lmao I thought surf fishing was actually surfing on a board while fishing. I had to look it up

Will Riley says:

Hey man if you ever find your way in the Wrightsville beach area hit me up. I am an Orvis endorsed fly fishing guide. I have a 98 Hewes lappy with a 115 Yamaha 4 stroke. I can put u on the trout and flounder on the fly this time of year no problem. Electric Chicken clouser minnows is the best the Tutti Frutti clouser works great and is at most fly shops, no need for procure.

The Autistic Angler says:

high low BOOM rig

Fyrst Waffen says:

Great video for beginners…Hope to see you there in three weeks


Nice instructional vid! Personally, for small fish I use only gold hooks. And, we call them whiting or sea mullet….not to be confused with the land mullet that is often spotted driving a camaro/trans am…….

Copperhead Sutton says:

Been watching your videos recently as I have started fishing again after a long hiatus. I grew up in the mountains of Virginia so I know my way around a trout stream, but I now live in the Hampton Roads area so I’m trying my hand at salt water. Caught my first rod and reel saltwater fish at Buckroe pier a couple weeks ago with the help of your videos and a knowledgeable friend!

This video is helpful as I’m going to be in Myrtle Beach in December and I’m thinking of trying out surf fishing. Any tips or specific things I need to know for that area and time frame?

Thanks for your quality content!

Basic_Fishing says:

fishing off the beach is really fun haha. although it can be tough on some days lol what i do with extremely softbaits such as clams is i usually tie them with bait cotton so that they don’t fly off wen i cast and i usually cast my bait hard and far lol. also helps to prevent getting stolen too easily by pickers too

Wildlife Angler says:

You should try to use chicken breast

Simon Kolarik says:

Honestly, I only catch friken catfish when I do this with shrimp!?

kev docks says:

Here in Florida it’s called a whiting

David Fahy says:

Good stuff. It’s a shame I never saw your guy’s channel when I was still living in VB. Keep making these great videos!

Edward Tekaucic says:

What is your preferred rod and reel combo for ocean fishing and what pound test do you use

tracy bradshaw says:

Great tutorial

Steve Dimarco says:

Too funny on the name on sea mullet most of my life I called them Virginia mullet or Whiting until I try to certified what I thought was a 3 lb for a state record and found out it is a southern kingfish or soethern kingcroaker

Chris Howard says:

Only thing I’ve ever caught on these rigs are rays, croakers, and snapper. Doubled up many many times. Basic rig that’ll catch fish all day long

nicholas decrisp says:

That is a regular clinch knot. Improved has one extra step

Gucci Dan says:

I fish 2 fish red fish blue fish

OBX Koastie says:

Jeff Excellent beginner’s tutorial. One edit I would make is the part where you tie the knot. I was always told when I was about ten (now 70+) and everyone I know agrees that you never pull that knot tight without lubricating it. Saliva, water, anything that will cut down the tremendous amount of heat generated when mono slides over mono (same applies to braid) getting increasingly tight and does not permit the knot to fully seat. Failure to follow this simple rule will reduce your knot strength by up to an additional 80% and many knots reduce the line strength just by their nature. (Yes I saw on Google that a Dupont engineer debunks this but that is refuted by numerous guides and others that get paid for putting fish in the boat!)

I was really nervous when Kristi took her swim. No rod and reel is worth going fully clothed in cold water. Glad it turned out well and everyone had a laugh. (You saw how concerned the marine police were. They deal with the bad things that happen under similar circumstances.)

Wish I had been around for your “tournament.”

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