Beach Fishing Tips

Beach fishing is a great way to spend a few hours, especially on a nice day, Bretto explains a few basic tips to help you get the most from your time beach fishing.


Luke Tindall says:

you suck you have no idea

Smotdi Smotri says:

Hi friend!
What kind of fish on 6.02.?.

Geoff Longford says:

Onya Bretto.

hakan mavruk says:

man nice tips but i wanna go beach fishing but acually target big fish

asteroidersfunk says:

u shld b arrested


Crack up shows how easy it is to make a vid aye catch some fish then do your intro name the fish as if they are what u are targeting then post funny vid

Fred Nurk says:

Agree with most of it Mate — different terminology where I’m from though. The gutters we refer to run parallel to the beach and the channels are the vertical run-outs. My mod doesn’t fish in channels or deep water, only where the surf breaks on a bank and stirs up the food chain.

VectroxFuZioN says:

Good video but i the rod is to way to big, you dont need 10kg rod to catch a fish that barely was a kg, 1-3 ,4-6 is the way to go

Jacob Barton says:

Thanks for the video, Tackle World. And what a gun of a presenter you’ve got there; would love to have a fish with that bloke.

stunt chicken says:

what’s a gutter, what does it look like???????

Alan Berry says:

what is the rod and reel combo your using there? it looks really nice


Needs a haircut

FiZzYtIzZy says:

What fishing rod are you using and what do you recommend

Adam Rassene says:

Hey thanks for the tips awesome place your great

Hijikata gintoki says:

It was a great tips but I want to ask u about the sizes of thread and the hook if don’t mind ?

Leonardo Somoza says:

thx for the tips

kayakeros says:

We just subbed to this channel and love it! Hope you can check ours to see what u think. Cheers

Donald Shade says:

Well done fishing video….nice. Will help with my California Coastal fishing endeavors.
Thanks for posting it.

can't touch me says:

If I was in ur place the sacond fish I would used it as a live bait and put the hook in the back of that fish for bigger fish damit

Raees Omar says:

Where’s this place

Minh Nguyen says:

whenever you are turn old no more diving, 2oz pyramid sinker with eagle claw was the best game in water

אמיר שני says:


Saltfisher 14 says:

I am a old school style fisherman. I prefer to stay with spin cast style reels. I am always brand new to surf fishing and I was wondering if the brand new zebco 808 saltfisher would be good for me. Any tips?

Palm Beach Designs says:

This is total crap

Eli King says:

Or you could use a cast net lol

mudbutton2 says:

Good tip about the running sinker. I’ve been a paternoster fan, but will try the running sinker next time.

fishpwner1 says:

good video basic surf fishing tactics thanks

John Burgess says:

Shoot man! Either get a translator to talk for you or use subtitles! Unwatchable because of your bible babble.

Siberius Wolf says:

Pretty grusome for the worms lol.

hakan mavruk says:

what does he mean by the running sinker thats why i dont get bites i do the same setup and arnt all the sinkers the same anyway

Rickalls Outdoors says:

thanks mate. nice one

Fisher man love fishing must fish fishyfiishy says:


des goulding says:

Thanks for sharing mate very good video

Bernie Clark says:

Good vid well done.

A R A Fishin says:

Should of used a bigger hook

Lost My Halo says:

Can’t wait to test the new rod .. getting super excited about fishing now!! 🙂

FullyCrafted says:

Great video

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