Beach Fishing Tips – Rigs, Tips and Tactics for Plaice Fishing (Flatfish)

Graeme heads to the coast for some Beach Fishing. He joins Tony Kirrage who gives you some tips on rigs and tactics for plaice fishing (flatfish) in spring. Now is a great time to catch plaice from the shore. Generally they like flashy rigs with bright beads and spoons. They are voracious feeders and very good fish to catch and cook. Be sure to check size limit regulations before keeping your catch! With a tough winter, the Beach Fishing in the UK should hopefully pick up now.

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All music by – Simon Alexander


Fishing North Wales says:

Im curantly fishing for place right now

milanche UK says:

Totally Awesome!

David Harvey says:

Thanks Graeme, sea fishing videos always interest me. Nice to see Tony down there. Cheers guys.

mike oxmall says:

I really want a competition between Graeme and another youtuber, maybe multiple and turn into a series

John Borland says:

Graeme, please excuse my ignorance, but why is your stand so far from the water? I guessing that it is due to the tide going out ?

Séan T22 says:

Beach fishing is the best

Saeed al rumaithi says:


Shane Wickham says:

Are you with me? great to see Tony Kirrage back on TAFishing.

IrishFolkSongsand60's Music says:

If you fishing off a boat over a wreck what size lead would you use with a French boom and a lure ?

Ian Donkin says:

Yes beach fishing at last . Graham head on down to the blocks in southsea fishing very well . the fish are heading back at long last

Simon Hopkins says:

great to see you on the beach again.
I hope you told Tony off for moaning about the colour of the sea that he lives so close to 😉

Cool Boy says:


Hawkeye says:

Cool video I might try beach casting soon! Thing is can I actually feel the little fish as your catching them ?

Mr Apocalyptic says:


a byrne says:

How ye lads anto from Ireland do u boys not do the online magazine anymore where can I get a hold of ur tafishing stickers need to pimp up me box

Eddy Lonergan says:

Great clip one suggestion. could you warn me when Tony comes on. He’s wearing a certain T shirt of a certain football club. I had to wash my eyes out with fairy liquid. tippy toppy clip

Grogas Gaming/vlogs says:

That looks like fun


Variety is the spice of life, and beach fishing is that variety!

Oh, are there any TA videos on tips for catching trout in hot weather? Here in Texas, the TXPWD stocks loads of rainbows into lakes and ponds all over the state, but because it’s Texas, it’s ALWAYS hot. Any advice is appreciated!

Great video, as always! Cheers!

The Wild Life says:

Nice plaice Graeme! I could do with a few big plaice….. I’m out roach fishing tomorrow, hopefully get a few, if I don’t at least I’d have a nice tan, it’s supposed to get up to 23 degrees! Great video again!

Jacob Robinson says:


a byrne says:

This the best show on YouTube very detailed and TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

Gill Bradford says:

another good vid t/a good to see tony looking better than last year

guitfiddlerjgb says:

That’s the secret for a slow day. One, or twenty, last casts. At least that seems to work for me lol. Cheers!

Simon Smith says:

Ha! Tony’s more salt than pepper these days!

Charlie Monga22 says:

A lesson on how to unhook deep hooked fish would be good .Im always having trouble.

One Man Rifle Maker says:

Shame Tony has to keep referring to match anglers as the best.
He really needs to keep pushing the whole elite sales model.
Shame because aside from that I found him to be a top bloke.

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