Beach fishing tips for beginners (Part 1) -The Totally Awesome Fishing Show

This time the Totally Awesome Fishing Show hits the South Coast beach of Hayling Island, UK, and show that they can catch all manner of fish. It’s an ideal guide for beginners to start fishing from the shore, with Graeme Pullen passing on some of the basic tips to success. No need for distance casting, using basic fixed spool reels and the simplest of terminal rigs they not only show you how to setup, but they stay on a few hours and get among the fish! The fastest growing fishing YouTube channel, the Totally Awesome Fishing Show stands head and shoulders above the rest for high quality fishing films. Why not send a link to your fishing buddies to let them know the show is now covering beach/shore fishing!
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Totally Awesome Fishing is a weekly free-to-watch fishing show brought to you by father and son Graeme & Mike Pullen. Our videos feature lake fishing, river fishing, beach fishing, boat fishing, fly fishing and big game fishing. As well as How-To videos. Our aim is to help the average angler CATCH FISH!

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Stephan Randall


WRY Outdoor Media says:

My favorite part of this video was :33 seconds. Dropped a sub-sub back please!

Fishing In The UK says:

congrats on 1 million views

LeeboProductions says:

Interesting to note that it’s now illegal to use fresh or live slipper limpets as bait. Stupid law if you ask me.

Barry Roberts says:

Thanks so much for the Totally Awesome tips Graeme, much appreciated. My pal & I are off to Cornwall in early March & while we know about river & lake fishing, or should I say, we like to think we know, beach fishing is out of our comfort zone.We’ll follow your tips & let you know how we get on. Will 15ib main line & a 40lb leader do the job fishing from Loe Bar, which is mostly sand ?
Thanks again & please keep up the good work.

M Naveh says:

love the intro

beck says:

What kind knot for tiding 2 lines You have showen in beggining? Double Uni?

UncleGrunt says:

I blank at Hayling loads….

help me get to 10k subs without a video #Harambe says:

someone should really sponsor him !!!

Umair Khattak says:

awesome guy hahahah

silver fox83 says:

graeme that rod that Mike got for you at the start of the video the mitchell one is my new 16ft rod I bought a week ago it’s my first 16ft rod iv ever owned but they have changed the colour now to blue and black lol

J73 G says:

Every time I watch your episodes ,I wish I was able to run my own tackle shop


how long you waiting for the fist catch the bait ?
the fastest and the longest

TheFreshprinceofcali says:

using plastics

Ники Валериев says:

I have the same rod but it is a 5m pole

Captain MacTavish says:

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……… 😀

freddie arbuckle says:


thegashman1 says:

Thanks really enjoyed that.

MERCS 4 HIRE says:

where do you get the worms from?

beck says:

Really useful tips for begginer. Thank You, man

Just Me, I Am Me says:

OK advice am a coarse fisherman thinking of doing so beach fishing on north west coast of England Maryport. what sort of rod would I need I have tip rods for feeder ect or would you use a 13ft float rod am unsure if you would see bites on float rod any advice pleace

Willie Runte says:

Such a great guy, thanks for the tips!

Nedim Music says:

great video 🙂

Desmond Winstanley says:

Old school the way my father taught me many years ago

Mujahid Jafri says:


Zosaries says:

Reminds me of my great grandfather, this guy’s awesome

whiteflash says:

used to fish off south shields pier as a kid … gonna get a another set up off santa and get back into it , cant wait now !!!

S Dunning says:

I just came back from my uncles house where we went sea fishing he keep saying we would catch we didnt after 2 days so I went to the fish mongers and brought a small shark (Dog fish I think it was but was a really big one)and told him i caught it haha since then he has gone fishing every night and my arnty is going to tell him today it was a joke haha hope he takes it well.

M0nt Python says:

Absolutely inspired to surf fish because of of you. Question: do you use bobbers with a drop shot while fishing on the beach?


Cocktail bait limpet and worm like power bait and maggot for trout

Desmond Fik says:

Great vid. Love the diy rod rest 🙂

Super Grover says:

I’ve just purchased a very basic set up to try sea fishing for the first time in my life ! (well any fishing really, I’ve never cast a rod in my life!) , i’ve found these videos to be superb, informative and laid back. I can’t wait to start !

Gina Entwistle says:

You’re amazing!
I’ve learnt so much, thank you!!

Lee Webb says:

Hi, We recently started fishing at Dungeness, Kent, with minimal experience. So far only catching 2 small bass out of 5 visits. Fairly often it is rough down there and are line just drifts off and come to shore to soon, we were using a 6oz breaker. Our rods to go up to a 8oz casting weight, so what would you recommend for a rig and lead setup?. Any Help would be great. Thanks

cobberwebb says:

Great video and decided to go out limpet collecting on Weymouth beach earlier. However, I’ve just read an official notice stating the use of live or fresh slipper limpet for bait is now illegal. I’m salt curing them and hopefully they will do the job.
“The slipper limpet is a marine mollusc and is a non-native species in the UK. They can starve and smother native shellfish and compete for food and space with oysters. Damage to shellfish by slipper limpets can affect the ability of fishermen to sell their catch, particularly oysters mussels and scallops. The release of slipper limpets to the sea is an offence and must be avoided in order to protect shellfish beds that are currently free of this species. This includes the use of live or fresh slipper limpets as an angling bait, or disposal at sea, which may allow the escape of eggs and larvae into the marine environment.”

vasyasol says:

where do you get worms like that ? i went sea fishing first time and bough 10 of this frozen for £4….total rip off


nice vid guys, I really like them.
can I ask you something?
Is is legal to fish from any beach within UK? lets say I go to south-end-on-sea and pull out my tackle and start fishing!
is it ok? do I need any license? any fish can be taken home?
thanks a lot, and keep up the good work.

Bruno James Lucarelli says:

Thanks for the great video. 🙂 Cheers from New Jersey in the US!

calum aitchison says:

I’ll be taking some tips from this series now i have a beach rod. Whats the tune at the end please?

tonyb24242424 says:

when the line breaks, the lead goes much further

Bishbashboshboshbosh says:

Over a million views?!!!!!!!!!!!!

VulfII says:

Watched the hole shooting match, I know here we’re looking at makerel on a float off the rocks but i’m dubious about using good kit beach casting. It’s a given a 300 yard cast is a good cast. the one you want. Of the kelp/seaweed and onto the shelf you want. I kno diferent types of dogfish will come in at low ebb like spurdogs, flatfish are always there etc, but do you recon a regular UK cast will get much else at a beginning cast? Trying to get back into it.

jhon doe says:

i cast with 7M rod to really ge out to the sandbar trougha . i usually use 7 oz waight to catch sharks. it came from guy named colman

Gamer Tag says:


Christopher Lilley says:

Your videos have been a great help to me. I’m new at this, so new infact, I haven’t even gone fishing yet. As I will be on my own I have no one to ask your videos are just like having a mate who can help you when you need it.

J73 G says:

Any jobs going at ta office ?

tyh lame says:

How do i prevent my line or hook to get stuck in rocks or hook up seaweed?

HB Fishing&football says:

Would squid also be a good bait

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