Bass Fishing Tips for Bank Anglers!

Bass Fishing Tips for Bank Anglers!
Part 2


John Vanderbur says:

Golf courses will let you fish their ponds?

Robert Neese says:

good video

Marcus McQ says:

hello I’m not sure if you still read these but thank you I caught my first largemouth bass today off the bank off the First cast right before I walked up half pound thank you

dnullify100 says:

Is that the sail club in stockton?

Austin Stringham says:

wow, im so stupid. How did i not realize not to walk directly up the bank. Makes total sense why I cant catch the big ones I see. lesson learned.

rednecklowlife says:

The middle of winter!!! The middle of winter here you would need a ice auger !!! And no flip flops!

Angelina Schwark says:

love your videos you are a awesome. my nephew told me to watch your videos because you show so much good information. thanks again.

Coleson Wilson says:

How do I get better pinpoint Ackracy?

Victor Ojeda says:

I’m a student and don’t have a whole lot of money to buy multiple rods. I typically fish for panfish so I have smaller rods, I am in the market for a a good bass rod bait caster preferable. Does anybody know what would be a good overall rod for multiple techniques (worms, jerks, cranks, etc….)?

Terry Miller says:

125 people are still spooking shallow bass.

Саня Клязьма says:

Вот это ротан

J.L Hoffy says:

Funny I took my 4 year old daughter fishing. She was throwing rocks in the water being loud. Back to back casts with a rapala skitter pop pulled 2 bass in ten-fifteen out. They might not spook that easy.

delirious dugtrio says:

he talks so much about fishing mistakes but letting the fish hit the grass on the bank is a mistakes it takes the outer layer of slime off the fish leaving it susceptible to infection

JB Reels says:


Dave Sepik says:

dude, I enjoy your videos, but to be honest, its uncool to drag your fish up onto the bank if you are throwing it back. You are damaging the fish

Combat Bananas says:

Holy shit man more commercials than TV.

CelestialHand says:

Thanks for tha tips, man. Very informative. Gonna use em ta catch me a ton of fish!!

dalton moore says:

caught a new personal best today probably only weighed about 5 pounds but broke my crappie pole in half though.. kinda a bummer but got me a new pr bass so cant complain.

Omar Guevara says:

Nice,very good and logically detailed tips.

Chris R says:

Your an idiot

funny horse says:

we’re do you fish cause the boat area looks familiar

Anthony Samuel says:

What golf course?

Charsept says:

I know it’s bad practice but I use snap swivels all the time

Rebel1280 says:

I feel like im the only guy who fishes with rods that you can take apart. I just find it easier for transporting around the banks with trees and such. Also, akrasy, it had to be said lol

Brian Moore says:

it’s all about that accracy

Frank Smith says:

I am a new fisherman. Being disabled my brother does most of the carrying; however, I have learned so much from the InformativeFisherman videos. I had so many opportunities for learning to fish from a pro who was my boss, but I wasn’t into fishing then. Thanks for the knowledge.

Diego Aguirre says:

Bank fishing doesn’t necessarily mean fishing in stupid nasty ponds, we go to rivers and below the dams and spillways

Radek Zajkowski says:

Thanks for posting this, I’ve followed your advice and landed a nice size bass on a first try (I’m a newbie), I like the thinking in layers of fish and strategizing your approach from the shore.

iRon Lion says:


isaac sutton says:

Accurcy lol

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