BANK FISHING Trick to finding fish!!! Catch more fish from shore: catfish, bass, carp

These fishing tips will change how you catch fish from the bank. These hacks will help you locate and find fish whether they are bass, catfish or carp or any fish. Fishing from the shore can be awesome, if you know where to cast. If you want to learn how to catch bass, how to catch catfish, how to catch carp or how to catch fish from the bank this will help you catch more fish. These are great tips and tricks.

Here is my video on how to locate more catfish.

Here are my 6 favorite bank fishing hacks.

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Bank fishing for catfish – how to catch catfish from the bank

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Man I wanna go fishing do bad. Went only once this year. Didnt catch shit.

SmoothRide says:

I always get a big hardly laugh at those guys who spend a couple thousand $$ for fishing gear, fish finders, and a boat. And it never fails, they seldom end up catching more that $20 worth of fish. And a lot of fishermen even throw those back in the water.

Southern Catfish says:

What about get a GoPro put it on the line push record and then cast it?

Jacob Johnson says:

I love you videos they are so helpful

William Confer says:

You do a great job on your videos …Thankyou Bill

Thomas V says:

I’ve been fishing for 40 years I have always been pretty successful and I have never needed a fishing finder or any gadgets to help me I use common sense. if I ain’t getting any bites than I keep moving around until I find the fish. it’s a free method doesn’t cost a dime

coast2coast00 says:

I think I found your problem, the kid was set to metric.

Corey Stricker says:

Tommy what’s the water temp? 5! Lmao

David's Fishing says:

What if i dont have and sliders?

Jackass Scharfenberg says:

Who won that catfish Fishing pole

Yazzyk says:

Hey guys i need a tripod fast i dont have much money so can somebody find me a tripod thats under 50 dollars? Plz!!!

stephen john gray says:

tell us something we dont know .hahahaa

Jwk Johnston says:

Great info, thank

Terry Green says:

if you want longer casts with a bober use a wood one

StraightMalicious says:

The line clip thing is a great idea but, wouldn’t it maybe throw your bait when it snatches back?

Travis A says:

Headphones = dead

Bob Mahoney says:

On your deeper app, turn off the shallow water alarm. that’s why it’s constantly beeping. It was driving me nuts on mine.

Salbando THEONE says:

just wondering cant you put your cell phone i the rod after you cast the fish finder just saying

Sarah High says:

I can only fish in creek and a river with pike,walleye.smallmouth bass,and sucker

James says:

Great video

Dale Jarman says:

Really enjoy your videos funny and very informative, you have taught an old dog some new tricks.

Adam Skead says:

This guys voice reminds me of retarded Brian when he was cloned

Dr Why says:

lolol !!
Your kid segment was so funny my friend .
Great show !

matthew dyess says:

$800 cellphone……nice

Seymour Lebowitz says:

Excellent video…..

Diane Klorres says:

I am 68 years old and you taught me more about fishing than I have learned in a lifetime! Awesome video – keep ’em coming! And, your little son is awesome – tell him he did GREAT on your video!

Corey Stricker says:

Love your videos man, do you ever fish with your subscribers?

Mr Locorio says:

This guy answered a lifetime of “what the actual f***ing f**k does it look like under the water” questions in about a minute. BANG! I know watercraft, Keanu style.
Love this guy.

Rusty Paris says:

Great tutorial sir…poor thanks

barefootgarden says:

Just use a plastic bottle. No need to waste 20 bucks 🙂

MegaZmo says:

This is rediculous

tina jones says:

Could that snap your line if ye put it on your clip if ye cast hard

Joseph Goffney says:

Too much talking

Dennis Martin says:

Great info! Thanks!

James Anderson says:

LMAO @ using your kid as a fish finder!!!

Willie Felton says:

Great tips homie thanks

James King says:

What a neat castable fish finder.

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