Bank Fishing Tips with Jon B!

Bank fishing is one of the most pure forms of fishing and it is how almost everyone started out as an angler. There are lots of quality bank fishing opportunities in almost every part of the country. Places like subdivision ponds, quarries, marinas, and small rivers have the potential for great bank fishing when you aren’t able to get out on a boat. Just as in other types of fishing, catching more fish from the bank requires commitment, practice, and attention to detail. Here are some tips from the one and only Jon B that will help you catch more fish from the bank!

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Stickies Spinnerbait Trailer Hook:

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NC outdoors says:

I don’t have a boat so I bank fish a lot so good vid

MotoStache says:

6:00 when your so used to being in a boat you automatically say “GET IN THE BOAT!!!” Lol wish I was used to saying that as I don’t even have a boat nor fished out of one

Johnathon McCarn says:

I see you Jon B. Thanks for the tips. I needed it too. I don’t have a boat, sooo yep. See you back on your channel.

Alo Jose says:

B roll king !!!

Justin Paiz says:

Awesome tips for us guys without a boat, but did anyone else see that Jon B. has a tattoo??

J Dos says:

U suck Jon b!

SouthBay Bass says:

Spinner bait, nice work!

suspenceful fishing says:

Jon b should do fitness videos

BassGeek says:

Your not a man unless you can catch one with the sticker. AP caught’em on lettuce. hahahaha

ohio bass fishing says: watch this vid and subscribe to it too

Zach Stacy says:

wanna see his tat

Grant Johnson says:

Ight so does mtb make boxes for you based on what area you live in cuz the only bait I got is the spinner bait and even then it’s a different color.

Irishsouth says:


Sports Central says:
If you liked this video, you might also like this video!

Cody Taylor says:

How do you make a video on one fish

Luis -N- Ceci says:

Was that the new curado dc?

Zach Stacy says:

wanna see his tat

Ajdizzle4rizzle says:

Job b, the king of cringe. I learned this trick as a young man… Putting a swimbait on a spinnerbait. REVOLUTIONARY

Darryl Jackson says:

Meh… not a fan of JB.

Weston Case says:

I put my last whopperplopper up a big ass bush yesterday. Really pissed me off

JTgBassing V says:


Jacob Guinta says:

Jon bbbbbbbbbbbbrolllllll

Boomy Nation says:

Taking all the notes. Great tips.

Coin hunter says:

Got to love Jon b

Fishing Everything says:

Dope b roll

MotoStache says:

Just got my box this morning time to get the whopper plopper out!!

Donald Touma says:

Stick’n face!!!!

Kevin Gomez says:

Can I get a box like that I can order one because am a kid please

Ryan Nace says:

Wow. This is completely different than what came in my Pro box this month. Kinda sucks because the thing I like best about MTB is that I can watch these videos and learn some tips on how to use the lures that come in my box each month. Especially the lures I don’t use much or wouldn’t likely buy myself.

Ty Bauer says:

I watched about an eight pounder short strike my spinner bait with a trailer hook. Still use them. Broke off and chucked that spinnerbait though.

wallmunky503 says:

As a person who doesn’t have off-shore outfits readily available, it’s nice to see some love for us bank fishers. Nice tips.

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