Bank Fishing Ponds for Bass

Wired2Fish editor Walker Smith straps up his boots for a day of bank fishing with good buddy Trae Renfroe. Simplicity is key when on foot. Many times you’re bushwhacking to get to a good place to cast or while going from spot to spot. That’s why it’s a good idea to travel with a few rigs that you can keep in your back pocket. Walker has three go-to plastics he carries that allow him to fish at all levels of the water column but the most crucial is a good old Texas rigged worm. Any bait you can fish while feeling along on the bottom will give you a good idea of what the depth and bottom content are like without the use of electronics. Paying attention to details on shore can also lend a hand in determining where a depth change is or where structure may be present underwater.

-Zoom U Tail:
-Zoom Trick Worm:
-Yamamoto Senko:
-Lazer Trokar EWG Hook 4/0:
-VMC Tungsten Worm Weights:
-Costa Del Mar Brine Sunglasses:

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myYOLOtek says:

Great video! Team YOLOtek loves bank fishing and have just created a new powered GoPro mount called POWERStation to help bank fisherman record their adventures. Like having your own cameraman! Keep these great videos coming!

Robust Unarmed says:

Where’s is that pond

Texas Bass Freak says:

Informative video!!! Thanks for posting!!!

WickedDealer says:

I caught one last summer that was pretty close in size to that last one on a Yum Ribbontail Grub, ironically I was Crappie fishing at the time when that huge Bass smoked it.

HosBoba says:

My style of fishing !! Great Vid

Wil Martin says:

Great video thank you for that. Love your channel thanks for sharing

Nick Cavazos says:

Man I wish that p.b. u caught would’ve been on film walker.

Jeremiah Giles says:

This is bass fishing at it’s finest. A Texas rigged ribbon tail worm is one of my all time favorites. It’s what I caught my first bass on a plastic lure with

Montell Williams says:

where are you ( fisherman ) at ?

LastCastBen says:

This video got me so pumped up to go fishing!! I just uploaded my first ice fishing video, I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and let me know what you think! Btw I subscribed and I’m hyped on your channel!

TeachMe2Fish says:

4:30… that’s what I’m talking about, my style – lol ! You need to work on that though, you didn’t have a massive backlash. I’ll help ya, during your cast, just as you get hung up in the branch, you need to follow through – release your thumb and watch the magic happen… adrenaline rush baby 😉 btw, great info for the bank angler… thanks !

Small Town Stories says:

Nice video im stuck on the ice for a while yet cant wait to get out and open water fish in some good warm weather!

Rucker Ferguson says:

Y’all need canoes to get to every inch of it. That’s what I do

Fred4 Outdoors says:

Yep! You don’t need fancy gear and a thousand lures to catch a few. I hate the way some places constantly sell the younger kids too many different kinds of lures and ultimately they get discouraged cuz their $25 jerkbait got hung up in a local pond.

BassGeek says:

Good ole Trig. More fish been caught on that than any 3 baits combined.

Bee Lives Matter 88 says:

Get “How to Build a Fish Pond” for your children. It’s available on Amazon

Mark Schwieterman says:

I am a poor man fisherman I never use a fish finder and if I do half the time it don’t work and I catch all kinds of fish

HookdRR says:

Thank you very much i have been trying to learn to bass fish of the bank an this helps a bunch. Great job

Common Grace Outdoors says:

Great video! I can’t wait for it to warm up again so I can do some more pond fishing for bass!

Sayian_Gamer 361 says:

Tray is my uncle

Sion Roberts says:

What about urban ponds where there isn’t any visible cover?

TX Fishing says:

Deeper pro plus

Jeremiah Giles says:

Only thing missing was top water. Buzzbaits and poppers KILL em on ponds

Dallas Stoltenberg says:

I found that the Texas rig used with some pearl white flukes works real good

Eyesofthasouth says:

Good clip! Another bait I tear’em up on in a farm pond is a spinnerbait. Ran right under the water you can see them reach up and grab it right before that big pull! Love it!

Nicholas Stoian says:

More videos like this

Daviddd says:

Cant wait to fish this summer!

Samsung/Android Is the best /Fortnite sucks says:

*Bubble Bass didn’t finish his order in Krusty Krabs*

Fishing And Hunting says:

love this bass fishing

Hunter Baker says:

What kind of soft Plastics do you use

Slabber Tooth says:

Awesome video man hope to get my channel to where yours is. Check us out man. Thanks!! Have a good one

Aaron Swarthout says:

Check out swarthout originally ping a t lures they have a website and they are on face book

dna DURAN says:

awesome. should this apply to a pond thats alot bigger than what your show on your video?

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