Bank Fishing – How to Fish Small Ponds in the Summer

Back to the basics of Bass Fishing. It’s time to hit the bank for some pond fishing. The fish may be little but they can teach you a lot and be a lot of fun to catch. Pick the right rods and reels and have at it.
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Zoom 5″ Lizard – Green Pumpkin
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bayou_raider22 says:

Question. What reel do you think would go best with a heavy action duckett

Matt Bronikowski says:

What kind of microphone do you use? Great video

Jaxon Nankivel says:

Flukemaster, I have lots of ponds in my area and I have no clue if there is bass in them. Do you have any idea of how to find out?

trojansimi says:

This guy has a great working relationship with the camera. Has fun with it. Great time and teaching technique. I’ll keep watching him even though i fish in Southern California and the bight is perhaps more difficult here

Brio Brio says:

I got some 5 inch lizzards melting in my pockets

Stuart Sams says:

Fluke sounds like a regular guy trying to share info about something he really loves to do.He shows good luck and bad, fails and success. Shares his own opinion and says I dont know why thats just me. Real life, just like yer Dad.

Brandon Francey says:

Great video with a ton of advice that actually works.
I learned to fish largies in the most pressured pond in all of toronto (where im from). Took me months to even begin to put a pattern together but with time i learned alot. It was a blessing in disguise i guess as now i can key in on newer water a bit quicker

Matthew Elmy says:

What reel is at the 8:21 mark?

Ben Braithwaite says:

Thank you so much for the great information. I love fishing and it is great to know there is a good family friendly YouTuber on YouTube.

Wrench says:

Posted on meh bday

Ethan B says:

“Dad gomet”

ACDCRD says:

Little pond? Huge pond

Raul Lobo says:


TheOneTheOnly W says:

great video man! new subscriber here

Alexis Armendariz says:

and they clean the pond

ChargeRhino says:

please take me fishing and let me learn firsthand lol!

JP says:

Dag, makes me think of Ryan’s bank fishing video.

Daniel Vanzant says:

Why no senkos? Lol

Victor Oddo says:

Love your channel man…. thanks for doing all of this

Geoffrey Rogers says:

Awesome video, looks similar to the pond I fish. Sneaking onto a pond will definitely get you shot especially in the South. I’m in Louisiana and it’s very rural and land owners are generally well armed. Keep up the awesome videos

falconwings says:

whats a blow hole?

Carl Gee Northwestern fishing. says:

Fantastic video and I really enjoyed this

Sam Baca says:

mighta spooked it. dag gammit

Jordan Carras says:

I like your videos so much more than those other kids, this is much more informative

kraabell says:

Great video! Thanks!

Tom Overbey says:

Do you do any flyfishing
would love to see some off that

Anthony Parra says:

Flukemaster, I wanted to let you know I appreciate the fishing knot tutorials. They helped me quite a bit my friend. Thank You!

savagebiker18 says:

You lost me when you didn’t have a beetle spin as your spinner and you didn’t even mention the Bill Lewis Rat L Trap

Alexis Armendariz says:

what my tio taught me is how you can know if something is in the water is the bubbles coming up

XxDarkOceanxX says:

good you asked frist unlike catch em all zac

VinceTheQuadRider says:

What exactly is a blow up?

wut dude says:

I’ve got a lot of stuff to do…. -catches fish-

Let’s go back to see if I can get another one

Jon Bollinger says:

What was the comment about the senko? He’s rigged with it but he don’t fish em? Seem some anglers put a lot of hate on the senko.. idk why.. it catches fish

Anestis Jordanoglou says:

52 just started fishing this year – with my kid – he’s in deep  – thanks for the tips

matthewl1187 says:

I love bank fishing the local ponds around here. I always go for structure in the water or an overhanging tree in the water. Dead trees, thick bulrushes just in the edge of the water, etc are great hotspots. I found a local lake not far from home about a month ago and decided to try it out. I located what appeared to be an old tree stump or possibly a pole from a pier. First cast on it and a 3 pounder lit up the wacky rig. I love the challenge of bass fishing.

MotoAtheist says:

Awesome that you mention the vibrations, cause some of the guys on Youtube actually believe the fish see them and that’s why they take off. LMFAO!! Yep…. One guy said “They shouldn’t see me, I’m still behind this bush”…. It’s pretty sad.

Richard Hill says:

Best bank fishing coaching I ever got!! Really appreciate it Gene! I enjoy all your videos too. Keep up the EXCELLENT work for us amateurs!

lukkyluciano says:

I’m old and never used a senko, sounds like I’m missing out if you listen to the kids

Ezekiel Zepeda says:

Are salmon eggs good to fish with in a small pond

bayou_raider22 says:

Lol every reel he had was a 13 fishing concept

Liam Douglas says:

thancyou fore leanig me fish

Aidan O'Rourke says:

“Got a five inch lizard in my pocket”

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