Bank fishing for catfish with worms. Catfishing tips: catfish bait, rigs and how to find catfish.

So I went bank fishing for catfish in Baltimore Harbor for the very first time. This was a brand new spot I have never fished before. It was brackish tidal water and I tore up the channel catfish with my son Nathan. Had a great time with the family and caught lots of fish. This video is full of bank fishing tips and catching techniques.
I talk about my catfishing rods and reels, my catfishing rigs, my catfish bait, and fish for catfish with worms and cut bait (cut up white perch.

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Jeff Jackson says:

Nice! I loved seeing the tall mast ship, mini pirate ship and the ultra mini pirate ship in back ground. Up on lake Erie they have the USS Niagara(in my profile picture), the mini pirate ship and the ultra mini pirate ship cruising the bay up also.

D&R Fishing says:

If it was me I would’ve probably caught 3 bluegill and a nasty cold lol

ET Rutledge says:

good job Nathen

Brian Dillon says:

Is your son autistic ahahahha

Carolina Gaming Syndicate says:

I’d love to go catting with you some on your boat where you from? While your in Baltimore look up onerodonereal hes from there.

Mangy White Bushman says:

Let me know next time you’re in Baltimore and I’ll show you some more peaceful fishing spots than the inner harbor.

All Black Everything says:

Cats and Carp has the best fans!
(( Thumbs up if you agree ))

Preston Curtis says:

Where you fishing at

Central Fishing says:

Youre making great videos. They make me happy when im not that amused about some youtube sh*t. Please never stop making videos. Youre a great youtuber

Owen Baldwin says:

What is the name of that net? Where can I get one?

StraightUpSavage 321 says:

0:54 watch tommy

Tim Weihmann says:

i really like your videos, it vvas nice to see that you take your family vvith you to the vvater. i love fishing too but here in germany theres too many lavvs on that. you have to pay a lot for fishing licences and papers.. but that doesnt stop me from doing vvat i love: catch some fish 😀 i also like your homemade bells, they look pretty strong and they are vvay better than the stuff you can buy in tackle shops.
anyvvay nice video, avvesome channel!

gordygroover says:

Baltimore harbor? Obviously it isn’t salt water like I thought. What river makes the harbor?

The Asian Fisher says:

Hay Luke I just sub to you today but I would of many years ago but today I
just made made my account for YouTube

Killuminati Gomez says:

What kinda rig setup do u recommend for a park lake/pond with crappie,bluegill, and occasional catfish?

MK4translation says:

Nathan is a strong boy. I like him 🙂

joseph mcguiness says:

Nathan is starting to look just like Tommy

Jaime Raya says:

What kind of rod is that

Joseph Currier says:

Hey Luke. I am from Rochester, NY and I often fish for catfish at night. Lately, I have been catching bowfin instead (which I am not unhappy about at all), but I would like to get at the cats. I use cut bait usually at this spot. Thanks!

charly skipper says:

men you are best person than me i’ll never let someone reel my catfish

Rick Vollmer says:

Wow , great catching .

co mo says:

Thanks for this video, I now have 2 collapsible telescoping fishing nets on the way here.

Fishing Nate says:

5:34 Pesky White Perch here in Kansas which are invasive here. Can’t fish these lakes with worms or they’ll strip every piece off. Sucks cause I like using worms cause they catch everything.

marceljax says:

Wondering why the cop from 1r1 hasn’t stopped by and told you, you cant fish there?

Where did you get that net from???

Bill Mitchell says:

Are those fish safe to eat from there?

Charging Active says:

How Do I Find Catfish In A Man Made Pond That Is Flat With Grasses All Along The Edges With Worms??

catfish huntin' says:

Do some noodling

Rodney Hendrix says:

Do dead bodies count as structure?

Squad4 Life says:

Love your vids

Adam Tate says:

what are u feed9n that boy he growin like a weed

Trisha Gerst says:

I colte my p.b. catfish.

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