Aquachiggers Magnet Fishing Top Tips

Check out this cool video collab put together by my friend over at “drasticg” YouTube channel. Here he collects his favorite top tips I have given for “Magnet Fishing”. Check it out and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. His channel is here and I hope you can take the time to pop over and give him a sub. He has great videos:


Randle Richardson says:

I made a slip loop to put on my wrist

wisconsin Greg says:

Good tips I haven’t lost my magnet yet but I’m sure it’s bound to happen sometime. Thanks for sharing!

True Helper says:

Awesome as always. Question though,,,,aren’t you ever concerned or worried that you might snag on an oil line or some type of supply line? Has that ever happened to ya my friend? If so what didja do?

Kevim C says:

fan collaborations videos are awesome; lots of creative videos; keep them coming

Joe Stocking says:

Good tips .Thank you

Mary Grace says:

I had never heard of magnet fishing until I ran across your channel,thanks for the informative video!

Bob Saget says:

Remember kids … hold your… uh wait… no watch your fingers! Top of my mind is the AC video showing thing being crushed. That said, love magnet fishing

Adrian Smith says:

Be safe on your travels. We’ll be here when you get back.

Della Elbell says:

Hahahahaha love the ending. Good luck with that!

Jeanette Swalberg says:

I took my 8 year old nephew out with me to try out my new magnet earlier this month. We didn’t find anything in the water, but managed to find some stuff along the shoreline. Good times.

J Three B Digg'n Canada says:

@ drasticg, great job on the video, it flows very nicely!

Gerhard Varn says:

You could also use an oil funnel instead of a bottle top, find the best taper that works for your magnet.

Finding America says:

Good video. Looking forward to the magnet safety video next. lol

J Three B Digg'n Canada says:

HA! had no idea you used K&J Magnets! Thats who I use! LOVE THEM!

Parker Johnson says:

Im frist

David Bostic says:

Carefull with those magnets chigg.

Chock station says:

Melhor canal de coisas encontradas na água ❤️❤️

Randle Richardson says:

Thanks Chigger GOD BLESS

drasticg says:

Thanks for showing the video I edited for you beau and love your channel, you inspired me to start magnet fishing

Randle Richardson says:

I’ve got to put a tip on mine

Karen Jessup says:

A how to, yay! Need to do a Montage of his vast collection rooms

Nancy Gant says:

This video was the first video I ever watched!! Been hooked ever since!!

Lesa Hanners says:

Nice video comp. Make hay while the sun shines Beau. We look forward to hearing about your travels soon. Be safe and take it from me, look out for guys hauling mattresses on pickup trucks. I survived seeing a box-spring turned into a sail yesterday. It was some pumpkins I can tell you. Smashing pumpkins that is.

Randle Richardson says:

I used the figure 8 knot they call it. You’ll have to look it up I can’t explain how to tie it.

Leann Kennedy says:

Your Brutish antics make me laugh and chuckle..sometimes I even giggle .

Drew says:

I thought you were going to unbraid the rope and then rebraided into itself creating a loop

Timothy Dockery says:

Chigg we miss ya

Maria Uschak says:

Great job, Drasticg. Thank you.

David S says:

So close to the 1,000,000 mark. Will magnet fishing clinch the spot?

adveNZures says:

I love magnet fishing! Awesome job and great video! Happy Hunting. ATB! Have you seen my last findings with magnet fishing, you can view the photos thru Facebook!

love the Book of Mormon says:

Do a live video of your day. I enjoy watching your videos.

Aquachigger says:

I am still travelling and will be for a while yet. No new videos from me for another month. Sorry ’bout that. But these collabs are pretty cool and unless you have watched all of my videos they should be a good show of other videos you may want to watch in full. I hope you enjoy!

2LateIWon/Organized Chaos says:

I feel like I’ve seen this before

B stan says:

i used a bottle top on mine on a small magnet and found it added bouyancy to the magnet so take that into consideration. have plenty of space around the magnet so that does not hole air and make it float

Randle Richardson says:

One way if your in current let line drift down stream loosely until it’s drifted below where you may be hung and give it a hard pull most time it will pull down stream and pull loose.

Lucinda Angoti says:

Love the end!

Stal says:

heyyyya !!!

johnrv501 says:

Good stuff bruh!!

Alishia Hardman says:

Cool video! Be safe! God bless!

brat wurst says:

I love magnet fishing, I use 4 unused cow magnets, soldered togerher, then a string taped with waterproof tape, I once found a Samsung tablet in a lake near my house, nice video, very helpful!! Thanks Chigg!!

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