8 Minecraft Fishing Tips You Need to Know

In this video I show off 8 Minecraft fishing tips you need to know, including a tutorial on how to build the best AFK fisher machine. These are helpful Minecraft tips that can help you in your survival world.

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Creepy TNT says:


Watch my channel if you want to make a Fidget Spinner in Minecraft

Steven Argetsinger says:

Rotten flesh is loot to trade villagers for emeralds.

Akter Nipa says:

Make a video of set block command pls I always mess up that

Edwin Lee says:

I’m so pissed I got minecraft long time ago and I got back into it but now I can only play demo please help

Braydenfree123 Playz says:

Also u can get leather!

Bloons Master says:

How can u walk away but still have the right mouse button held down?

Brittanie White says:

Yeah, somebody needs to do something about clown fish. Give it purpose.

Alex Ulric says:

Thank you so much! I tried other fishing farms but they are hard to handle and break easily, but this one doesn’t and is really easy to use.

Survival Gamer says:

Plz sub to me

urgle burgle says:

I have a question! I have two modded single player worlds I play on, one on 1.7.10 and one on 1.11.2. Is there a way to create a new save file or .minecraft folder, because currently if I want to switch from playing one world to the other, I have to go to my mods folder inside the .minecraft folder and remove those mods and replace them with the ones for the other world, which I then have to reconfigure and fix the key bindings and it’s just a huge nightmare. I saw s tutorial on how to make separate files, but that was on the old launcher, and I can’t figure out how to do it on the new one. I’m not sure the correct way to ask what i’m asking, but if you know how to help I’d really appreciate some help!

ThePixelGamer says:

I got frost walker II from fishing

RedTruffle says:


tizane macfarlane says:

Wtfs up with the red hair lol

Laur_ Wolf_XD says:

I knew everything. This is for noobs 😛

Shaun Strecker says:

My mincraft disappeared from my desktop can you help

Sokhun kh says:

You have a cute cat

Rebecca chapman says:

how to get a flat spot with out slime

XurX says:

Painters tape over scotch tape.

Nathan G. says:

I hate people who ask for likes

Like if you agree

superkid542 says:

Does it matter if you have glass over water? Will that still double the waiting time?

Emerald Player says:

poor cat. It looked like it wanted to run 🙁

Chu 神 says:

I don’t know how this works, I built this but my bob keeps coming back to me even if I aim it at the jukebox

Kurt Jacob Liongson says:

plz make a golem/gurdian series

Zildjan Dayao says:

thanks for the best tip of fishing OMG Chad =)

Griffin Studios says:


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