8 Fishing Life Hacks

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dans channel and life says:

In England we have poles and rods

Dirt Rider ¿¿ says:

In mother Russia the fish go humaning for you

tom sleasman says:

Funny thing is I was in a middle of a lake and dropped my glasses

NC Outdoors With Justin B. says:

I like them supras

LMAO says:

Put some corks in your hooks to dull them

darius si kendama says:


Gergo Károly Torok Laday says:


Michael Osuchowski says:

Turn on captions and go to 3:12

Xsharknz says:

Great video! I’m trying too understand what you are saying

JL Hub says:

Just go buy a bobber

Michael Osuchowski says:

4:03 9/11 reference

Kyrin_flips says:

fishing poles lol

Edi Verstiuc says:

Pls do more fishing hacks!

Brandon Tate says:


The Legend27 says:

Whenever you need corks go to Taras

Kirill Ghost says:

ну русский мужик тебя раскусили сдавайся ))

Andrey Pintea says:

Бугага америкосы))))

Max Spurck says:

Most of these aren’t even fishing life hacks

Syahrul Malik says:

kenapa ada. lambang pki di situ

Zz z says:

They should have attached a cork to the titanic.

Nathan Cairns says:

nathan cairns

Soviet Toaster says:

4:20 or you could carry them

Zora P Paige says:

good game and well player

steffan bailey says:

i love the last one, thank you

Jaer Gooden says:

Take too much

Ryan Isham says:

Please tell me no one actually uses a cork as a bobber. They cost like 2 bucks

maj poredos says:

you know that bobber costs like 1 dollar?

the Nike Boy 227 says:

Or ya could get A tackle box

Rizal Mbelinkk says:

Kenapa di jeda video ada gambar palu arit??

Paul Martin says:

You should leave fishing tricks to people who really fish tovarish…

do's brothers says:

go fishing

Net Jet says:


Hexagon says:

Do you have Parkinson?

Cienna Gibbs says:


Stravex Gamer says:


Xavier Cheryba says:

Should have put a cork and a string on the titanic

Jack Holmes says:

The only one I’d use is the hook safety pin one

Janik Noah Rangsrikhan says:

So satisfying 2:09 ooohhhh interesting

Alberto says:

Comunisti di merda w il duce

khairul hafiz says:

sooo boringg

panda boy14 says:

Dude leave it in the bag it came in my god fishin stuff ain’t junk best thing ever

VEOE9 says:

This makes me wonder how many pairs of sun glasses there are on the sea floor. xD

Dominick Esposito fishin says:

There are many ways to tie a hook

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