6 Helpful Fishing Tips!

WATCH IN HD! Helpful Fishing Tips.

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Wanting to make you fishing day go a little smoother? This video shows some of useful fishing tips that will improve your skills on the water.

Piscifun Line Spooler – http://amzn.to/2eGknku

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( Tips Shown )

1.Fishing Line Snips
2. Bass Fishing Marker
3. Fishing line spooler
4. Hand warmers
5. Sun Buff
6. Rapala Fishing Lip grips


Mallory Newberry says:

Great video! Very helpful

Andrew C says:


Kn1ght shadez says:

See I love wearing sunglasses but I wear actual glass and I can’t see shit without them should I try contacts just for fishing

BassGeek says:

Good tips love those line cutters I use’em all the time. I fish offshore a lot you should check out Opticast buoys they last forever.

Frank DiFilippo says:

Great vid keep up the great work

Piscifun says:

It is pretty sick helpful! Keep it up!

super diamond says:

how about instead of a line spooler you just put your reel on a rod run the line through the guides and do it that way?

Greg Hannigan says:

sorry about the misspelled words. in words that seemed out of place my talk-to-text sucks

vejas butkus says:

no tips just gadgest 🙁

Riley4140 Voltz says:

Hey guys, I just made a youtube channel! I go pond fishing A TON and in past 2 videos I caught some good LMB. Be my first couple subscribers!

Brion Hassler says:

link for the snips!??

Largemouth and Striper Fishing Jersey says:

i have one of those boomerang snippers they are amazing

Joey Ford says:

I got my baitcaster from that company

Luke Bedford says:

that line spooler is garbage. make sure line is coming off top of spool for baitcaster and off the bottom of spool for spinning. stick a pencil through it and stick in a box or a shoe and you won’t have line twist.

dakota jackson says:


Brian Moore says:

tip- if your hands get cold, wear gloves.

Mud puppy exposed can-am Name says:

You should have made costa glasses a tip I can see fish In the water with mine

Owen 101 says:


louie merianos says:

2:28 there called cutters

Bassin 24/7 says:

these were lame

LITVIDS Inc says:

Sup I have a shimano anateres a metanium a casitas and a daiwa zillion I’m 12 and it took me 3 years of saving

bassmastermurph says:

I love your vids

Greg Hannigan says:

also if you buy large spools of line Take It Out of the Box turn it sideways and set it back in the box. then run the line through your eyelets attached to your real and start reeling. the spray will stay in the Box and turn freely as you are reeling.

Jackson Steward says:

Nice video

mariodesmo says:

Where did you get that haircut?

Bass__Boyz45 says:

Your my inspiration keep making vids

Frank DiFilippo says:

And come to Chicago

Gamerfreak 7220 says:

you have a IG and thanks for all the tips bro

Dan Stephens says:

Boga grips are similar to the fish grips you showed. great for handling toothy fish. lot of surf guys use em for Blues, and Stripers, a bit more expensive but very handy nonetheless. 🙂

Marco Nachtegaal says:

i dont use lib clips on pike only me hands to hold him in the kieuwgreep

Holden mcleod says:

The marker one your can just get a fish finder

519 Fishing Films says:

sick vid keep up the great content

Jacob Parks says:

How many fish did you end up catching. Also what won the tournament

LITVIDS Inc says:

Sup I have a shimano anateres a metanium a casitas and a daiwa zillion I’m 12 and it took me 3 years of saving

Intrepid Fisherman says:

Great tips. I use the buff for sure. I hate the sticky feeling of sun screen.

Robert Brewer says:

Me too

Greg Hannigan says:

They also make a product spray called “Reel Magic” that helps eliminate line memory you spray it on your spool of line. it also reduces ice buildup on your line. Very useful for winter fishing. Also spray your eyelets to reduce ice buildup.

DLT Fishing says:

Sick !

RDM1978 says:

As far as hand warmers go buy yourself a ZIPPO hand warmer. Reusable cheap, keep your hand alot warmer lot longer. Up to ten hours. Great video. Ronnie. Texas

Benzene says:

What exact scale was that? I like the integrated grip a lot.

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