5 Tips on Worm Fishing that will catch you more and bigger bass

Here are 5 great tips on plastic worm fishing that will catch you more and bigger bass! The swivel technique will blow you away. These tips will make you a far more efficient bass fisherman and now you can get 9 out of 10 bass that bite the worm!


Chris Lee says:

All these brands of rods… and you choose FF? Why?

Tracy Cardwell says:

If you dont have a bottle of spike it or garlic pen in your boat or tackle box Your behind the curve. Son!!!!! Crawdaddy&bassfeast smellyjelly work well also.

Jerry G says:

I think your record shows you can catch fish as well as teach ! Going to try and color my braid black, much rather do that than add a leader.

Jay McCaughtry says:

Awesome video, Roland. Thanks for the great tips and tricks.
You really are a great teacher and that sense of humor always cracks me up!

I imagine there will always be people insisting that some of your tips are just promoting products you have a “deal” with, (as you mentioned in this video.) I believe you endorse those products because you use them and they work for you! I will check out products promoted by a great angler over those promoted by “some guy with a YouTube channel ” any day!

Fishing and Drifting says:

Mr. Roland how do you attach the swivel do you tie it to the line?

Lake Erie Bass Fishing says:

Hey Roland great video! When’s the next one ??

The Woodshop says:

Good lord I think you need a few more rods

Chad Harbott says:

Awesome video and videos. Please could you show the different types of Retrieves you use whilst using that setup?

pesca y mas says:


william ward says:

thank you for your service and for all the years out there fishing and trying to help us weekend fishing guys also meet you years ago and you were a nice to me and my friend even when you were fishing for a win

DarthRaider520 says:

My goodness look at how many rods this man has… life goals.

Clay Davis says:

It’s a swivel. Look at that. It’s a swivel

David Kile says:

Thank you! Keep the info coming!


Awesome video thanks

GoneFishin says:

25 MPH wind! Go Home! HAHAHAHHAA!!!! Now that’s funny!!

Hookset Hawk says:

So true Roland! If the wind is 25 mph, go home! LOL

michael shoffner says:

You are the best teacher and thanks for sharing all of your knowledge with us

Richard Spengler says:

Great tips sir! You are the master!

Chris Korzen says:

Hard to argue with a legend! God bless Roland, keep the information and videos coming!!!

Gino D says:

Great video as always Roland. Thank you very much for the useful tips! I’m chugging away for my new PB this year!

Rad Reeling Fishing says:

Thanks for serving our country. Excellent tips. Thanks for the reminder that the big fish are in heavy cover. I”ll have to try the swivel rig.

LousyPainter says:

Great info, as usual Roland. Thanks a bunch!

Joey Bradley says:

Very good info!

lamont lewis says:

Great tips Roland

Craig Dubois says:

Roland Martin is the king of worm fishing. Great tips. Can’t wait to get out there and throw some Texas rigs

Caleb Bergeron says:

Thanks for the video keep them coming! 😀

Nurmle says:

Hi Roland, I know you’ve been at it a long time. I remember when you were on tv when I was a kid and couldn’t believe you fished for living. I don’t think anyone could believe anyone could fish for a living but now theirs a lot of people doing it. My question is where can I find the old videos of you salt water fishing? I always watched to see what you were using and how you used different lures and baits. Good to see your doing better, Thanks and keep it up!

Johnny dogg says:

Roland is a true legend. Thanks for the many years of knowhow brother.

David Meadows says:

Nice tips Roland , do you like a straight shank hook are offset hook on your worms?

xxbel559xx says:

My favorite angler have learned a lot from your show and how to videos thx you

Mauricio Maisonnave says:

this is great Roland! Thank you for these great tips! Best wishes from your friend in Brazil!

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