5 Things I Never Buy For Fishing-Saltwater Tackle Tips For Beginners

If you are new to saltwater fishing here are some beginner tackle tips that will help you catch more fish and save more money. One of the most important things about fishing is presenting live bait and lures in natural ways.

Buying pre-made fishing tackle almost always cost more money than when you make your own. Those cabled leaders that are assembled with bright colored beads, crimps, swivels and snaps are loaded with way too many things that don’t look natural. Also, the snaps that are used for attaching the hooks to the leader are destined to fail if you hook into a really big fish. You will almost always be able to make a better leader with your own materials.

These fishing tips for beginners include:

1. Considering what type of bobber to use, weighted or not

2. Saving money through making your own leaders. Hooks, swivels, weights and heavy monofilament or fluorocarbon leader can be purchased separately and assembled for significant savings

3. Live bait is always better than the dead stuff, especially those dried out minnows and shrimp in the sporting goods departments

4. Hunt around a department store for better prices on needle nose pliers. You will almost always find a much better price on them in a different area than the sporting goods department

5. Snap swivels are not a good choice. If you need to attach a swivel to a lure use a snap ring

Did you see that too, I spelled swivel wrong, oops. Oh well, the video was uploaded and published when I noticed it.


Jesse Phillips says:

The Beads her for vibration on the line and so it don’t go down your swivel


Cool idea man..and i completely agree..all the way..

Florida Fishing Couple says:

Ha! We always say 90% of fishing gear displayed catches fisherman but not fish! Lots of cool looking stuff that actually has no value on the water at all. What you see us use in our channel is what actually works. I’m sure you are that way also. Thanks for an interesting vid! -D&E

Henry Builes says:

Love your videos JC, keep up the great work. Some day I would like to fish with you and hang, you seem like a very nice person. I’m a US citizen been living in Colombia for many years now and fish of the caribbean coast. We pretty much have similar species in common. Tight lines JC, un abrazo brother .

Silent says:

make a video what you should buy at walmart for saltwater and freshwater fishing plzz make a video

Leonard Martin says:

You catching fish doem there in the sewer???

Fishing with Jeff says:

Great advice, less and light is best. The more natural the presentation the more bites your gonna get.

Autoo Zero says:

That is exactly right. the only problem i have with the video is the glare coming off that stainless steel bowl under your hat. i know you where trying to smuggle it out of the store lol. no hate brother, love your videos. oh and the salted bait actual has little to no smell at all. but they don’t work very well. i had to try them when i first saw them in our store. but hey i take my extra bait home and salt them myself and freeze them and they last about 3 trips with no smell and they do work pretty good. just make sure you use salt that doesn’t have the iodine in it. Catch ya next time!!!

4 DA KIDZ Fishing says:

Great video

Jesse Phillips says:

I use the pre made ones for shark fishing

Supreme Fishing says:

Nice video man. I have a very similar list of things I would never buy. Those items are a waste of time and money. Especially hose prerigged leaders. Such a waste of money. Keep up the good work.

Jesse Phillips says:

Don’t buy the stanly pliers they rust realty fast

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