2 Days Fishing on the Beach – Rigs, Tips & Fish (Fishing in the Dark)

Join Graeme as he spends 2 days beach fishing. With plenty of fishing tips on rigs and bait, as well as some frustrating fishing losing big fish. Graeme is also joined by friends as they fish into the dark. Graeme then heads out alone to do some solo fishing from the beach in strong winds.

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terese starkey says:

Love the way Graeme recycles & clears up the beaches.

Stevie D says:

Hi Graeme,
That was some amount of work you put into making this one. It was indeed Totally Awesome!
Steve in Fife.

Octain Doctor says:

I’ve never heard so many ‘ F’ words in a sentence in my life. Lol.

Nikko Bee says:

Fossil at 13:30 is part of an Amonite

Stephen Phipps says:

Lilstock. I had the privilege to meet you down there a couple of years ago

David Hall says:

great video, conditions were against you, and still caught.

Matt Field says:

best thing about friday nights.

Ben Add says:

Video sponsored by audrys park

Connor Bell says:

Brilliant, favourite thing to watch after and before a days fishing.

grant1133 says:

It’s amazing the lengths and amount of money British shore fishermen go to and spend for almost nothing of any note. Fishing in England is abysmal.

The Rambling Bard says:

Time for a peaceful morning of pretending I’m Smith. Let’s go catch some fish, adventurers!

W Thornton says:

The fossils are Ammonites, a Jurassic cephalopod (mollusc). An extinct shellfish (similar to a modern day Nautilus).

gary lawlor says:

Hi bud, just a little tip about tidal direction. The tide usually makes a different wave action sound as it starts to flood on the tide. Noticed this year’s ago as a boy collecting bait in Dublin bay.

Gergana David says:

Your the best

War Magpie says:

14:35.never heard the lords prayer like that before

Neale Bradford says:

cracking vid again.

Dan Hallsworth says:

Graeme ‘Tight lines – nothing you could have done there on the beach- I was beeping alongside you !:)

Dundo says:

what type of light is that you are using when you catch the last 2 doggies the one you laid on the rock cheers

thejudge 1897 says:

Looks like pretty miserable fishing Graeme I must say. Fair play.

Yorkshrlad says:

Great entertainment Graeme. Bit spooky seeing Smith peeking out from behind the wardrobe door but at least we know who turned the blower on 🙂

jon cando says:

so many bleeps I thought my phone was ringing, the saying about eastly winds is true, I have been fishing for forty years and even though occasionally I have caught the odd fish the fishing has never been good at all in a eastly, correct me if I am wrong but the high barometer pressures seem to fish better with a sudden low putting them off, but a long period of low it will pick up a bit, well that’s been my experience., good vid as usual .

sneaky pete says:

I still seriously dont understand why you only have 184k subs. this is defo one of the better youtube channels. In fact, next year, I intend to go out fishing far more thanks to you Graeme especially since my father is just about to retire

icokokr says:

Great film again Graeme as always,but is it worth to fishing in such a frost and weather like that?Im in Ireland where is open season all year like in UK but it is no enjoyment to go fishing in this terible weather as is over here in winter time.I know lots of guys will say “You can enjoy fishing in any weather condition”, but really???I hate to be frozen it is not really enjoyment and pleasure.

Mart P says:

59:12 Gimme a Break… SNAP! Graeme you’re a trooper mate.

Optic Axis says:

The same happens to me when I fish that first mark Graeme. I’ve almost given up on it because I almost lose a lead a cast and sometimes the entire rig and leader, even when using a rotten bottom. There has been a lot of Thornbacks, Conger and Smoothound coming out from further left of there over the Summer and Autumn months but it’s even more snaggy and I’d guess the ones who do well with the fish must surely lose as many leads as I do.

Gatsby says:

Hi Graeme, just started your book ‘Big Game Fishing’ really enjoyed your story about catching and landing that Bull shark of 455lbs on board ‘Ace’ with Ritchie and Jim, I like your style of writing and have ordered three more of your books. You really have got ‘Raptor oil’ running through your veins!
Thanks for the hours and hours of work you put into these films, it makes Friday evening special.

minecrack says:

great vid m8 more beach and boat fishing pal

GR1878 says:

Your second fossil was an ammonite Graeme, not as convinces by the first, looks more like the way the boulders broken. You’re unlikely to find too many terrestrial fossils like leaves in that area. Great video!

Miguel Fatman says:

The tide was coming in like a steam train, am sure I could hear its horn when you lost that first fish

John Feltrup says:

Thank you Graeme.
I always learn something as well as get entertained.

Roger Geary says:

Graeme – have you got a link to Craigs videos on baiting squid that he talked about. Thanks.


Thanks for my Friday fishing fix. Weather looked absolutely crap. The ones you don’t get in always feel bigger. Great vid.

Easy Fishing says:

Hi Graeme well done for toughing it out in pretty grotty conditions. As we are similar age I know how hard it is. Bit of a kennel on that beach but better than blanking, it’s a shame you lost that bigger fish in the day but we have all done that. Regards Bill

A_ Panda says:

How much u earn per week from youtube for being silly to people?

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