2 Cold Water Tactics You NEED To Try — Bass Fishing

Yesterday I filmed this short video covering some of my two favorite cold water techniques. The purpose of this is video is to show you some overlooked styles of fishing that can lead to success when the cold conditions role in. If you are reading this then you’re one of the first to know that this Thursday (10/12/15) I will be posting the 1v1 Jon B. vs. 1rod1reel challenge. That video is going to be on point so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled!

If you have any winter fishing tactics questions or concerns drop me a line or shoot m an email at fishingthemidwest@gmail.com

Song: Dead — Artist: munno

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Equipment used:

Underspin Setup:
Lure: Fishhead Spin 1/8oz
Lure: Gambler Shakey Shad
Color: Green Pumpkin Purple/Gold/Red Flake
Line: 12lb Seaguar Invizx
Rod: 6’ 7” Medium Heavy Casting
Reel: Shimano Metanium HG 101 7.4:1

Crankbait Setup:
Lure: Spro Rk Crawler
Color: Spring Craw
Line: 14lb Sunline FC Reaction
Rod: 7’ 3” Medium Heavy Kistler Magnesium TS
Reel: Shimano Metanium MG DC7 7.0:1


Anaysa Leon says:

I got an under out of a mystery tackle box and the first time I used it I caught a peacock bass

LakeViewOutdoors says:

its all about the Air Maxx! Most comfortable lows on the market! by the way I love using the underspin it is absolute FIRE!

Joseph H. says:

I’m a new fan I found your channel from the hangout with 1rod. I love the channel keep it up

Hawk's Clash says:

i need some help I’m a new commer to bass fishing I started at the start of summer and well been fishing alot since but I’ve never experienced cold weather bass fishing and from the summer I got that they are under cover up shallow hiding from the sun and I would think that they would also be shallow getting sun though in the cold basically sun bathing is that not the case

Anthony Pirtle says:

U dont even know how to fish

Dan Delzotto says:

do more of these bro.. love crainkbait videos.. keep it up eh!

Jacob Fletcher Fishing says:

Cool vid, but wheres the fish bro?

Cory Klein says:


Sean Lapano says:

my favorite angler on youtube because of vids like these… please come back to illinois soon because i am struggling hard to get bit at all this early spring

Me and My axe says:

Hey Jon so I’m in Kansas fishing a 15 foot deep farm pond in late November, would you recommend the crankbait for it?

Koa3k says:

Where is this is it private or public? It’s a really nice spot

Jeff Iwinski says:

I like the crocs

Thomas Dailey says:

you didnt catch a fish but you talked about it real good

Stuart C. Fishing says:

What is the name of the boat?


hey man i have some great holes for big bass and big crappie hit me up on my instagram fishing_crazy_225

Jeff Iwinski says:

You are my second favorite channel it is great

fishing 55 says:

abonné vous svp

Gabriel Frohlich says:

what song is in the intro

willgtl says:

You wanna know what my cold water tactic is? When the water is cold, I stay home until it’s time for ice fishing. I don’t have a boat and never caught a damn thing in late fall except for the rare crappie hanging around shallow water.

Travis Davis says:

Killing the croc game. Are they ugly? Hell yes. Are they perfect for slayin’ big boys? DAMN STRAIGHT.

rtsdrums says:

Jon, these little videos about technique, presentation and gear are the most valuable to me. I’d like to see some new videos the same way. Short and sweet, and to the point. Teaching about how to fish season to season. Thank you for posting.

Jasmine The Incredible says:

Love your videos man, thanks for all the info!

Marco Rampinelli says:

Muito bom todos seus programas, moro no brasil, grande abraço, meu sonho é pegar um bass .

Ray Lee says:

yeah, when ur recording an d catching fish, its the best tips.

Norcal Bass'n With Rio Blanco says:

John B. had to watch you for a while, but I’m sold now just subed. Keep that good info circulating, and remember, it’s all about each one teach one! #Norcalbassin’!

Crank Bait says:

Lol says my channel name at 3:12

3SevenStangVids says:

Love your vids dude… seriously favorite fishing channel right here,

JESSE_ARCE_ 360 says:


Simon Carlsson says:

Nice crocs where can I get myself a pair

Jay Hall says:

Best of B-Roll

K Slifer says:

dude what kina boat is that!?

noah Smith says:

cool boat

Limp Salamander says:


ReelsNRifles says:

I can see why MTB wanted you. You going to be working in creating MTB videos? You’ve got some real skill editing.

Chris Hudson says:


Rippin Lips Inc. says:

Rippin Lips Inc. !

Therese Woodford says:

All the kids, punks and girls like this guy…Mr. Hollywood….lol…thats the only reason he has so many subs……

West A. says:

I wear crocs.

lulu mink says:

man, you talk like a Bass Master Classics pro.

Cory Klein says:

That seems like a high gear ration for cranking….but youre the expert

Logical HookSet says:

Nice property bud!

TheBillcamz says:

What type of boat is that? And what camera do you use?

CountryRacing186 says:

This is vintage. When you guys would actually do tips and instructions. What happened?

Korben Catron says:

He is wearing crocs I can’t watch this

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