Why you should fish copolymer line-daily tip7

I’ve been selling more copolymer line. This video showcases some distinct advantages this line offers.


The Fishing Hobby says:

Thanks, great info! I have used Berkley Trilene XL for my 4lb mono for years (panfishing). Couldn’t agree more, it is fantastic stuff.

Vinfish 46 says:

I remember in the 90s when P line copolymer line was awesome to use copolymer line just felt stronger

Ralph Barton says:

Copolymer is hands down my favorite line. I like the suffix tritanium. Your right about detecting hits. When I’m using rippin raps I will catch 4 to 1 in terms of numbers of fish using raps compared to my buddies who aren’t using it. It also a great main line for my steelhead center pin rod.. problem for me is nobody carries it near me and I’ve always been reluctant to buy a bulk spool thinking it would go bad before I’ve gotten through the spool.

Glenda Sully says:

It’s great that you’re sharing your knowledge with your fishing community. That’s a lot of money to spend on line, but worth it I’m sure

EastTexasBass says:

What about murky water?

Wes Lovelace says:

Thanks Frank!! I’m from the Old school on Line!! Have been using Ande Tourney Green 4 over 30 years on both Inshore & Offshore Reels with Xcellent results. Tried Braid & got fed up with Wind Knots & having 2 use Albright or Blood Knots 4 L 2 L connections. Reely didn’t know a Co-Polymer existed. Great Info…I’ll check it out!! Liked & Subscribed…..

WissahickonWild says:

hey Frank thanks for the review I bought a spool each of 6 lb 8 lb and 12 lb P-line. Seems pretty good so far. I didn’t check the specs but the diameter is narrower than the seaguar fluorocarbon i was fishing before.

Fishin N Stuff says:

I agree I love copolymer fishing line because of strength I use mono for leaders alot though

Blake SD says:

Hello there, fella! Keep up with what you love with a SMILE 🙂 The best will come out of that.
I have a YouTube channel as well. Feel free to SUPPORT and have a wonderful day!!! 🙂

gary lutsky says:

looks good

4 DA KIDZ Fishing says:

Awesome tips brother, thanks for sharing


Awesome video


Interesting good info

Dazmon3434 says:

What about the Berkley nano filament, Is that any good?

Manu Et fish says:

Salut mon ami super vidéo un grand merci à toi à bientôt

HoosierbackOD says:

Good info!

Jesse Stanfield - Broken Curl Outdoors says:

Good stuff man! I am going to try the sensation. Thanks for the info. Liked and subscribed. hit me back when you get a chance.

Tate Jackson says:

Great info…love the proline, best line I’ve used for the price!

Enthusiastic Fisherman says:

I’ve never fished copolymer line, but I think I need to try it now!

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