Which Fishing Line is BEST? (Braid vs Mono vs Fluro)

I’m talking about bass fishing line, and which one I think is best between braid, mono, and fluro.

1. Watch video carefully 😉

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Danny Kimble says:

My go to line is 12lb stren

john doe says:

For me:

Braid: for heavy cover, punching, etc
Floro: Getting my cranks, swimbaits, etc to go deeper.
Mono: for topwater and rocky areas.

Ian McFarland says:

I like using braid the most

SheetZa says:

Hahaha I have never used braid in my life. Lol

hot_sotcks says:

I just bought some braded spider line I like it so far

Robert Wilder says:

I use Stren mono on my reels. The price is right and can find it any where and in many colors.

Mustafa Glibanovic says:

I always use mono

Zachary Mcmanigal says:

What kind of would go better with a spinning combo versus a bait casting combo I like 15 pound mono for both

Connor Eversole says:

I’m a big fan of square bill crank baits and I usually use mono

Chauncey von Snuffles says:

My favorite type of fishing line is a p line mono

Clcare556 says:

14lb mono typically

Kelly Moore says:

Spider is my favorite

Christopher Sollin says:

Great video. Very helpful. What are your thoughts on leaders such as braid to fluro or any other combination.

Martin Galicia says:

I’ve been using casting reels for about a year now and went straight to braid, for some reason I always felt like fluoro or mono would just birds nest automatically! I must say after watching your video ima go try both on my set ups. Love your videos keep them coming lojo!

0805chevy says:

Braid with fluro leader is my general go to but depends on what I’m fishing for and with. Great information thanks man

Christopher Harless says:

What bait would you throw on a concept Z? What type of rod would you use?

Oj Flywheel says:

Mono for moving baits. Floro for jigging and flipping around cover

Score Outdoors says:

I like to use 15lb copolymer for my lipless fishing you should try it with moderate stretch

Jarred Baker says:

Sufix braid 30 lb for topwaters always

Lucas Washburn says:

My favorite line is definitelyono just because I love to have the stretch. My least favorite would have to be braid surprisingly because it doesn’t fit well for me up in Michigan.

Eric Schilmoeller says:

I’ve always used mono, but looking to branch out and start using other things. This video was very helpful. Thank You! Great Video.

Cars & Fishing says:

Love braids line

Nathan Gibson says:

Floro is what most of my rods are spooled up with.. the only braid i have are on spinning reels with floro leaders.

Cars & Fishing says:

It nice

BigTexasBass says:

Fluro is primarily what I use

Hesir Marquez says:

Ive only used 12lb mono before. But now tho video inspired me to try something different. A 2nd rod would be awesome though hehe

travis joseph says:

I would like to try braid but usually its too expensive for me

jeff García says:

Vicious 15 florou

Shooter Nelson says:

I like power pro

Rylan Butler says:

I love braid and I hate Floral because it sinks and I always want to win stuff

Xavier Mclellan says:

I only use braided fishing line

BlaQBass Fishing says:

I’m fairly new to Bass fishing but so far I have been using Sunline FC Sniper 7 lb with mono backing on my spinning reel. I am going to try to get Sufix 832 65 or 80 lb for my new flipping rig. Hoping to acquire as many rods and reels as you. It’s addicting and I need more arsenal!!

Broke Jones says:

Power pro braid is my fav

Matt G1776 says:

Done , Subscribed and bell on ! subscribing to Instagram and already like on Facebook. I’m new to all this , don’t have a favorite line yet , but learning a lot . Clear way of explaining to a newbie . Me and my 14 year old son are watching all the videos. Thanks for the opportunity for a giveaway.

lojo.fishing says:

Which fishing line is YOUR favorite and WHY??? Cast your vote below!!!

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