What Type of Braided Fishing Line is Best?

What type of braided fishing line is best for you?
In this video, you will learn all about why braided fishing lines are good for many fishing situations and how-to apply them to what you are fishing. Braid is highly used because it has little to no stretch, it is abrasion resistant, and it is easy to cast, resulting in fewer backlashes. We will also go over the differnent types of braided fishing line from the industry leading Power Pro brand. It’s important to know the difference in the fishing line that you are seeing on the shelves or on-line, and what makes them good, better and best. I will show you the difference in prices of all three of the top selling braided line types from Power Pro, and also break down how each one is meant to perform on the water. Fishing heavey cover vs more open water can will make a difference in the type of braided line you may want to purchase. Braided fishing line is now the top selling type of line on the market as is being used on the smallest of spinning reels to deep sea fishing with large lever drag reels.

Original Power Pro
Super 8 Slick
Power Pro Maxcuatro

Justin Rackley, known as Lakeforkguy in the fishing world, creates fishing and outdoor videos on youtube and other social platforms. LFG provides fishing tips and techniques for mostly largemouth bass fisheries but also travels to other freshwater and saltwater fishing spots to explore new fish species and fishing techniques to show as many fishing places as possible and help you catch more fish. Lakeforkguy likes to hang out on any fishing vessel or go bank fishing with his other YouTube Fishing friends and vlog with his Wife Stephanie and french bulldog Winston.

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Daryk says:

I wish Maxcuatro came in lower lb test.

jason cholakis says:

love this stuff been using it for about10 years now. wont put anything else on my reels.works really good fishing for big snook around pilings.

big ron says:

I’ve paid big bucks for mono line and then i started using braided line it costs about a quarter the price of mono and it casts so much further and i think its alot stronger if you happen to get caught up in a tree mono just stretches and breaks but braided line you very rarely break the line u will break the branch first i switched all my reels over to braid its worth ever penny

Cody Cobb says:

Great info! How often do you recommend replacing line?

andy pincince says:

Suffix braid is the better braid…do the research…

Mondo Nando says:

what is the most abbrasion resistant braid for fishing over reefs and sharp lava rocks in hawaii?

israel villarreal says:

i use to love power pro but now the line braks like nothing i loose fish

Fred Fable says:

The video is good, but shows you have a commercial bond with this brand.
I am a braid line buyer since 17 years or more…
Today everybody can buy direct to China and pay 500m for the price of 100m, having all the kinds of existing braid, and some outperforming power pro.

Resumming: this video is a commercial from power pro , useful to power pro only, but useless to any fisherman.

BloodSweatnBass says:

I really really needed that info Sir thanks for sharing

Fabian van den Bussche says:

isn’t the elasticity of “normal” line much more friendly for the fish itself? considering it dampens some of the explosive forces?

Robert Durgin says:

Was this a power Pro commercial? What about Suffix?

Brandon Wilson says:

Recently switched to the cheapest Spiderwire braid Bass Pro has to offer, usually around $15-19 for a 300yrd spool….I run the 50lb on my heavy rods for striper fishing. It’s usually tipped with 20lb flouro leader. I also like to use the 18-20lb braid on my go to spinning Rod. I throw everything from jerk baits, cranks baits, drop shots, and even live minnows with a weight bobber…love this stuff. Never again will I buy the crazy expensive power pro or any other high dollar braid.

Michael Berkey says:

the best braided line is what ever works best for you

thai pham says:

Who the he’ll uses 50lb test lmao

Dwight Gordon says:

I love this stuff. What sold me on the PowerPro was the price/strength combo. This stuff is cheaper than any of the other braids on the shelf, and is stronger at thinner diameters than anything else I have looked at.

Jason Little says:

i like to use spider wire

will howell says:

i think i might switch to power pro because when i was fishing today i watched 2 jigs fly off into the distance because my line snapped.

geoffrey collins says:

daiwa accu 50 snaps at 52
powerpro 50 snaps at64,
the diameter is down to the actual b,s..either way,braid is the nutz.
but dont forget a leader

Adam Rondeau says:

Just got the max in 50lb 500y for $$51 at TW

Jason Pittman says:

When trying a leader… what type of knot would you tie for 30lb braid to 15 lb fluoro? Is the FG knot a good option or do those lines sizes not match up as well for that knot?

Cooper Becraft says:

not a fan of the power pro it doesn’t do well under 30lbs and sucks for snags

michael shoffner says:

great video it answered all my questions, I appreciated the honesty

Wayne Hartneck says:

do you have to put a mono filament backing on your spool so the braid does not slip on the spool, and what knots do you use for your line splicing to leaders

William Brody Stevens says:

Hey Justin! Just wanted to say this video “today” made me make my decision better. this will be the beginning of braid line adventure for me. Thank you!

Jeff Jacobs says:

reasoning for using braided line is because it is lighter, stronger, has no stretch factor to it making it less likely to break off on you, and you can feel the bite a little more. Since you would fish a braided line to help prevent breakage, wouldnt adding a floro or mono liter defeat the purpose of using braid to begin with? By adding that leader for the invisibility factor arent you just putting yourself right back into that risk pool of your line breaking off on you and losing your catch?

Brian Hart says:

Tip: Never use red line

Bruce Snyder says:

I just got my first bait caster. I am a disabled guy. I have two below the knee prosthetic legs and kayak fish. I have nerve damage to my fingers which makes tieing knots very hard. Good knots that is. Do I have to tie on a floro leader to regular Power Pro braid?

Tyler Hodgeman says:

mainly a saltwater fisherman but powerpro is garbage after 80lbs. I used 100 once needless to say never again broke at 35# pounds randomly

Jeremy Miller says:

I started off using spider wire braid and I honestly broke off so many fish I switched​to power pro never broke off a fish

DxlxnMxukxy says:

Do i need leader when using braid for bass? I broke off on 2 small bass when i didnt use leader

Colton turner says:

I don’t use braided line because I have had problems using it in my reels ( I use zebco and open face reels) I usually use 12-15 pound mono line but thanks for the info to what to use if I use braided line

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