What lb fishing line to use for bass, catfish, crappie, trout, walleye, bluegill

Decided to upload a video of the fishing line pound test I use for catfish, bass, crappie, walleye, bluegill, trout, and carp. Hope this helps!
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Eric Rihm says:

thanks this was helpful

Jayden says:

I use 20 lb line to catch bass

Albino Cruz says:

Good video!! What is the best size of braid fishing line for fishing bass and walleye?

Van Khawlhring says:

thanks i learned alot.

David PhoTWENTY says:

For lakes I tend to use real light line n it seems to work great for a lot of species , on my media rod I use 6lb main line and 2-4 lb test letter line with great results, I just want to catch anything so I tend to go for lighter line and its more fun and challenging to bring in bigger fish with light line

On my light or ultra light rod I use under 4lb test with a 2 lb letter

Give it a try maybe you guys will enjoy the challenge! My personal record is just over 9lb bass on 2lb test and 13lb catfish on 2lb test

Nathan Beasley says:

I catch 50lb flatheads purposely using 20lb test. Never breaks off.

FreakyHeat says:

i have 10 ib line for trout did I screw up

GameRage Dad says:

You know I’m still skeptical whether different line strengths actually improve the chance of hooking up all that much. I catch blue gill all day with 20 lb green monofilament line. And over my years of experience, I’ve just learned to use heavier line because I’ve lost so many bigger fish to weaker lb line that it drives me insane to know that if I only had stronger line I would have got them. I’ve caught a bass, had a trout bite on 20 lb line, sunnies, pearch, all that junk. Fishing at dusk for bluegill is one of my favorite fishing trips just to feel good and accomplished because I nearly always hook up. They bite like crazy at that time and I’ve found a few honey holes for them. I caught like 8 bluegill in a half hour once with 20 lb line. It’s very difficult for me to take advice on angling because there is so much art to it instead of science, which only increases my skepticism of all the different products because I haven’t found data to show if they really work or not. It always feels like a gamble when using fishing products. Gambling may have been fun when I was 8-10 years old fishing up on the lake for the summer, but now I’m much older and I actually am interested in catching some big fish. From what I’ve learned so far over my years of fishing, the most important factors for catching is timing (as in time of day), place, and just time spent fishing. I know the pros on TV at least use different line, and it’s something I’ve been thinking about switching to, so maybe I’ll give it a try. Thank you for explaining what you use though.


wow this is so werid I get 5inch to 15inch crappie on6lb test and I use 10lb mono with a braid mainline and I get 5lb bass on my bluegill rods with 2lb custom made braid

Panfish says:

This is kind of funny . I just tried searching around trying to find a video about 25 pound fluorocarbon being used as main line for trophy catfish and this video came up every time.

Vladimir Coopmeiano says:

I like vicious panfish 6lb

Michael Wolf says:

I caught a 10lb catfish with 8lb test

Jared Cummings says:

You put crap instead of carp

Drew Angler says:

sorry my bad i did not know

Michael says:

The best for walleye is 6-10lb test

K&B Reactions says:

Do you use a leader for walleye? And if you do what type and pound test?

D Kat says:

I have been fishing for Lingcod and Rockfish with that Berkley Big Game for as long as they have made it and I have tried others even braided and I keep going back to Big Game. It just works. Also I will tell ya with all the snags in bottom fishing when you break your line it is way easier to see and tie the monofilament line than braided at least for me.

David Umm says:

hey man great vid helped me alot but can i use 6 lb flouro for trout ?

ryan 6352 says:

If I catch blue gill trout and some tiny 4 to 7 inch bass what line should I use for one rod

Drew Angler says:

not to be mean but it’s purnounced crap-ee

thuggles42 says:


Seth Oberting says:

Thanks for the tips!

Synapsis says:

so im wondering if i made a decent “covers all” decision….ive been out of the fishin game for like 7-8 years and when i was in i maunly fished for either cat with a heavy set or bluegills with a 6lb set….but now im in to more or less whatevers jumpin i want to have a chance of catchin it but i dont have the mobey to have two or three reels goin….so i relibed my open face with some 12lb trilene thinkin that any decent size bass that nabs my bait should be no prob for it but at the same time when im just bluegill fishin it seems like since its a nice pale blue mono line it should suffice ok for those too….was trying to find, like i said a “covers all” for panfish, bass, crappie and maybe even some smaller cats….does a 12lb line sound like a decent wieght or too much when it comes to anything but bass luring….?

Dave Schmidt says:

What size test line for chinnok, Atlantic, Coho salmon

jhall890 1 says:

Does the zebco line work well

Eddie P says:

Do you have a video talking about line types?

Isaac Hanlon says:

i use 6 pound test for walleye because they can be finicky and i seam to have a better hook up

Mohd Imthiyaz says:

hey hai that is good information can u make a vide on fishing rods and reels which is good for what kind of fishing if i want to catch a
30 kg r 67 pound fish can any one help me out

Addicted Angler says:

good informative video 😀

Fisher man love fishing must fish fishyfiishy says:

you been giving out good tiles….new in fishing fresh water and salt water…..flood looking out

David Umm says:

Aight man thanks alot

So Cool Salamander SCS says:

What about 6lb

fireriver 610 says:

that zebco line sucks

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