What is The Best Fluorocarbon??? (Tackle Tuesday #23)

In this week’s Tackle Tuesday I Review and go over my top pick for the best and most affordable Fluorocarbon leader material. I review all the major brands such as Yo- Zuri, Hi-Seas, Momoi, GT Advance, Triple Fish and others. Bullbuster Fluorocarbon is one of the stiffest, strongest and well priced fluorocarbon leader’s on the market.

Video going over what Fluorocarbon is and why you should or shouldn’t fish it here: http://bit.ly/2o3ssBU

Price list comparison: https://www.dropbox.com/s/us9n2gp1klmfy0w/IMG_9635.JPG?dl=0

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HookedOnTheBay says:

If you catch a snook on the most expensive fluorocarbon on the market, it will still leave abrasive marks and you’ll need to cut some fluorocarbon and re-tie your hook. 40# ain’t breaking whether its YoZuri or GT. Might as well buy the GT since your trimming leader every time you hook a fish. I’ve used both a dozen times each. YoZuri is stiffer, but I still have to trim it after that 14″ or 36″ snook. So I pay $6 for 25 yards and not $15 for 30.

Jupiter George Fishing says:

For inshore fishing with artificials, softer flurocarbon is better. It is better for tieing knots and also better for the action of a lure. The stiffer the the flurocarbon the stiffer the lure action.

Nicholas D'Andrea says:

Great product info

Adham Khattab says:

what about sufix fluoro

chris pascual says:

a good tackle tuesday video would be how to salt down/brine your baits to make them tougher, ive always wanted to know, keep up the great vids!!

Giancarlo Ruiz says:

awesome vídeooo ty for the data..what you think about momoi fluoro? for sure im going to try that Bull fluro

JunoRyan says:

14K subs! Just need to multiple that number by 10

natalio gomez says:

berkely prospec fluoro $35 shipped off ebay for 100yard spool of 50lb and is some great stuff.

Miguel Castro says:

Another one !

Chitownmike says:

Is a spool of leader any different than a spool of line in terms of quality? Floro vs. Floro. If not,why not get a 150 or 300yd spool of floro and use that as a leader. 12 to 15 cents per

Alex Pisano says:

what pound test main line and leader would you recommend for juno pier snook

Ji F. says:

If you’re talking strictly leader material then a hard stiff leader is preferred. The main reason I use fluorocarbon is for it’s low visibility especially in clear water. If I’m fishing clear water after line spooky fish I will use a reel loaded with soft, flexible, low memory fluorocarbon line. I’m talking light to medium action spinning tackle 20 lb. test max. Anything heavier and I go to Spectra/Dyneema braid main line with a wind-on length of fluorocarbon line of same test strength as the braid connected using the FG knot. I agree that Yozuri fluoro an excellent line for leader material. Before fluorocabons hit the market I used Mason brand hard monofilament leader line, excellent stuff. http://www.masontackle.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=127
For guaranteed toothy critter pursuit I go with piano wire. This is here in Hawai’i, YMMV in your area, but it’s what works for me.

Hisslave1 says:

If you’re looking for leader material, you WANT abrasion resistance. That’s what a leader is all about. If you’re looking for a tippet, it’s a whole different situation. The small amount of difference in stiffness in brands of fluoro leader will not affect lure action to a degree that you, I or the fish can discern. Try it for yourself in clear water.

Chad B says:

Thanks dude! Do you think 80 lb flouro is good for surf fishing for sharks?

jeremy pia says:

Never had a problem with yo-zuri fluorocarbon…very dependable

mtthew kelly says:

i do all the fishing you do but not shark fishing so what ones shoul i get for snook,kings,tuna and all that what leaders should i get waht pound tests

Tim Sterrett says:

another great video.

Heisenberg914 _ says:

I keep cheap mono leaders rigged and ready along with expensive fluro leader rigs ready. I start off with the mono. Most of the time the fish dont mind the mono. If they are shy that day I switch to Fluro. Best way to conserve money while still being properly equipped.

Polyzenidas says:

based on the size of that iMAC, you’re a spoiled brat. your personal opinion is worthless. join the peace corp! try women

Pin for the win! says:

Land shark! I was waiting to here your thoughts on ohero Floro Carbon. Yo-zuri and ohero are all I use. I snook a lot and have noticed ohero has a smaller diameter compared to other brands. Yozuris 25 lb Floro is close to the same diameter as oheros 30lb. Might just be my opinion but I think it’s just a little stronger then yozuris also. Great vid can’t wait till the next one man perch !

kieran says:

has an english pike fisherman , ive known alot of americans to use flurocarbon for pike and musky fishing with diamiters of 1mm and above. Has anyone tryed flurcarbon leaders? and would recommend a b/s and brand. I normally use big lures like 3oz+ , normally with heavy titanium leaders or stainless steel 0.8mm wire.

CPollnow says:

Vic, I surfcast for stripers in New England. We’re fishing boulder fields where a good leader material is necessary. I stick with 60-65# material. Sure Bullbuster is an okay price – $46 including shipping for 50 yards of 60# leader material, but there isn’t enough incentive to purchase it. The price isn’t knock your socks off good where I have to try it. And if I don’t like it, I’m stuck with 50 yards of fluoro I don’t like and I’m not going to risk on large stripers.

Albert Cervantes says:

Hey brother can you do review on P-line fluoro?

Doug Bomeisler says:

I don’t like stiff flourocarbon for inshore fishing as it dampens the lure (or in my case fly) action. My favorite for inshore fly fishing (especially Indian River Snook which I fish for about 75-100 days/year) is Seaguar Blue label. As for comparing prices, I feel you should have compared the discounted “street price” of Seaguar, Yozuri, etc to the Bullbuster instead of the retail price. I pay about 40 cents/yd when I buy the 30# Seaguar Blue label in the 100 yd bulk spools.

cb7pwn says:

i just want strength … i have tried even 10 lbs fluoro and the shit just breaks… i need 4 or 6 for trout but i am sick of loosing lures and bait to this stretch free junk! i only wanna try it again for its invisibility …

SneakyPeteNJ says:

Bull is sold out of the 50# 50yd. Not sure when they get it restocked? Nice price tho

Giancarlo Ruiz says:

awesome video. can you talk about how moon phase influence fishing, really dont get it

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