Trout Fishing – Best Line For Trout?

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I talk about the two major line choices for trout: Monofilament and Fluorocarbon. If you have any questions, let me know!
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chubby channel says:

I use copolymer you forgot to mention that

angry fish says:

Good stuff Caleb. I was wondering if you ever use braid. I do most times trout fishing. Its more expensive, but I’ve found that I can cast farther with less effort. I will usually use 6 to 8 # braid with a 6# topshot about 2 to 3 feet long just so the line will have some give and so the fish won’t see it. Living in western NC we have alot of clear, fast moving trout streams and so over the years I’ve discovered that I can detect very subtle bites much easier, but more importantly when the current is carrying your bait down stream you tend to get some line scope due to the current. This is where braid really does well because it is very sensitive and has no stretch allowing for a better hook set. Just my 2 cents worth. God Bless, Be Safe and Tight Lines. ¿>•}}}>< Oh yeah, strike indicator. HA HA HA

Rob Rees says:

some great advice for a newbie like me. thanks

Trouta Holic says:

6lbs mainline mono ,(maxima UG works great) and a 8lbs fluorocarbon leader that is invisible ,works good and limits breakoffs of a 3lbs or 5 lbs trout. you can even bump up the leader to 10lbs if you want. remember …its invisible

Brian Richards says:

Love the T-shirt.

Mark Oppenheimer says:

What kind of spools and spinners do you prefer for lake rainbow trout?

Joon Shin says:

Can I use braid for trout? If you don’t recommend please give me a reason

Chatch'emBig tv says:

What kind of line do you think I should use for trout fishing with a spinning reel? I am currently using 6# mono, but was thinking about switching to 4-6# Fluorocarbon. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Daniel Hanyak says:

These are exactly the kinds of videos I needed! I’ve done a lot of fishing, but almost always with other people’s gear from when I was in boy scouts or using my uncle’s gear. I’m looking to build up my own supplies though, so this is perfect to get at it. Thanks!
Also, in one of your videos, I think you mentioned you live in Johnstown? I’m down in New Stanton, not too far. Know any good spots to go? Maybe out in Latrobe/Ligonier way?

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