The TRUTH of WD40 vs MONO Fishing Line!

This experiment is about WD40 vs how it reacts with Monofilament fishing line. Does WD40 break down Mono Fishing line? I wanted to know if WD40 would do anything to alter mono fishing line. So I did this experiment !

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Paul rigger says:

I like to use Krazy Glue with my Fireline knots. Can Krazy Glue be problematic with flourocarbon. I like a flourocarbon leader when Muskie fishing and it seems as though it might weaken the leader a little. I re-tie every couple hours so I usually head off any problems.

Brandon Holliday says:

Dat’s a purty Yeti cooler behind you bro. Must have got for $2 at a yard sale lol

wickedEP Racing says:

thanks for taking the time to do the test..but without a control (testing un-treated line)..test is inconclusive mate

Andrew Hayes says:

you lose the overall stretch factor with such a short length of mono

Steve K. says:

Always use reel oil to lube parts on reels. Videos like this make people do stupid stuff.

TimOnYouTube says:

I agree with the comments. You need to compare the line with one not treated w WD-40. How about a test if bug spray breaks down your fishing line. Always heard it did.

crazy observations says:

you didn’t do a control. you should have done the same lift and snatch on untreated line. Some people will tell you that spraying your bait with wd-40 will catch more fish. WD is actually fish oil so there could be some truth to it. I think its a rumor to sabotage your competitors fishing.

Andrew G says:

WD stands for “water displacing” and its main use is as a solvent or rust dissolver. Thelubricant-like properties of WD-40 come notfrom the substance itself, but from dissolving components. And the effect doesn’t last. WD-40 can be a good substance to start with — it can help clean up rust or other grime.
I use pure PTFE spray to lube things up. Much better and cleaner!

Gr8 M9ds says:

I understood that it can magnifies the effects of the sun on the line.

Abdul Al Ameeri says:

Fish don’t like taste of WD40, a fish told me so.

Mark Sofman says:

Why not just ask the line manufacturer(s)?

Burak C says:

Monament. That is all.

Jake the Bassinator says:

Sorry to say I would never use wd 40. That stuff is 90% alcohol. It actually breaks stuff down.

james baker says:

I have been fishing for 40 years and I used wd40 on reels and yes it got on the line some no ill effects

Marvin Combs III% says:

The part you have no control over is how old from date of manufacture the line is.
If it were to fail, the WD 40 is not likely to be the issue

Kobus De Jager says:

Would have loved if you did the same exercise with the untreated line to see if there’s any difference

HCBchemistry says:

There should be no reaction if mono and wd-40 are made from petroleum

MrNonch1 says:

My Granddad used to spray it on when he had a bad back…he went downhill fast after that 🙂

J.T. Cooper says:

I have a masters degree in WD-40, and I say to use Rem oil on your reels in between regular maintenance instead. Much better than WD-40, it’s actually light oil and Teflon.

Wayne Dupre says:

Do it with PB Blaster and see what happens…

T Gremillion says:

Before mounting da wife I shoot a lil wd40 in da hole and git to pounding dat tang!

Nicolae Bubui says:

Your experiment is a big … shit!

Sam Neal says:

I spray wd40 basically on my whole reel and line,,I’ve never had any problems of it weakening my line but after awhile it tends to “gum” up the reel and causes it to reel in a little rougher,, especially if the reel gets wet

Altex lan says:

fish will run away upon smelling the WD40………………..fool

ferdie fox says:

Well actually you didn’t test the original so you got no control on it. But my only concern was does the smell scare fish away. Wd40 actually does destroy and swell rubber. As a trucker I’ve seen our air line seals pucker and crack from using it. Of course the plastic might be a bit hardier

rs rosco says:

do the same thing with line not soaked in wd and bounce it then you can declare the bust of the myth if if none soaked line doesn break when you bounce it then maybe the wd does affect the line

M Damon says:

Now try the same test without soaking it in wd40 cut a new piece of 12 lb test and hang weights on it and
jerk it see if it breaks

Justin Collins says:

You should have showed trying it with unsoaked line.
Now i gotta do it, im curious lol.

Chris Harrell says:

Good experiment. Seems fairly reasonable. I think the video, at least, removes some of the argument from the equation.

ZZ430T56 says:

People still use mono?

Charles Love says:

WD40 is 85 percent fish oil. 15 percent vegetable oil. You can Frye fish with it.

Mat Bob says:

Loooooooooong test. Fell asleep waiting

Thats nice says:

1 hour in WD-40 would be the same as 1 week as the solvent in WD-40 quickly evaporates when exposed to air Warren says:

This video kinda funny I like it

Dick Shilts says:

Would/does this hold true for flourocarbon line? Or do you know?

John E Osman III says:

Have to say that this “test” is incomplete, … because of several factors, …
1st) you need to start with at least 6 sections of line, 3 being untreated, & the other 3 being treated with the WD 40, …
2nd) All lengths must be of the same line test weight class, …
3rd) Find the breaking point strength of one untreated line, & one treated line, … this will consume 2 pieces of the six sections, …
4th) Test the breaking point strength of treated line, increasing load weight with a digital scale that has been zeroed in to the and the third test should involve the measurement of line stretch, between treated, & untreated, …

As was also stated, you are on the right track, by xpressing the desire to test whether or not something is a possible myth, … but to do so with any accuracy, you need to have your facts proper, & straight, … such as the date the line was made, if it was always stored in a controlled atmosphere, and/or in or out of sunlight, …
you made the claim, but have not shown all of the test results, or have improperly tested the product, …

For xample, when Berkeley 1st came out with the Gulp products for fishing, I thought great! So I bought 2 jars of their soaked in a liquid scent product, … but upon using some without any success, and then finding out the one I had used contaminated all of the other baits in the jar, & hardened them, and shrank them into a shriveled up useless jar of crap, I was pissed, … pissed because I got tricked into buying a product that was supposed to be a sure thing, only to find out I had wasted my hard earned dough on a scam, … the other Berkeley scented products worked great, but these shriveled & hardened into little pieces of crap, …
I’ll still buy the original 10” scented worms, but none of the Gulp products, … fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice? Unh unh, nix, neon, & hell no!

Mike383HK says:

WD40 is fish oil based!!

Rich Wood says:

Most scientific study known to man.
Shoulda just called me. I use it all the time. Spray a little on your bait as well. No fool. A worm sprayed with WD-40 will not suspend 12 pounds.

J A says:

Did you try a dry line without WD40? To compare.

S O says:

R U mad. You from Greenock at all. Why not spray the fish with WD40 makes you catch better.

Mark Johnston says:

7 minutes of my life I’ll never get back….

Jason Cation says:

It snapped due to dynamic loading

Salim.G says:

Was it one day of soaking or a week of soaking? :/

David Straub says:

I sprayed WD40 on the handle of an older Pleuger Medalist fly reel, and the handle disintegrated/flaked just like a car windshield, shattered in a gazzillion little fragments ….. I was beyond surprised.

CaptainConstruction says:

Been using 100% silicone spray for years to spray my line and reel before I go fishing. Big can costs about 2 bucks from Wal Fart, and I think it works just as good as Reel Majik, and a heck of a lot cheaper!!!

No Nonsense Norseman says:

*Did you test the WD-40 sold in California?*

*Makes me wonder if the people complaining might be from Cali.*

Leif Nilsen says:

I have one question. How does the 12 lb untreated line do compared to the WD40 coated line? Does the untreated break the same? I guess use a digital pound scale and pull it. Just a thought.

Will79 says:

Enjoyed the video. Just subscribed to the channel. Found my way here from Arms Family Homestead recommendation.

Tormented Battousai says:

did you ever watch mythbusters? or even go to science class? this test means very little when you dont have a control experiment… u needed to preform the same test with the same line un affected by to peove that jiggling fresh “perfect” line wouldnt snap under the same conditions food for thought!

Gió miền tây says:

Here the fish is really big fish

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